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15-Folktales of Raven-1

The 15th book "Raven Kee Lok Kathaayen, Pahalaa Bhaag"
in the Series of "Desh Videsh Kee Lok Kathaayen"
16 Stories.  76 pages.  (complete)

This book contains the folktales related to Raven named bird commonly known in many countries. Its some stories have been taken from Folktales of Canada-1 while the rest are taken from Internet and others sources.

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Raven is a black bird like a crow and presently is related to bad omens. By nature he is lazy and cunning.

List of Stories

1.  Raven Kaa Janm
2.  Raven Din Le Kar Aayaa
3.  Raven Uttar Mein Din Le Kar Aayaa
4.  Raven Roshanee Le Kar Aayaa
5.  Raven Kee Naak
6.  Raven Aur Kaue Ko Noah Kaa Shaap
7.  Raven Kee Pahale Aadamee Se Mulaaqaat
8.  Raven Aaur Ek Aadamee Jo Jwaar Bhaataa Par Baithataa Thaa
9.  Raven Ne Dharatee Banaayee
10. Raven Ne Duniya Banaayee
11.  Raven Ne Shaadee Kee
12.  Jab Raven Maaraa Gayaa
13.  Raven Ne Aadamiyon Ko Maaraa
14.  Raven Kaa Rang Kaalaa Kyon Hai?
15.  Raven Aur Us Ki Goose Patnee
16.  Raven Aur Kaue Ka Potlatch

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