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Gaayatree Mantra

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Gaayatree Mantra
see also    Gayatri Siddh Peeth

Gaayatri Mantra
The Gaayatree Mantra is the most powerful Mantra in the world. I don't say it, even the dead men say this. And not only the Hindus, but the dead men of other religions also say this. Two Paarasee boys who died in their young age "Akaal Mrityu" wrote through automatic writings to their old Paarasee mother (who is also dead now), that they have found (in the Heavens) that Gaayatree Mantra is the most powerful Mantra in the world.
[Bhaskar, Dec 20, 2008, Jyotish Ganga Group]

Gaaytree Mantra has the highest power. In fact it is called the mother of all Mantra and to add it as Samput in other Mantra makes those Mantra tremendously powerful. Since this Mantra is Shaapit (cursed) so before start chanting Gaayatree Mantra, Shaap Vimochan Mantra and Aasan Shuddhi by some Mantra is extremely needed according to Rig Ved otherwise it can give adverse results.

More than all these Poojaa, I think that those of you whose Upanayan is done must read at least one Maalaa (108 times) of [Savitri] Gayatri Mantra. Many people whose Upanayanam is over neglect this basic Mantra after a while. While I have done many Poojaa, rituals and Saadhanaa, I honestly think that nothing is higher than Gayatri Mantra. If you read Gayatri Mantra with the correct Rig Ved intonation *at least* 108 times a day, it can do wonders to your spiritual pursuit. Just a couple of points to note are: (1) It is not a Mantra for Gayatri Devi, as commonly thought. Gayatri is the Chhand (meter) and hence Gayatri Devi is a vehicle for the mantra. (2) The Mantra is for Savitri Devataa - a form of Sun god who permeates the entire universe as the supreme intelligence/consciousness/soul. In other words, it is basically the formless Aatmaa of the universe. You can add the form you prefer to make it more complete. It is basically a Mantra for Aatm Gyaan (knowledge of self). (3) Sit in a good Aasan, keep your back as straight as possible, don't move, close your eyes and focus your attention on either the sound of the Mantra or a mental image of your Isht Devataa and keep chanting mentally.
Narsimha Rao

Nowadays, people are so busy that they hardly have any time to spare for even a daily chanting of 1 Maalaa of the Gayatri Mantra. In such a situation, I suggest that the Aaditya Hridayam Stotra can be read. This Stotra has been extolled as the equivalent to the Gayatri Mantra and a daily reading of the Aaditya Hridayam Stotra can work wonders.

Planet's Kavach become of lesser power in comparison to Naaraayan Kavach, Amogh Shiv Kavach, Dattaatreya Vajra Kavach, Raam Rakshaa Stotra and Devee Kavach that can remove the bad effects of all the planets.

Kaam Gayatri Mantra
There are different alternate forms of Kaam Gaayatree . One form is :
Om Makaradhwajaaya Vidmahe, Pushpavaanaaya dheemahi tanno anang prachodayaat.

Usually Gaayatree Mantra do not start with or contain particular Beej of Devataa, but all Gaayatree Mantra start with Om.
The only purpose of Kaam Gaayatree is to gain infatuation power, generally, or to win the love of someone, specifically.

Vaidik Soorya Gaayatree, which grants liberation, is supposed to be prohibited for women as women are considered to be unqualified for liberation. (But I personally don't believe this . Every soul is entitled for Moksh) This traditional ban is not applicable in the case of other Gaayatree of Devataa - which give material benefits - like Kaam Gaayatree. A women can technically chant this since it does not involve Moksh.
[K Ravindran]

Another Kaam Gayatri Mantra
The Kaam Gaayatree Mantra starts with Kleem and not Om.

Kleem Kaam Devaaya Vidmahe Pushp-baanaaya Dheemahi Tanno Anangah Prachodayaat

Effect: A Gaayatree to heal your Love life and Love related problems.
Procedure : The traditional Maalaa Jaap can be done. As per me, no time constraints to please the almighty.
Man/Woman: If Love was only for a Man and not universal to Woman and other fellow beings, I agree to your concept. I again personally do not believe in blind and meaningless rules. This is believed to be chanted by Gaudiyaa Vaishnav before the "Hare Krishna" Mahaa Mantra became popular which helped them to divert all their Love towards Krishna/Vishnu.

There is a Mantra like that - with Kleem at the beginning - for Kaam Dev. He is also right regarding the effect of the Mantra. It is more of self curative rather than manipulative of something external to us. (I have an direct experience on this).

In any case there is no contradiction between self healing and gaining an external object. As per A-Dwaitik understanding there is no difference between our self and others - there is only one big mind or one big consciousness. Hence the Mantra can act on other minds too as all minds /souls are just parts of one big Mind. This is the theoretical basis of the Science of Mantra.

If both, Kleem Beej recitation and Kaam Gaayatree Mantra are for materialistic gains and love related problems, then what is the difference between the two? Why have our scriptures given two Mantra for the same thing? Is one of them better/more effective/ shows results faster than the other?

Not just two, there are many Mantra for the same purpose and each Devtaa has many Mantra. Kaam Dev himself has many Mantra . So is the case with Krishn, whose Mantra is also Kleem and so is with Goddess.

The alternate forms of same Devataa are not inferior or superior. Any one of them will do. Different Mantra come about, I guess , from different names and aspects of the same god. For example Manmath is called Manmath, Kaam Dev, Manodbhava, Anang, Kandarp, Makaradhwaj, Meenaketu, etc. One can use any one of them or a combination of them in a Mantra.

Similarly the Beej themselves are different for different aspects of Manmath. For example apart from Kleem, Aim, Hreem, Streem, Bloom are all his Beej - representing five different aspects of Kaam Dev. Each has a technical name. One is called Manmath, another Makaradhwaj, yet another Manodbhava etc. (I don't remember now which name belongs to which Beej). Among the alternate forms one is not better, or effective or faster than others - that entirely depends on your Saadhanaa. They are different aspects of the same deity though.
[K Ravindran]

Soorya Gayatri
The Sun, Lord Soorya, is generally worshipped in almost all parts of the world as a god. He directly and indirectly influences every aspect of our life on Earth. His Gayatri Mantra can be used to please him and hence greatly improve the condition of your health. This Mantra is especially useful to combat eye diseases and to maintain good eyesight. With the blessings of Soorya you will be able to work harder, be more active and achieve greater success. It is recommended to practice 108 repetitions of this Mantra in the morning (before sunrise) or in the evening (before sunset). Attainment of Mantra Siddhi is said to occur after 21 continuous days of Saadhanaa.

Om Aadityaaya Vidmahe Sahastra Kiranaaya Dheemahi Tanno Bhaanu Prachodayaat



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