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F2-Ganesh Jee's Kheer-2

Now there was a neighboring woman who noticed this. She thought what made this poor old woman so rich in a couple of days time, so she went to that woman and asked the secret of this. The woman was very innocent so she told everything clearly and plainly.

The neighbor thought that the next time when Ganesh Jee would come she would also do the same. So next time on Ganesh Chaturthee when Ganesh Jee came out to bestow Var to worthy people, the neighbor took the lead. She had brought the large pots before hand. Somebody cook my Kheer, somebody cook my Kheer." She immediately came out of her house and said to him politely - "Come, Ganesh Jee, let me cook your Kheer." She brought those big pots before hand, so Ganesh Jee poured his milk and rice in those pots and went to take bath after saying to her that he was going to take bath and would eat his Kheer after coming back from there.

The woman asked her daughter-in-law to quickly cook the Kheer. She sat down to cook the Kheer, that her mother-in-law said - "Listen, You should taste it while it is cooking." The daughter-in-law explained her a lot that it was Ganesh Jee's Kheer, we should not eat it until he has eaten it but she did not listen to her and said - "Do as I say." She tasted it praying to Ganesh Jee that it was not her mistake.

Ganesh Jee came in the evening. The woman said - "Your Kheer is cooked, come and eat it." Ganesh Jee said - "I ate it before your daughter-in-law tasted it. Now I am tired, so I will go to sleep." The woman had everything in her house but since she was imitating the old woman she gave him a broken bed and asked him to sleep in her courtyard. Ganesh Jee lay down on that bed and started snoring in a few minutes time.

The woman could not sleep the whole night with the happiness that she would also be rich next morning. She was waiting for Ganesh Jee asking for using toilet etc as he asked in that old woman's house. He did ask for it as he asked from the old woman, but in spite of having everything in her house she directed him to use her courtyard as the old woman did. Ganesh Jee did so.

The woman couldn't wait for long. As the morning broke she got up and straight went to her courtyard to collect gold but instead of gold she found Ganesh Jee's stool and urine smelling foul all around the courtyard. The poor woman brought the broom and the water to clean everything abusing him. She cleaned and cleaned, but there seemed no end of cleaning. Then she went to that old woman and asked the way to get rid of that dirt. She told that since she got that by the grace of Ganesh Jee, so she should also worship Ganesh Jee to get rid of that.

The woman worshipped Ganesh Jee repenting for all of her actions. Ganesh Jee appeared before her and removed his Maayaa from her house and gave her lots of wealth.

That is why it is not good to copy everything just like that. One should have true Bhakti (devotion) in one's heart then only one can get something from Bhagavaan.

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