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Normally effects are visible after 43 days of having completed all Upaaya. All Upaaya must be done, as they are the components of one treatment.

For hair loss,
Massage mustard oil on the scalp twice a day. You could wash it away after some time. This is an Upaaya and not a medicine.

For spiritual growth
Keep in his house in the North East corner 4 Haldee Gaanth in a brass bowl.

For Saving Money :
Place where you keep your money at home a little honey in a silver Dibbee with a small square piece of silver immersed in the honey.

For Husband's Favor
Recite the following Yajurveda Mantra 108 times every day for at least 100 days.

Aum tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim patiposhanam,
urvaarukamiva bandhanaan mrityor muksheeya maam mushya grahebhyaH

Keep a little water in any bowl with a Tulasee leaf in it before reciting this Mantra. When you have finished reciting the Mantra you should breathe over [fook maaranaa] the bowl and drink that water and eat the Tulasee leaf. In case you do not find Tulasee leaf, then you can do without it, just keep the bowl of water though. Do not sit on bare ground when reciting the mantra. Use some mat etc to sit on and do the recitation.

For Good Sleep
It is always better to have the head part towards the West or South . So that when we get up we face either East or North. Under no circumstances we should sleep with our head towards the North such that when we get up we have to face South We should not sleep under the building beams too lest we get bad & unhappy dreams. There should be no kitchen on the floor just below where the bed is placed.

For Damaging Electrical Appliances
Electric appliances means malefic Raahu, so
[a] Immerse in a river on any Thursday, after sun set and before it gets dark, 1300gm Jau [Barley] after rinsing with milk.
[b] Every day recite the Beej Mantra for Raahu 108 times.

For Matching Charts for Marriage
Match the charts, if Bhakoo are not matched, do this Upaaya - At the time of Kanyadaan {time when the father gives the hand of the bride to the groom} the father of the bride should gift two square pieces of silver to the couple after a proper Sankalp. Of these two pieces one should always be kept at home by the couple and should never be sold. The other piece should be immersed in a river by the couple after the marriage

For Late Marriage
7th house is severely afflicted by Raahu and the aspect of Saturn.

Since the Upaaya is to be done at a Shiv temple the Pujaaree will take care of the Maulee. You need not worry about it. In case the Shiv bathing is to be done at a temple at home then take off the Maulee the next day keep it safely and at the end of 13 Mondays immerse all the Maulee threads in a river / lake.

Gau Graas
Gau Gras is feeding a part of your daily meals to a cow, crows and a dog. It has been a tradition with most of the Hindu families for ages. Apart from its humanitarian value, it has a very sound astrological rationale behind it.

A cow is a Kaarak of Venus. Venus represents Lakshmee both in the sense of wealth and the wife because the Venus is the lord of the 2nd house [house of accumulated wealth] and the 7th house [wife and the family]. Thus by feeding a cow, a portion of what ever one gets to eat, amounts to sharing and appeasing Venus.

A crow is a Kaarak of Saturn. Saturn represents profession and the money earned through your own effort. In the Cardinal Kundalee Saturn is the lord of the 10th house [house of profession, fame etc] and the 11th house [house of gains through your own efforts]. By feeding the crows one appeases the Saturn, thus making sure that his profession and the income stays stable.

A dog represents Ketu, the Kaarak of a son or progeny. By feeding a dog one ensures the well being of his progeny. Once the progeny is ensured you leave some one behind who remembers you, the world moves on.

Therefore by feeding the cow, a crow and a dog one ensures all the major areas of his life. What more can one ask for? One simple easy to do Upaaya ensuring growth and prosperity.

Hormonal problems my skin is become bad, have severe dark circles and I am anemic as well.
Soak a little Juaar [millets] in water for the night. In the morning make a paste of it in fresh curds [not sour] and apply on the affected areas twice a day. You can wash it with fresh water after some time. This is an Upaaya and not a medicine.

For Diseases of Eyes
wash eye lids with milk twice a day. He should close his eyes and then wash the lids with milk. After some time he can wash them with fresh water.

For Eventualities
My father suddenly became serious and his body was gradually turning cold, though by Gods grace now he seems to be out of danger.

I am not aware of any Lal Kitab upaya for such eventualities. However there is a folk remedy which I have seen people doing at such times: Take a few Sarson Ke Daane [mustard seeds] and 7 iron nails. Move over the head of the affected person 7 times. Then the mustard seeds along with the iron nail should be buried in a barren place. Since people have been doing this for centuries, I believe it must have been effective otherwise why would they continue doing this remedy.

