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Normally effects are visible after 43 days of having completed all Upaaya. All Upaaya must be done, as they are the components of one treatment.
[From Lalkitab Group - by Leekha Singh]

General Upaaya
(1) Memory Enhancement: wash with your hands with ash made by burning of Uplay/Kandey/gohey (cake made of cow dung). Budh
(2) Mixture made with tomato puree and equal quantity of honey, applying on skin (face) will clear dust and increase shining. Budh+Mangal=Shukkar
(3) Applying Kesar tilak on naval will give redness on face. Brihsapat+Mangal.
(4) Rubbing of Kaner ka Phool (red color flower from which one falls outside, shoe flower) on head will increase hair growth and will control hair fall.
(5) People living in south facing house are generally advised to keep monkey shape toy (made of clay `it should not be hollow from inside') in house facing inside the house.
(6) Evil eye. Burning of a small qty of fennel on cake "made of cow dung" will ward off ill effect of evil eye.
(7) Monetary matters. Chup Samadhi and eating of food with/in silver utensils (plates/cups/spoons etc) is advised quite a few times.

(1) Don't wear blue color under garments: Area is of Shukra and color is of Raahu, will create problem related to Ketu, urinary disorder etc.

(2) Green color, painted on walls/curtains/clothes etc: cool wind of Brihspati will give malefic effect after touching green (Budh's color enemy), but it will good effect after touching wall (Shani) so the wall/curtains/door should be colored with the paints of its (Brihaspati) friendly planets.

(3) Non working music instruments and electronic gizmo should either be repaired or to be used regularly. If it is not in working condition it means that Brihspat's wind in blocked/choked in Budh, the flow of money will get affected.

(4) The people who are ill (BP/pressure related problems) should not sleep on red color bed sheet, as the circulation of blood will increase by using red color.

(5) Any empty utensil (matakaa etc) should not be kept in house for long, do use it or fill this with rice/flour etc it will enhance luck by filling it.

(6) Get rid of old non useable things which are not used since long, old chappals, old pens, cloths etc. but if you happen to have any old brass utensil please keep it and use it yeh Budh ke zahar to dhoyega.

(7) Keeping temple in house is strictly prohibited as it says ghar ke mandir mein ghanti bajaaney sey yeh lawaldi ka ghanta baja dega, if u use bells in temples of your house the birth of child (specially male) will be under question.

(8) Wearing of white color cap will help in good health and prosperity. Head (raahu) should avoid direct sun rays.

(9) Almost all the persons (male) have been advised to wear kada made of silver through molding with copper mekh weighing 48 grams for good health. Chaandi (chander) round shape (Budh) copper (Sooraj) and baazoo (Mangal).

Consider the direction and place of the wooden temple. never keep it or holy pictures in a bedroom. usually kitchen or northeast direction is the place because if u have a separate room it amounts to a temple. also no statues should be there. if u r keen on keeping statues replace them after at least 2 years. better still please read pt. Bhooshan Priya's detailed article on this topic. He has answered all possible queries.

(1) Avoid to walk on floor bare foot, wear chappals or walk on carpet or darrie, Ketu direct touch with Shukra (kacchi zameen) and  Shani (marble) floor will affect Budh/Raahu (thinking)

(2) Before cooking food in the kitchen sprinkle a few drops of water on Tavaa this will also reduce family tension.

(3) Wearing of silver choodee made through molding with two lines on it and painted red will also reduce tension. Silver (Moon), round shape (Budh) will control Raahu (tension) with the help of red paint on it Mangal.

(4) Wearing gold in head (hair) also give peace of mind , Gold (Brihspati) in head (Raahu) will control bad thinking (Budh/Raahu/Shani)

(5) Cooking first Chapaatee for cow will also help a lot, Cow Shukra and Chapaatee (Soorya=ann/Mangal=khaanaa peenaa).

(6) Distribution of biscuits to small children will help in getting rid of ladies' trouble.

