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Birth Time Rectification

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Birth Time Rectification (BTR) in KP System
See also    Birth Time Rectification   in Vaidik Jyotish also

According to the rule
RP Lag = Birth Mon   and   RP Mon = Birth Lag.
But how we do the rectification? ---
Before going to the details of it let us check some points :-

Which Software you are using? --- [If you ask me then my answer is KP Astro 2.7 or the latest KP Astro 3]

Are you taking the exact Latitude and Longitude of the place where you are doing the analysis? Again are you getting the exact place of Birth of the Person whose Time you are going to rectify? If not then please go to the Google Earth or Wikimapia and get the correct Latitude and Long of both the places.

Is your computer giving you the exact time? Ė Please confirm it from the telephone exchange and correct your computer watch up to the second. Or you can download the Atomic Clock Sync Software from World Time . This Software automatically correct your Computer watch every day.

These are very important points before rectifying any birth time, but generally we neglect these points.
Now we are ready. The moment you sit for to do the rectifications of a person --
1. check the time chart of that moment. If Moon signifies 6th, 8th and 12th Houses then donít do the rectification on that time, stop your calculation, do it any other time or any other day. Because that calculation, what you have started, does not give you the right answer. So wait for the right moment.

I think these are the very basic steps and also very important to begin the BTR.

QUE - Please elaborate on "Moon signifies 6th, 8th and 12th"? whether all the three houses, or any two out of three or any one of the three Houses to be signified by Moon? Signification up to what level? sign, star, sub sub sub? whether conjunction and aspect also to be considered for signification? What should be the orbit range 3.33 deg or Hindu aspect and conjunction?

ANS - when Moon will signifying any two of the 6th, 8th and 12th, and it is up to the Sign and Star level.
If any planet, basically the outer planets, aspects Moon and that (outer) planet signifying any two of these houses then also the time will be negative.

Orbit range is 3.33 degree. If, anyway Moon signifying any two of these three bad aspect or conjunct with any planets who is signifying any two of these three houses then the time is negative, so don't continue the calculation at that time. Do it some other time when your time will be positive.

QUE - Some more doubts please.
1. "Hindu aspect" means sign to sign? and there is no orbit range restriction? Similarly Planets in the same sign are said to be in conjunction. - (a) But you said orbit range is 3.33 deg. (b) For both aspect and conjunction orbit range is 3.33deg. Which one, a or b, is only b to be considered?
2. Astro-3 s/w gives KP pointers up to sub sub sub lord level, but s/w gives up to 4th level ie sub sub lord level only. Up to which level is to be considered ?
3. while comparing Birth Asc to RP Moon, sign to sign, star to star, sub to sub and sub sub to sub sub to be compared ? OR whether 4 lords of Birth Asc shall be the 4 lords of RP Moon in any order?

ANS - It's not the question of changing the effect of the planet. If the time is bad or negative then nothing will be positive and I never said that rectification of birth time will change the bad time into good. We should know the system and know how to do it. That is all.



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