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Historical TV Serials

There are a few notable religious and famous TV Serials which are good, some for their presentation, some for their dialogs, some for their contents. Everything is not found in everything, but there is no harm in watching them once.

Chanakya TV Serial - 47 episodes
Produced by Prakash Dwivedi. On Chaanakya's life. 47 episodes on 8 DVDs. Broadcast on DD National TV from September 8, 1991 to Auguat 9, 1992. It has been televised in many countries around the world and has won five Uptron Awards. See its details on TV Series Details. You can watch it here also.

Chandragupta Maurya - Continues This weekly TV Serial, produced by Sagar Arts (Sagar family) started on Imagine TV from March 11, 2011; and ran up to April 12, 2012. Later it was taken up by Sony TV. To be aired possibly in 105 episodes.
[It is not as good as Chaanakya Serial, although the focus for the serials is different, still...]
Watch its all episodes on  

Mirza Ghalib TV Serial - 46 episodes
Produced by Gulzar, telecast on Door Darshan in 1988. Ghalib is played by Naseeruddin Shah. His Gazals are sung by Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh.
See also  Mirza Ghalib Movie - a mix of TV Serial and movie - in parts of approximately 2.00 hours each.
Mirza Ghalib (1988) -  5.30 hours - good sound and print. It is the TV Serial - its title is wrong.

Ramanujacharya (Movie)
This movie is abut Ramanujaachaarya.

Aadi Shankaraachaarya (Movie)
This is a movie about Shankaraachaarya. Total duration is of 2.40 hours.

Shankaraachaarya - Video Film
By Shringeri Math. 1.25 hours long. Total duration is 1.21 hours. Harish Bhimani's narration is excellent. very Imbibing... Sadaa Shiv samaarambham Shankaraachaarya madhyamaam asmad aachaarya paryantam vande Guru paramparam! ~ Very nicely presented. The DVD of this film can be purchased through

Shankaraachaarya (Movie)
This is a movie about Shankaraachaarya.

Vivekananda (Documentary)
A documentary film about Vivekanand Jee.

Vivekananda (Film) - 2 parts
This is a movie about Vivekanand Jee. In 2 parts. Starring Mithun Chakravarty, Hema Malini, Anupam Kher, Tanuja. Aired on DD National TV.

Videos About Buddha
Buddha - A Documentary About Buddhism 56.33 Mins
The Last Words of the Buddha 8.10 Mins
Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World (full documentary) 1.14.02 Mins
The Legend of Buddha (Buddhist Film) HQ1.  27.25 Mins
The Life of Buddha (BBC Documentary) + Eng Sub (HQ)   49.48 mins



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