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Divisions of a Rashi - Varg/Ansh
How to Interpret Planets in Ansh of a Raashi

Analyze planet in Ansh of Raashi
(a) as a natural significator standing for particular themes,
(b) as Lord of one or two Bhaav in main chart and
(c) as Char Kaarak.

1. Look at the sign of a planet placed in an amsa and be aware of its significations (with regard to the special theme of the Varg chart). The nine Basic Avasthaa are very important (without regarding temporary friendships of planets).
2. Look which other planets are yuti (in conjunction) with this planet.
3. Look which signs are giving aspects to this planets (only Raashi Drishti).
4. Look at the Lord of this Ansh/sign (therefore the dispositor of planets posited in it) and the planets in conjunction with him.
5. Transfer the sign of this Ansh to the main chart (D-1) and look which Bhaav it is.
(In Jhora you can change Lagna with right mouse click - take Lagna or Moon sign from D-1 as Lagna for all Varg, secondarily you can take all planets as Lagna in Varg.)

Then draw your conclusions:
- Is a planet posited in a sign of a benefic (Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces) or be placed in a sign of a malefic (Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius)?
If Mercury is not Yuti with a malefic in main chart or not receiving more malefic aspects than benefic aspects, Gemini and Virgo also become benefic signs. If Raahu and Ketu are strong (close or exact Yuti with a planet) in main chart, Gemini and Sagittarius could become malefic signs due to their Mool Trikon in them.
- Is a planet posited in a sign of a planetary friend of him, of a planet neutral to him or a planetary enemy to him?
- Is a planet in this Ansh Yuti with a benefic and/or a malefic? With a friend or an enemy? Which Lord of D-1 Bhaav he is Yuti with?
- Is a planet receiving benefic and malefic Raashi Drishtis?
- Is the lord of this planet placed in a sign of a benefic or a malefic, Yuti with benefic or malefic (same procedure as above)?

These are the sufficient steps to understand a planetary placement in a Varg. Neglecting this analysis you'll certainly draw wrong conclusions, regarding personality traits of the person analyzed and especially regarding Dashaa periods (planetary periods).

Important Notes:
1. I do not recommend using Graha Drishti in Varg Charts as Varg do not represent real placements of planets like in D-1 main chart. Same applies for Argalaa and Virodh Argalaa (Vipareet Argalaa).

2. Furthermore I do not recommend transferring the meanings of Bhaav in D-1 main chart into Divisional Charts for the same reason (which often happens). For example, 2nd Raashi from Lagna in Navaansh does not hint at your wealth from the Dharm perspective! Correct use of Varg: Look at the Lord of the 2nd Bhaav and the Bhaav Kaarak of 2nd Bhaav and follow the steps 1 - 5 described above.

3. Varg Charts are based on divisions of Raashi, they are not charts existing independently of D-1 main chart. Do not get confused because they have the same appearance as the main chart in your software - they are in fact no 'charts' but collections of Ansh, particular spans of Raashi.

[Phaala Deepika by Mantreswara, Ch. 15, Sl. 30]
[The Five Planetary Connections]
30. The following are the five recognized connections or relations between two planets:
(1) When they occupy mutually each other's sign.
(2) When they are conjoined.
(3) When there is mutual aspect between them.
(4) When they are in Kendra position with respect to each other.
(5) When they are in Trikon position with reference to each other.

This applies to Ansh of Raashi as well - planets in Kendra from the analyzed planet provide a stable fundament, planets in Trikon support the analyzed planets (with his natural and functional themes, lordship taken from main chart).

Important General Rules for Interpretation
11. If the benefic planets be endowed with strength in the Shad Varg, the native will be wealthy and long-lived. If the Ascendant falls in the Kroor Ansh in the Shad Varg, the native will be short-lived, poor and of wicked disposition but if the Lord of Ansh in which the Ascendant falls, be strong, the person concerned will become a king (a person with a high status political or administrative).

If the Lord of the Navaansh of the Ascendant be strong, the native will be full of happiness.
If the Lord of the Drekkaan of the Ascendant be strong, the person concerned will achieve the status like that of a king.
If the Lord of the Ascendant itself be strong, the native will become the ruler of the Earth and will enjoy good fortune.

12. If in any nativity, malefic being in odd signs, fall in the Sun's Horaa (first 15 degrees), the native will be cruel strong and wealthy.
Opposite to this, if the benefic being in even signs occupy the Moon's Horaa (first 15 degrees), the native will be lustrous, humble, soft spoken, graceful and fortunate.
If it be otherwise, the results will also be of the same nature.
If the dispositions be of mixed nature, the results may be expected accordingly.
If in any nativity, the Ascendant and the Moon be both strong and the lords of the Ascendant and the Moon's sign be also equally strong, the native will be long-lived, happy and renowned.

The same numbered House shows different things in different Divisional charts --

4th House in D-1 shows heart
4th House in D-12 shows mother,
4th House in D-16 shows vehicle,
4th House in D-24 shows education



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