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7-Ganesh Jee the Most Inteligent Devtaa

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7-Ganesh Jee Proves the Most Intelligent Devtaa
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As we have said, Ganesh Jee is supposed to be the most intelligent Devtaa among all Devtaa. Let us see how?

Once a discussion broke among Devtaa that "Who is the most intelligent Devtaa among them?" Naturally all were claiming that they were the most intelligent Devtaa. But this way of claiming could not decide "who was the most intelligent Devtaa?"

So Vishnu suggested that "All right, Whoever will circumambulate the Earth first, he will be declared as the most intelligent Devtaa." Devtaa did not understand this condition to decide the intelligence, as there was no relationship between speed and intelligence, but since this solution came from Vishnu, nobody could say anything.

The race started. Vishnu Himself started the race. Every Devtaa was on his ride. Ganesh Jee was on his mouse. Everybody was thinking how a mouse can compete with other swift rides. So they were sure of their own victory. On Vishnu's signal all Devtaa started their race, Ganesh Jee also ran on his mouse. As all Devtaa were running on their own rides, Ganesh Jee also ran on his mouse.

Ganesh Jee ran for some distance and thus had already made the marks for going, but soon he was left behind by all others, so he went to the other side of the Earth and came from there to his destination to make the marks for coming back. Thus he arrived at the destination much much faster than the others and thus came first. When all Devtaa came after circumambulating the Earth, they found Ganesh Jee already standing there. Thus Ganesh Jee was declared the most intelligent Devtaa.

All Devtaa were suspicious that how Ganesh Jee came first riding only on his mouse and how come that their fast rides were left behind in the race. Then they tried to find out as what had happened. They found that Ganesh Jee came along with all of them but only for some distance because their mouse's marks were only for some distance, and after that they could not find them any more.

Then they found those marks from the other side of the track again, but only from some distance only. So it means that Ganesh Jee did not run through whole the distance, he intelligently made only the marks just for going and coming only. Thus Ganesh Jee won the race and got declared the most intelligent Devtaa.



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