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Normally effects are visible after 43 days of having completed all Upaaya. All Upaaya must be done, as they are the components of one treatment.

Sun in 6th House - Feeding Ants
Feeding til-chaulee or Satnajaa to the ants specially white ants has been a folk tradition for ages. At times people who can not manage to find 7 kinds of grain (Satnajaa) feed wheat flour to the ants. Traditions get established as a way of life after they have been keenly observed for centuries. During this period they get tuned with  astrological concepts also. Thus most of the traditions do have an astrological substance in them.

Let us understand the astrological logic behind the tradition of feeding white ants:
White ants represent Sun; they are a Kaarak of Soorya. As you would know that the Sun represents Tej [luster], Prataap [splendor], Yash [fame], ability to impress and influence others etc therefore strengthening a Sun becomes all the more desirable and necessary. Sat-najaa (7 grains) or til-chaulee is a Kaarak of Ketu, therefore when the white  ants are offered til-chaulee it is an effort to strengthen the Sun with the help of Ketu. The other alternative is to feed Gur to monkeys, strengthening the Sun through the Kaarak of the sun. Similarly when the wheat flour is fed to the white ants, it is once again strengthening the Sun through the Kaarak of the sun [wheat flour].

This Upaaya is found to be very effective for the Sun in the 6th house. Nothing can represent a Sun of the 6th House better than the white ants [Sun] living underground (6th House). Let me also mention the 7 grains which constitute satnajaa (7 kinds of grains). There may be some regional variations in this list. In North India these 7 grains constitute the satnajaa. [1] wheat [2] barley [3] black gram [chana] [4] rice [5] urad [6] moong [7] kangani. In order to feed the ants, one should get these grains crushed together into small grains small enough for the ants to carry them home.

Soorya jab 6th house mein ho to bhooree cheentee (brown ants) ki sevaa karne ke liye kahaa hai, na ki white ants ke liye. (jab maamaa ghar ke halaat kharab ho)

Mercury in 3rd House
Mercury placed in the 3rd house - put on the south wall a copper Sun emblem.
[Mercury placed in the 3rd House is considered as very bad because it not only affects the 3rd House, it also affects the 9th and the 11th Houses through his aspect. The effect of the Mercury in the 3rd House spills over to the 4th and 5th Houses also. The book says : 9 marate hon; 11 ujade; chaar, paanch, teen garakta ho. The Lal Kitab suggests quite a few Upaaya for the Mercury in the 3rd. One of them is Makaan kee Dakshin Deevaar par lal [Soorya] Vaastu Mubaarik Hogee. This Upaaya is suggested because Budh geenaa jo teeje mandaa, ravi se darataa hai. Thus placing a Sun symbol on the south wall means establishing the Sun in the 3rd house. This Upaaya is mentioned in the 1942 edition.]

Mercury in 11th House
A Mercury is badly placed in the 11th house. This could be the cause of pain in the nerves, therefore :
Make her wear a copper coin [without a hole] in a yellow thread or gold chain. Get a hook attached to the coin for the chain to go through. [Hook must be of copper also?] A copper coin with a hole no longer remains the Kaarak of the Sun alone because a Mercury [hole] gets added to it. A copper hook would be better. Wearing it in silver and gold depends on the position of the Moon and Jupiter.

Venus in 6th House
To throw into flowing water for six Fridays one stone piece after applying Tilak of Safed Chandan on it.
This is a perfectly valid Lal Kitab Upaaya for Venus in the 6th house. It does not matter whether it is mentioned in any Lal Kitab editions or not so long as the Upaaya has been devised according to the principles of the Lal Kitab.

Let us understand the logic of this Upaaya :  Venus = Raahu + Ketu

Therefore if there are indications of bad health [6th house, disease] of the wife, then it means that the Ketu component of Venus has turned malefic. Even otherwise the Ketu is considered Neech in the 6th house. The Upaaya is to distance the effects of this Neech Ketu. You know that immersing some thing in a river [flowing water] means distancing the effects.

Piece of stone [Saturn], Safed Chandan [Moon]; the two together form Ketu Neech. Thus by throwing a stone piece into flowing water after applying a Tilak of Safed Chandan would amount to distancing the ill effects of the Neech Ketu.

This is a reverse of the Upaaya for Venus in the 12th house. When a Venus is placed in the 12th house, it is the Raahu component of Venus which is separated by burying blue flowers because a Raahu in the 12th house is Neech. In this case, Venus in the 6th house, it is the Ketu component of Venus which becomes Neech and has to be taken care of by separating it through this Upaaya.

Venus in the 6th House
The wife of a person with Venus in the 6th should not move around barefoot. She should stay in socks or shoes most of the time. What could be the logic behind this Upaaya?
Venus placed in the 6th house, and not getting help from its friends, is likely to adversely affect the progeny. You probably know that a Venus placed in the 6th house is considered as debilitated. Since a Venus consists of Raahu + Ketu, therefore it is the Ketu constituent of the Venus which gets affected most by being in the 6th house, and hence not conducive for the progeny. Ketu in the 6th is considered Mandaa. That explains why it affects the progeny adversely.

If the wife of a person with Venus in the 6th moves around barefoot, what happens? The skin of her bare soles [Venus] comes in contact with thin dust [Venus]. This further reinforces a debilitated Venus and jeopardizing the Ketu even more.

The precaution of wearing socks or shoes suggested helps in two ways: firstly it does not allow the bare skin to touch the ground and thus not letting the debilitated Venus get reinforced even further; secondly, bare skin [Venus] with socks or shoes [Saturn] forms exalted Ketu, thus minimizing the ill effects of a resultant Ketu in the 6th.
[Varun Trivedi]

(1) 4kg sugar jal prvaah kare
(2) 8kg. charee (white jwaar) mandir me de. Shukra Yantra and Shukra Mantra jaap kare crystal maalaa ke saath

Shani in 5th House
kisee ke agar 5th House mein Shani ho to Uskaa vivaah der se hotaa hai aur saath hee use male child nahee ho saktaa iskaa kya upaaya hai ki uska Vivaah bhee jaldee ho jaaye aur male child bhee ho sake. agar Shani ke saath Shukra bhee 5th house mein ho to kyaa love marrige ke chances bhi bante hain - agar Mithun Lagna ki Kundalee ho please help for this.



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