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F2-Ganesh Jee's Kheer-1

There was an old woman who used to worship Ganesh Jee everyday very regularly and with devotion. She used to live with her daughter-in-law. She was very poor.

On every Ganesh Chaturthee Ganesh Jee came out of his abode to bestow Var to worthy people. Once when he came out to bestow Var he had a little rice in his one palm, and some milk in his another palm. He came to a village saying, "Can somebody cook Kheer (an Indian sweets made out of rice and milk) for me?" Many women came out of their homes but seeing that Ganesh Jee had only very little rice and milk for Kheer went inside thinking who is going to cook his Kheer out of so little rice and milk?

There lived this old woman. She was hearing that voice for some time, so she came out of her mud house to see that who wanted somebody to cook Kheer for him. She saw Ganesh Jee walking on the road carrying a little rice in his one palm, and some milk in his another palm. The old woman pitied on him, so she brought a small bowl for milk and a tiny plate for rice and asked Ganesh Jee to pour his rice and milk in those pots  - "Come my son, I will cook the Kheer for you. You pour your rice in this plate and milk in this bowl, I will cook your Kheer."

Ganesh Jee said - "These pots are very small, bring the bigger ones." So the woman brought a big plate and a big cooking pot, but Ganesh Jee refused to pour his rice and milk in those pots also and asked her to bring much bigger pots than those ones. The woman got irritated, so she brought the biggest cooking pot (about 4 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep) to pour the milk and the biggest plate (about 5 feet diameter plate, normally used in marriages) to pour the rice. Ganesh Jee was still not happy with that size of pots but he couldn't do anything so he turned his one palm with rice over the biggest plate. The plate got full, and much rice scattered outside the plate also. In the same way Ganesh Jee turned his another palm over the cooking pot, the pot was not only filled but got overflowed with milk. The woman was amazed to see this that so much rice and milk was hiding in his little palms.

Well, after pouring rice and milk in her pots, Ganesh Jee said to her - "I am going to river to take bath. After taking bath I will come and eat my Kheer." The woman said "All right" and went inside. She asked her daughter-in-law to cook the Kheer and instructed her strictly that she should not taste it before Ganesh Jee has eaten it. The daughter-in-law started cooking Kheer. As the milk started boiling, the rice cooked in milk started smelling sweet and nice. Now the daughter-in-law couldn't resist herself, and she tasted some foam of the milk.

Evening had fallen. Ganesh Jee came home. The woman said - "Ganesh Jee, you took long time in taking bath. Your Kheer has been ready for quite some time. Come and eat you Kheer." Ganesh Jee said - "Mother, I ate my Kheer at that time when your daughter-in-law tasted my Kheer. But now I am very tired, so I want to sleep." The woman said - "Ganesh Jee, I don't have any bedroom in my house, I put this broken bed for you in my courtyard, you may sleep here." Ganesh Jee said - "That is all right." And Ganesh Jee started snoring in a few minutes. The woman also went to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Ganesh Jee called the woman - "I want to urinate, where should I go?" The woman was damn tired on that day, so in sleep she said - "I don't have a toilet here, but there is an outlet in the courtyard, you pass it there, I will clean it tomorrow." Ganesh Jee said "All right." And Ganesh Jee passed his urine there.

After some time Ganesh Jee woke up again and said - "I want to use toilet, where is it?" The woman was very sleepy so she said to him, "You know that I don't have toilet in my house, so use a corner in my courtyard, I will clean it tomorrow morning. You don't have to worry" So Ganesh Jee passed his stool all around the courtyard and went back to sleep.

When next morning the woman got up, she straightway went to bring her broom and a bucket of water to clean Ganesh Jee's dirt. But when she came out to do that, she found that Ganesh Jee had gone and her courtyard was shining with heaps of gold all around and a nice sweet smell was going around in her hut. The woman forgot to clean the courtyard, instead she got busy in collecting gold from there. In a few days time she was the richest woman of the village. She had a big palace to live, the finest clothes and the costliest jewelry to wear, and the best food to eat.

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