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F1-Ganesh Jee and an Old Blind Woman

There was a blind old woman who used to worship Ganesh Jee everyday very regularly and with devotion. She had a son and a daughter-in-law also. They were very poor. Once pleased with her devotion Ganesh Jee appeared before her and asked her to ask for anything she liked.

The woman was very innocent, she said - "I don't know how to ask a Var, so I don't know what to ask and how to ask." Ganesh Jee said - "You may consult your son and daughter-in-law, then ask me. I am not in hurry. Take your time. I will come again." And Ganesh Jee disappeared from there.

The woman told her son about Ganesh's appearance and asked him as what she should ask from Ganesh Jee, he said, "Ask him the wealth and prosperity." When she asked her daughter-in-law, she said, "Ask him a grandson." She thought that everybody thinks of about himself, so she asked her neighbors. The neighbors said - "O woman, You have a very short life now, so you should ask something for yourself, not for other people, so that your remaining life is comfortable."

After coming home, the woman thought why not to ask such a thing which can satisfy to my son, my daughter-in-law and everybody including myself. So after a few days when Ganesh Jee came again to her and said the same thing, she said - "If you are pleased with me, then give me the wealth of 90 million (9 crores) Rupees - Indian currency, disease-free body, longer life to my husband than mine, good sight in my eyes, grandsons and great grandsons, comfort to all my family and in the end give me Moksh (salvation)."

Ganesh Jee said - "O woman, you have robbed me by asking this Var, but I will still give you all whatever you have asked for." And Ganesh Jee disappeared from there.

Prayer : "As you gave everything to that woman, give everything to everybody else also like that."

In its another version: when Ganesh Jee asked the woman to ask only one Var, and that posed the problem to her, she asked him "I wish that I should feed my great grandson in a silver bowl on the third floor of my house by climbing on a gold staircase."

Thus in one Var the woman asked her long age (she will feed her great grandson), wealth and prosperity (by feeding him in silver bowl on the third floor of her house - 3-storeyed house), and health (by asking "climbing through a gold staircase").



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