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11-Ganesh Jee and Krishn

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11-Ganesh Jee and Shree Krishn
From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u6

Even Krishn had to worship Ganesh Jee in His times. This is the story of Syaamantak Mani to show the powerful effect of Ganesh Jee's Shaap to Moon.

There was a Satraajit named person living in Dwaarakaa. He had a gem called Syaamantak Mani which he received from Soorya Bhagavaan after doing a severe Tap for him. It was dazzling. If it was worshipped with devotion, it was supposed to give lots of gold every day. Once Krishn asked Satraajit  to give that Mani to King Ugrasen, because he was a king and he could make better use of the gold being the king. Satraajit did not want to give it to Ugrasen, so Satraajit gave it to his brother Prasenjit for safe keeping. Once Prasenjit went for hunting out of Dwaarakaa. He was wearing this Syaamantak Mani at that time. It so happened that a lion killed him, and took that Mani from him.

There was a cave nearby and there lived a bear named Jaambvant. He saw that Mani with the lion, so he killed that lion and gave that Mani to his daughter to play with. This Jaambvant was the same bear who fought with Raavan in the times of Raam. As Prasenjit was already killed by a lion, he did not return to Dwaarakaa. Satraajit suspected that Krishn had taken that Mani after killing his brother Prasenjit.

When Krishn heard about Satraajit's suspicion and blame, He got very unhappy and He decided to prove Himself innocent. So He went out in search of Prasenjit. He got his corpse in a forest, but found the footprints of a lion also nearby the corpse. By following the footprints of lion Krishn came to the cave where Jaambvant lived. He found Jaambvant there. Krishn thought that Jaambvant had killed Prasenjit and had taken that Mani because He saw the Mani in the hands of his daughter. So He fought with Jaambvant for 28 days. When Jaambvant could not defeat Krishn, Jaambvant understood that Krishn was Raam Himself. He gave that Syaamantak Mani to Him and married his daughter Jaambvatee to Him too. Krishn gave that Mani to Satraajit and ended the evil rumors about Himself.

After the whole incident Krishn thought "How could this happen to me? I have never done anything wrong to anybody." The great Rishi told Him about the Shaap of Ganesh Jee to Moon and that He must have seen the Moon on the 4th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month sometime. Then Krishn worshipped Ganapati.

Siddhi-Vinaayak Vrat is performed on the 4th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad Month, Ganesh Jee's birthday. It is believed that whoever performs the Vrat on that day does not suffer from any false aligation.



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