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5-Shad Varg

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5-Shad Varg

Based on Sphoot, each Graha has got six Varg strength, otherwise known as Varg Bal. They are known under the heading Shad Varg. They are as below --

(1) Kshetra - D-1
(2) Horaa - D-2
(3) Navaansh - D-9
(4) Drekkaan - D-10
(5) Dwaadashaansh - D-12
(6) Trishaansh - D-30

Kshetra Bal
A Raashi which a planet owns, is called the Kshetra of that Planet and he is called its Lord. Kahetra also means home place. For example Kark Raashi is known as Chandra Kshetra, Chandra is the Lord of Kark Raashhi. Similarly Sinh Raashi is the Kshetra of Soorya, and Soorya is the Lord of Sinh Raashi. Now if somehow Chandra is sitting in Kark Raashi he will be known as Swa-Raashi or Swa-Kshetra positioned. Results of born in various Kshetra are given below.

Soorya Kshetra
These people would be handsome, obedient and shows respect towards Parents, Elders and their Guru.
Chandra Kshetram
He would be learned, handsome and lead a comfortable life.
Kujaa (Mangal) Kshetra
This is either Aries or Scorpio Lagna. They are adventurous, aggressive, quarrelsome personality.
Budh Kshetra
This is either Mithun or Kanyaa Lagna. He would earn knowledge and money, truthful, famous, intelligent characteristics.
Vyazha Kshetra
This is either Dhanu or Meen Raashi Lagna. They would be rich, God fearing, would have mass support, would be a Saatwik in nature.
Shukra Kshetra
That is Taurus or Libra Lagna, would be proud, interested in material pleasure, innocent, interested in arts. Would get a partner with
a good character and features.
Shani Kshetra
For Saturn Kshetra, that is Makar or Kumbh, it is said that they do Chaara Vritti, quarrelsome, big teeth, servant etc

Sattwa /Rajo / Tamo Gun of the Planets
bhrigu shashijau raajasikau guru shasheer vaayasthu swathikaa njeyaha
taamasikau yam bhaumau bhavaishchate nrinaam chindah   

---- Taken from Krishneeyam Stanza: 33

It says Venus and Budh are Rajo Gun. Guru and Chandra are Sattwa Gun and Shani and Mangal are Tamo Gun.

Sattwa Gunee person is Uttam Purush who would equally appreciate Sukh and Dukh. They are corner stones of the society.
Rajo Gunee deals with Raag and Sahasam. Raagam may be they are referring to Anuraag, Love affairs or Lust simply.
Tamo Gunee native is addicted to Hinsaa.

These features get modified when the Kshetra Lord is in his own house and that Raashi becomes Lagna, for example take Makar Raashi, if Saturn is in Makar, Lagna is also Makar, this feature would get modified. This person would have permanent prosperity, helpful to his relatives, employed by the king or government job, one who recovers lost property of the family etc.

A planet being Vargottam and that Raashi becoming Lagna can also modify the features positively for Tamo Gun Kshetra. for example Lagna could be Aries which makes the person Tamo Gunee whereas Jupiter is Vargottama in Aries, this would modify the characteristics positively for this person. This could also get modified by the position of the Moon also. It can also get modified by the Naisargik Dashaa that is running. For example during Naisargik Venus versus Naisargik Guru period there would be a radical change. The best example would be change in sexual urge in men when Naisargik Guru starts, and when Naisargik Soorya starts what changes happens only men know.

Varg (Division)
By Sreenadh based on Skand Horaa.
(1) Skand had introduced only six Varg. Thereafter sages of such standing like Lomash and Paraashar taught us 16 Varg. In BPHS sage Paraashar clearly says that he had learnt these Varg directly from Prajaapati Brahmaa, who is the source of all knowledge including Ved.

(2) If we study Chapters 6 and 7 of BPHS on Varg as taught by Lord Brahmaa to Paraashar. This information is much more elaborate and path breaking than the information given in any other classic. Saravali supports it.

(3.a) Shad Varg (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-9, D-12, D-30) arrange in order of importance in the group - are used to judge the strength of nativity. This group of Varg is also adopted to judge the auspiciousness of Muhoort (along with Ashtak Varg points)
(3.b) Saptaansh (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-7, D-9, D-12, D-30) - This group is adopted to decipher the happiness of family and friends.
(3.c) Dash Varg (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-12, D-16, D-30, D-60) - this group is used to access professional status and comforts level in life. If a planet is in adverse Shashtiyaansh (out of 60), such planets do create difficulties in life and if ascending degree and Moon
are in a particular Shashtiyaansh, this Shashtiyaansh also control the professional life (as done by Karna which are also 60 in numbers)
(3.d) Shodhash Varg (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-12, D-16, D-20, D-24, D-27, D-30, D-40, D-45, D-60) - D-60 indicate
why events happen in the life of native and other Varg's indicate as to how the native can meet the challenges and build his own destiny and future.

(4) In the article, Sreenad has indicated that if we go beyond D-30 Varg, it may not be practical. He is right up to some extent. But birth time may be rectified with the help of Varg divisions itself. We have to learn the technique.

In this scheme a sign is divided in 150 unequal parts, maximum is 30' and the least division is 1'40". In Naadee Astrology, a sign is also divided in 150 parts. As a matter of fact Shodash Varg division has paved the way for Naadee Astrology. In the famous treatise of Kerala ,"Chandra Kalaa Naadee" has adopted it. (Moon has 16 Kalaa) (Prashn Upanishad also indicate 16 Kalaas to sustain life). Thus Shodash Varg are a potential tool to predict in astrology. Saravali clearly says that it is not possible to predict without the help of these Varg charts.



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