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(1) What were the names of Krishn's father and mother?
Krishn's real parents were Vasudev and Devakee. Nand Jee and Yashodaa were only His foster parents.

(2) What was the name of Krishn's conch? Where did He get it?
His Conch's name was Paanchjanya. He brought it after killing Panchjan Daitya when He went to the Sea to look for His Guru' dead son to give as Guru Dakshinaa. Because of being the body of Panchjan's body it was called Paanchjanya.

(3) What is the name of Krishn's Gadaa? How did He get it?
His Gadaa's name is Kaumodakee. It was given to Him by Agni Dev to help him burn the Khaandav forest. Agni Dev gave Him a Disc also for the same purpose.

(4) What is the name of Krishn's Saarathee (Charioteer)?

(5) Krishn had four horses in His chariot, what are their names?
Shaivya, Sugreev, Meghpushp and Balaahak

(6) What is the name of Krishn's Shankh (conch)?

(6) What is the name of the Chakra of Krishn?
Sudarshan Chakra

(7) What is the name of Krishn's Gadaa?

(8) What was the name of Kans' elephant who came to kill Krishn?

(9) Krishn had two friends. What were heir names?
One was His best childhood friend Sudaamaa, and other one was Uddhav.

(10) Who was Krishn's Guru?
It is ridiculous to ask the name of Krishn's Guru. Who can teach Krishn? But in real He had a Guru, his name was Saandeepan.

(11) How many wives Krishn had?
Krishn had 16,108 wives

(12) How many were chief Queens of Krishn, and what were their names?
Krishn had 8 Chief Queens - Rukminee, Jaambvatee, Satyabhaamaa, Kaalindee, Bhadraa,

(13) How many sons Krishn had from all of them?
He had 161,080 sons from all of them - 10 sons from each wife.

(14) How many teachers were teaching Krishn's children?
38.8 million Guru used to teach them.
[Bhaagvat Puraan]

(15) Which number of Avataar of Vishnu He was?
8th among 10; and 22nd among 24.

(16) There was a cousin of Krishn who did not fight from Paandav's side, who was he and why did he not fight from Paandav's side?
He was Kritvarmaa and he did not fight from Paandav's side because he was the Army Chief of Krishn's army and Krishn had given His army to Duryodhan when he came to ask Him for His help for war.


Whoever Asur were killed in Dev-Asur Sangraam (war), they all were born as wicked kings and Devtaa were born in Yadu Vansh in 101 families. All these Devtaa were headed by Vishnu.
[Vishnu Puraan, 4/11]

Krishn was born from Vishnu's black hair and Balaraam Jee was born from Vishnu's gray hair.
[Vishnu Puraan, 5/1]



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