(7) Above all reciting of Durgaa Chaleesaa daily also help a lot.

(8) If you happen to have any Taabeez with you these remedies wont effect. As keeping Taabeez with you will make Budh nakas.

(1) When the lady get pregnant she should tie red color thread on her arm, after the birth, this thread should be transferred on to child's body and the mother should wear new thread on her arm. This is called as Rakshaa Bandhan and these should be continued till the time child attain the age of 18 months.

(2) For child, person should worship Ganesh, Moon stands for money (chaandi ke sikkon kee khanak) Ketu for family and Saturn will be banker. All are some what enemies, so money and family may not be together, except in House No 4.

(3) Feeding cow will help in getting both.

(4) At the time of birth take some milk in utensil and take some sugar in a paper bag, the woman should touch this and keep this aside. After the child birth, these both things should be donated in a temple. The more useful utensil will be more helpful.

(5) If Raahu is malefic at the time of birth (in mothers/fathers Varshphal) Raahu in 1/5/8/11/12 House will be considered as malefic. Then put some Jau and water in a glass bottle, lid it and keep that in mother's room, birth will happen peacefully.

(6) If going for long journey 100+ days and crossing some river/sea, then person should drop one copper coin in river/sea. This will take care of his children's.

(7) In day time, feed dogs with sweet Rotees but these should not be cooked on iron Tavaa, Tandoor Rotee will do. It helps for betterment of your Children.

(8) Child born in Dharm sthaan (temple/Guru Dwaaraa etc) will be blessed with long life.

(9) Singly born male child of bitch will help in growth of its master's family.

(10) If Ketu is good then person should help/serve dogs, if Shukra is Oonch then he should respect women.

(1) Give part of your food to cow, crow and dog this will help in getting all benefits related to life

(2) Eating of food where you cook (kitchen) will control Raahu from giving bad effect. Raahu's nature is to create sudden problem in any peacefully running program.

(3) Distribution of sweet Rotee (Rotee made of flour mix with sugar) among dogs/crows/cows or poor peoples. Will control unnecessary expenditures being done on medical bills or on conflicts. Sweet Rotee are to be distributed once in month and the quantity should be equal or greater then the count family member and visitors.

(4) Keeping some water in brass utensil near to your bedside before sleeping at night and next day morning that water should be given into some plants root, this will help in Lambee Beemaaree (long sickness), court cases, and conflicts.

(a) Jupiter
Malefic: become bald especially from the area where we use to keep Pony, person starts wearing chain made of beads, Rudraaksh, spastic etc, Loss of gold, disturbances in education, bad fame.
Remedies: Kesar Tilak on forehead, do breathing exercise.

(b) Sun
Malefic: swelling in body, rapidly spitting habit, loss of cow, ill health, and excess intake of jaggary (gur).
Remedies: keep few grains of sugar in your mouth then drink some water in morning before starting your day.

(c) Moon
Malefic: senseless body parts, ill health of mother
Remedies: touch feet of elderly ladies and take their blessings.

(d) Shukkar
Malefic: skin problem, problems in marriage, delay in marriage
Remedies: take care of your cloths, wear white cloths.

(e) Mars
Malefic: death of new born baby, problem in one eye, blood related diseases, joint pains, no male child.
Remedies: use Safed Surmaa.

(f) Budh
Malefic: teeth related disease, loss of smelling sense, loss of vigor
Remedies: Naak chhaidan and washing of teeth with alum

(g) Saturn
Malefic: falling of body hair especially of eyebrows, house construction related problems, fire incident,
Remedies: use miswak till your hairs are black

(h) Raahu
Malefic: nails related problems, brain disease, and sudden increase in enemies.
Remedies: be in joint family, have cordial relations with in laws.

(i) Ketu
Malefic: problems related to feet, urinary or joint pains, and delay in birth of child.
Remedies: piercing of ears for hundred hours, feeding of dogs



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