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Birth Time Rectification-1

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Birth Time Rectification (BTR)-1 in Vaidik Astrology
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Correct information about the place of birth (POB), time of birth (TOB) and -- is required to analyze the chart of the native correctly. But normally hospital records have some errors in jotting down the birth time of a baby. Therefore, BTR (Birth Time Rectification) is often needed, but the problem arises about the method of BTR. BTR method must be consistently applicable in all cases, otherwise it cannot be used in any case. Sudarshan Chakra Dashaa (SCD) of D-1 is the most reliable tool for BTR, which has greatest measure of tolerance to birth time errors, because it is based on a whole house which runs for approximately two hours. After checking chief events of the life, SCD of D-1, we should gradually proceed to higher divisionals for SCD. When SCD succeeds in explaining all chief events with SCD, in which Vinshottaree divisionals and their respective Dashaa and Varsh / Maas Pravesh Chakra also help, we may attempt DPC (Dashaa Pravesh Chakra) of D-1's Vinshottaree, which requires very high degree of precision and a great deal of effort. Generally, astrologers cannot find sufficient time for DPC, and therefore should restrict themselves to SCD for BTR.

But a majority of astrologers use birth charts with Vinshottaree events for BTR, which yield results that do not provide satisfactory solutions consistently because Vinshottaree Dashaa is foolproof only when DPC is used and if used with birth charts, it may sometimes misguide us , because if the Dashaa Kaarak planet is very strong in DPC and weak in birth chart then DPC will suppress birth chart. Since DPC (Dashaa Pravesh Chart) needs many days of painstaking efforts, SCD is the easiest and accurate tool for BTR.

Traditional methods of BTR are unusable now-a-days because Garbhaadhaan Sanskaar time and Sootikaa Griha descriptions are not recorded.

No astrology software can give authentic time of birth with a one click. Reaching correct birth time or Rectification (Shuddhi) is an ART, and an astrologer should first be well versed in this art. Rectification is not a name of mathematical formula or table.

Some astrology software has options of rectification, including freeware JHora (like time change in seconds, minute, hour etc). Others, like Parashara Light and SriJyoti Star support more detailed options (like list of events and relevant Dashaa). While western astrology software like Janus and Solar Fire have rich options of direction and progressions along with life events. Even they cannot help you, unless you don't know the basics. So one ought to first determine what kind of rectification, he is looking for.

(1) When both date and time of birth are unknown. This is the most difficult situation, and very difficult to reach even correct Lagna. Only experienced gurus and experts can handle these kinds of cases. Better is to avoid such of horoscopes with uncertain date as well time.

(2) When only date of birth is known, and time is completely unknown. For example people who know date, but don't have any clue of reliable time of birth. In this situation, relying on Moon chart is safe. Guessing incorrect Lagna by just looking face or nature may be misleading. This is again difficult situation to handle, for there are 12 Lagna in a day. But, if you have very vital life trends, or significant events that can match any certain Lagna then go ahead. First determine exact sign of Moon, if it changes sign within given date of birth. Then find the Deccan (Dreshkaan or D-3) of Moon. It means you will now have 1/3 of day, or about 4 Lagna signs as available options. Sometime, born-in-day (diurnal) or born-in-night (nocturnal) nativity approach also proves helpful.

(3) When date and large interval of time is known. For example, a person says, he was born somewhat in morning from 6 am to 12 pm noon. Then you have to choose an ascendant (Lagna) out of about 3 options (that could rise in given interval of 6 am to 12 pm). Make a list of of 10 to 20 very significant life events. Then try to fit/superimpose these events with respect to all available 3 Lagna. Then again, use Bhrigu/Sudarshan Chakra (12-year cycle) to approach correct Lagna same as above. Sometimes, trend of Vinshottaree Mahaa-dashaa may also prove helpful.

(4) When date and small interval of time is known. In this case, often there is a uncertainty between two ascendants. This situation is bit easier than the above situation. For rectification, approach will be the same as above. Using life events with respect to Bhrigu/Sudarshan Chakra (12-year cycle) and Vinshottaree Antar-dashaa.

(5) When date and definite time of birth is known, and only minor degree correction is needed. This is a quite common situation, in which Lagna of Raashi (D-1) is known, but exact divisional charts (Varg Chakra) need to rectify. List a few significant events of life for Rectifying Divisional Charts. It is better to take 4 or 5 events from parental/domestic life for Dwaadashaansh (D-12), 5 events from marital life for Navaansh (D-9), and 5 events from children's life for Saptaansh (D-7). First separately rectify these basic Varg Chakra. Then try to align all under considered Varg.

(6) Whether date, time are correctly known from authentic written record. Despite, birth time needs to rectify to reach exact Naadee Ansh (150th part of a rising sign). This is not easy, unless you are at home with Naadee Ansh and subtle divisions of Tattwa.

