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12-Ganesh Jee Wrote Mahaabhaarat

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12-Ganesh Jee Wrote Mahaabhaarat
From   MBH, G-0-prolog/1

As we have said, Ganesh Jee is supposed to be the most intelligent Devtaa among all Devtaa. There is another very well famous story about him.

Once Maharshi Ved Vyaas Jee decided to write a great epic called Mahaabhaarat. It was so huge that he himself could not write it alone, he needed somebody to help him to write it, so he went to Brahmaa Jee and asked him to suggest somebody's name who could help him in writing that huge book. Brahmaa Jee thought for a moment and said - "I can suggest only one name, that is Ganesh Jee. I am sure he can help you writing that book, but you have to ask his convenience first."

Vyaas Jee came to Ganesh Jee and said - "Ganesh Jee, I am writing a huge book. I speak very fast. I need a scriber to write it without mistakes. I went to Brahmaa Jee to suggest me some name, and he suggested your name. I will appreciate if you could help me to write my book." Ganesh Jee said - "Yes, I can help you, but I also write very fast so I have a condition." Vyaas Jee got surprised to hear this sentence but asked with patience, "What?" Ganesh Jee said - "When I have started writing I am not going to stop in between. If I will have to wait for your dictation I will leave it in between."

Vyaas Jee laughed and said - "Oh, Is that all?" Ganesh Jee said, "Yes". Vyaas Jee said - "Then I also have a condition." Now it was Ganesh Jee's turn to get a surprise. He asked, "What?" Vyaas Jee said - "You will not write anything which you do not understand first." Ganesh Jee said, "Agreed".

Now both sat to write Mahaabhaarat with their own conditions. It is said that in whatever time Ganesh Jee wrote Vyaas Jee's Shlok, Vyaas Jee used to create many Shlok during that time. And since Ganesh Jee had to write everything after understanding it first, he used to take long time to understand Vyaas Jee's complex Shlok before he wrote them as they had a very deep meaning.

So Ganesh Jee wrote Mahaabhaarat like this. Ganesh Jee realized the enormity of this task and found that the ordinary pen could not match the speed of Vyaas' thoughts, so he broke his tusk and used it as a pen. This tells us that the pursuit of knowledge should be uninterrupted and no matter what the hurdles are, every sacrifice to achieve itů  is noteworthy. To slow him down, Vyaas Jee started composing verses with complex words and meanings. This gave him sufficient time to gather his thoughts. We should also take our time to assimilate their meanings and explanations with proper understanding and patience when we read great epics like Mahaabhaarat, Raamaayan.

Another Version
Ganesh Jee started writing the book, but as he was writing the book very fast that his pen broke. Now he could not go in search for another pen, so immediately he broke his tusk and started writing, that is why he is shown with one tusk only.



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