For last few decade, KP system has been gained a reliable tool of rectification of Birth Time with the help of constellation Lord and Sub-lords. Read:
--"Rectification of Birth Time" by K Hariharan.
--"Rectification of Birth Time - An analytical approach" by PS Sastri's. Sastri not only highlighted ancient techniques, but also provided a practical method of progression and direction.
--R. Santhanam also dedicated a chapter on Rectification in his widely acclaimed book, "Essentials of Predictive Hindu Astrology".

Besides above, prenatal epoch and Nasht Jaatakam are the advance aspects of rectification.

BTR As in Lomash Sanhitaa
The Lomash Sanhitaa translated by Vineet Ji gives two Birth Time Rectification methods

Checking the accuracy of Lagna (Lagna Rectification) - Two methods for BT rectification are discussed below -
(1) Using Gulikaa and
(2) Using Praanapad. Since there are vague methods, in practice, these methods can at best be used to check the accuracy of the BT only and not to correct it.

1.  Use of Gulikaa - Computation of Gulikaa
अतः शृणु महाभाग साधनं गुलिकस्य च॥24॥
रसाश्विनोऽश्विनयना धृतयो मनवो दिशः । ऋतवो द्वौ क्रमादेते रव्यादिवासरेषु च॥25॥
निघ्ना दिनप्रमाणेन ध्रुवकाः खाग्निभाजिताः । रात्रौ रात्रिप्रमाणेन ध्रुवका निजपंचमाः॥26॥
प्राप्तकालस्य यल्लग्नं तदेव गुलिकः स्मृतः।

[O fortunate one! Now listen to the means of computation of Gulikaa. For days beginning with Sunday, in the sequence 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, 6 and 2, multiply these by the duration of the day and divide by 30. The Dhruvakas at day begin from the weekday (as given in below table) itself. During the night multiply (these numbers) by the duration of night. The Dhruvakas at night begin from the (Lord of the) fifth (day). The ascendant at the time obtained thus shall be the Gulikaa.

Here the word ‘Dhruvakaa’ is used as a technical term to refer to these numbers. This is the calculation for Keralite ‘Mandee’ (the mathematical point at the end of a full Muhoort with in the Yam of Saturn) rather than the Paraasharee Gulikaa (the mathematical point at the starting of Saturn’s Yam), which is termed Gulikaa here. The rising time of Gulikaa (Mandee) for all the weekdays along with the same in Hr-Min are tabulated below. Please note that Gulika (Mandi) rises this much time after Sunrise provided the day or night duration is 12 hours exact. If the day or night duration changes the rising time also should be adjusted proportionately.

Weekday  Day (Khatika)  Night (Khatika)  Day (Hr. Min)         Day (Hr. Min)
Sunday      26101                                         0 hrs 24 min           4 hrs           
Monday     22.6                                            8 hrs 48 min          2 hrs 24 min
Tuesday     18                                             27 hrs 12 min                     48 min
Wednesday14.26                                           5 hrs 36 min          10 hrs 24 min
Thrusday    1022                                           4 hrs                       8 hrs 48 min
Friday        618                                             2 hrs 24 min           7 hrs 12 min
Saturday    214                                                      48 min             5 hrs 36 min.

The above tabulation is for days with 30 Naadikaa (12 hours). When there are increase or decrease in day and night span, proportionate adjustments should be made in Gulika rising time as well.
Correcting the lagna using GulikaThe method given here is for checking the accuracy of the given birth time rather than for really correcting the birth time.
निजलग्ने बलोपेते गुलिकाल्लग्नशोधनं॥27॥
चंद्राच्चंद्रबले प्राप्ते गुलिकादुभयोः समे। द्वयोर्हीनबलेऽप्येवं गुलिकात्परिचिंतयेत्॥28॥
[If the Lagna is strong then then correcting of Lagna should be done for Lagna using Gulikaa. If the Moon Sign is strong then the correcting of  Moon sign should be done using Gulikaa. The method is the same in both cases. If both (Lagna and Moon sign) are devoid of strength then too (the correction of birth time should be done) using Gulika.]
तस्मात्तत्सप्तम स्थानात्त दंशात्तत्कलत्रतः।
तत्रैव तत्त्रिकोणे वा जन्मलग्नं विनिर्दिशेत्॥29॥
मनुष्याणां पशूनां च द्वितीये दशमेऽपि वा।
तृतीये मदने लाभे विहगानां विनिर्दिशेत्॥30॥
कीटसर्पजलस्थानां शेषस्थानेषु संस्थितिः।
[The Gulikaa should be in 1-7-5-9 houses from Lagna. For humans and animal Gulikaa can also be in 2-10 houses from Lagna. For birds Gulikaa can be in 3-7-11 houses from Lagna. For insects, serpents and aquatic animals the Gulika shall be in the remaining houses (i.e.4-12 houses)]

The condition given to ensure whether the lagna is accurate or not is that - If Lagna is accurate then Gulikaa will come in houses 1st-2nd-7th- 5th-9th-10th to it only. Or in other words if the Gulikaa is in 3rd-4th-6th- 8th-11th- 12th from Lagna then it indicates that the given Lagna is inaccurate. But this condition applies only if the Lagna is strong. Otherwise make the necessary adjustment in time and move Lagna to the next or previous sign (whichever is near) so that the above condition would be satisfied. Even though not told here it should be known that a Lagna becomes strong
1. when Lagna Lord is strong,
2. when Lagna Lord is placed in Upachaya (1-3-6-10-11) to Lagna,
3. when Mercury or Jupiter aspect or conjunct with Lagna.

The same condition applies to Moon Lagna also when checking whether it is strong or not. So the point to note is that, if as per the above condition if Lagna is not strong but instead Moon sign is strong then correction of Moon sign (and not the Lagna) should be done based on the position of Gulikaa (and all the predictions should be done based on Moon Lagna in this case and not Lagna). Thus if Moon sign is strong then, if Gulikaa is not in 3-4-6-8-11-12 houses from Moon sign, it can be assumed that Moon sign is accurate. If Moon sign is strong and this condition regarding Gulikaa is not satisfied then make the necessary adjustment in time and move Moon sign to the next or previous sign (whichever is nearer) so that the above condition would be satisfied. The proposed position of Gulikaa relative to Lagna for humans and animals in the above quote is tabulated below.

Sl   Human/insect/ Aquatic animal                  Position of Gulikaa
1..   Humans (and other land animals?)        1-7- 5-9-2-10 houses from Lagna or Moon.
2.   Insects                                              3- 7-11 houses from Lagna or Moon.
3.   Serpents and aquatic animals               4-12 houses from Lagna or Moon.

It is not told whether the Gulikaa should be for the birth of plants etc in the above quote. The above classification seems to be some how connected to the classification of signs as Sthal (Land)-Jal (Aquatic)-Sareesrip a (Reptiles and Insects); less water - in between land and water).

2. Use of Praanapad - Correcting Lagna using Praanapad
कोणात्क्रमान्नरादीनां तथा प्राणपदादपि॥31॥
[For human beings the Lagna can also be in the trine to Pranapada. Therefore similar calculations (for correcting of the birth time) can also be done considering Praanapad]

Computation of Praanapad
स्वेष्टकालं पलीकृत्य तिथ्याप्तं भादिकं च यत्। चरागद्विभगे भानौ योज्यं तन्नवमे सुते॥32॥
स्फुटं प्राणपदं तस्मात्पूर्ववच्छोधयेत्तनुः। विना प्राणपदाच्छुद्धो गुलिकाद्वा निशाकरात्॥33॥
तदशुद्धं विजानीयात्स्थावराणां तदेव हि।
[Convert the time past sunrise into Vighatee (Pal) and divide by 15. Add it in terms of sign, degrees etc to that sign (occupied by Sun), to the 9th sign (9th to the one occupied by Sun) or to the 5th sign (5th to the one occupied by Sun) depending upon whether Sun is in a movable sign, fixed sign or dual sign. The resulting sign shall be the Praanapad. Use it to correct the ascendant as previously described. If the ascendant is not corrected through the Praanapad, Gulikaa or the Moon then it should be known to be incorrect. For non-movable beings (like trees etc) the Lagna should be corrected in the same way.]

The steps to calculate Praanapad is clarified below.
(1) Divide the Ishta Kaal (in Vighatee) by 15. (H*2.5*60)
(2) Take away multiples of 12.
(3) Convert the answer in to signs, minutes etc. (2.5=2 Rasi and 15 deg or 15 deg of Gemini)
(4) Get the exact degree of the Sun in birth chart.
(5) Find out the Char (movable) Raashi in trine to Sun.
(6) Move the Sun to the movable sign which trine to the natal Sun. (for example, my Sun is in Aquarius 18-59=10-18-59, movable sign is Libra trine to Aquarius. So I take Sun's degree as Libra 18-59-00 or 6-18-59. When Sun is in Movable sign just take the degree for same.
(7) Add this figure to figure came from step 3. It is Praanapad.

Praanapad must be in trine to Lagna. If not, make the necessary adjustment in time so that Praanapad falls in trine of Lagna.

Practically speaking, the difference of even a single Vighatee (24 sec) in birth time can cause a difference of 1 sign in Praanapad. And the maximum difference that needs to be made to bring Praanapad to the trine of Lagna is at max 3 Vighatee (1 min 12 sec) difference in given birth time. This is too small a correction and practically useless. Both these methods (one using Gulikaa and the other using Praanapad) are very vague and crude methods which should at the most be used only to check the accuracy of the given birth time, and never to correct it. Numerous other good and authentic birth time rectification methods supported by sages are discussed in the book “Secrets of Birth Time Rectification” (by Sreenadh OG; Sagar Publications).

Even if one gets some perfect Siddhaant without a millisecond of error, one has to carry out birth time rectification of few minutes in most cases. My code resulted in smaller error in birth time which I soon corrected. For instance, correction in Deshaantar (Longitude) due to the change of Ujjain's longitude from the center of old town to exact location of the Mahaakaal Mandir resulted in subtraction of 0.63 seconds in my own birth time. True-Day correction also results in a small correction in Isht Kaal amounting to a few seconds of error in birth time only, small in comparison to few minutes of errors in most natives.



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