To Protect Oneself from Black magic
In order to protect yourself against any black magic you should do the following : Either on a Tuesday or a Saturday ,go to the Hanuman temple. Bring home a little Sindoor in a silver or brass or copper dibbi from the right arm of Hanuman idol. Apply a Teekaa of this Sindoor on all the 4 sides of your main entrance to the house. Put this Tilak on the outside of the gate - all the doors through which one enters the house, not the outside gate by which one enters the compound. This is known as Hanuman Kavach. Lord Hanumaan will protect your house from any evil eye or evil spell.

For Allergy
Either on a Saturday or a Sunday, take eatables the child is allergic to in an earthen bowl {sakora}, move it over the head of the child  7 times and give it to a dog to eat. Repeat the process till the child  starts eating those things normally.

For Overweight
Immerse 1/10th of your weight Jau in a river every month. If you cannot find Jau, you may use wood charcoal.

For Seeing the Moon on Ganesh Chaturthee
Those who by mistake had seen the Moon on Ganesh Chaturthee (Bhadrapad Shukla 4) should do the following Upaaya :
[1] Astrological Upaaya :Take a few grains of rice, move them over your head 7times and offer at a temple.
[2] Traditional Upaaya according to folklore : Take a small stone from your roof and throw it on the neighbor's roof.

--When a thing is immersed in a river, it's fruit does not go to 4th House, but it distances the effect of that planet.
--If you do not have a terrace to offer water to Sun God, then pour a few drops of water facing the Sun; you do not have to pour a jug full. It is the faith and Aasthaa which is more important and not the ritual. So long as you pour a few drops of water towards the sun and seek its blessings it is fine.
--There is a Peepal tree in Cerritos-Artesia. Its on Corby Dr, which is a street right behind little India.
--There is no specific or particular time to wash with Saunf water. One can do it at your convenience.
--One can replace the honey with fresh honey whenever one feels like and covers it with a cotton cloth.
--In "milk and Makkhan" Upaay, Makkhan may be stored for a week, and milk used should be raw (better).
--Traditionally in our society it is not considered pious to do any Pooja, Jaap etc during those days. Therefore those women who are apprehensive about doing any religious act during those days should not do the Upaaya either and keep the rinsed rice as suggested in the rules of doing remedies. It is the raw rice grains and not the boiled rice. But those women who are not apprehensive about it and consider it a normal physical phenomenon can continue doing the Upaaya. As far as the Upaya are concerned there are no such restrictions. It is entirely a matter of the state of mind. I personally consider menses as a physical phenomenon, some thing any woman should be proud of. And if there is some thing you are proud of, how can that be impure, I do not know.
--A handful means "One Mutthee"
--"Kachchee Zameen" means which has soil on  it not the cemented or stoned floor
--"Barren Zameen" means where nothing grows.

--Good for starting something new - Recite it while you enter the city "nagar pravesh keeje sab kaaja hridaya rakha kaushalpur raaja" and Recite the same Chaupaai when you enter your office the first time there.
--Method of Chanting Mantra - The method of chanting any Mantra is : Keep a little water in any bowl with a Tulasee leaf in it before reciting this Mantra. When you have finished reciting the mantra you should breathe over [Poonk Maaranaa] the bowl and drink that water and eat the Tulasee leaf. In case you do not find Tulasee leaf, then you can do without it, just keep the bowl of water though. Do not sit on bare ground when reciting the mantra. Use some mat etc to sit on and do the recitation.
--Brushing teeth with alum powder is a very good Upaaya to strengthen Mercury. You can do it.
Alternatives for Upaaya
--If the birds are not eating Saabut Moong, you may soak then in water before giving them to them; or as an alternative feed young Kanyaas [girls below 10 years] and seek their blessings after touching their feet.
--in case you do not find a  red flower to offer to the Sun god, you should use Rolee instead.
--in case of not finding iron Dibbee, one can use steel Dibbee.
--If you can not afford a silver Chhalla, then tie a white silk thread on the little finger of your left hand.
--If one does not have a Peepal Tree, one can recite Brihaspati Beej Mantra 108 times for 13 days.
--In case of not getting red alum, bury 7 glass bangles which should be shining red in color.
--You can get Lead pieces from any Kabaadee, especially from those who deal with used car batteries. If you don't get lead pieces, you may use dry Poojaa Naariyal.
--In lieu of feeding green Paalak to cow - is there any other animal which is also represented by Venus that I can feed in California? Recite the Beej Mantra for Venus 108 times a day.
--In lieu of round copper coin, a round piece of copper foil can be used.
A dream of cat biting in the hand?
I know Raahu is related to Jobs and Cats are related to Raahu. I am not surprised at the loss of the job. Raahu transit is conjunct. Your 10th house [house of profession]. Dreaming of cats, once again confirms that Raahu is acting malefic. This Transit will last till November 3, 2009. Therefore :
[1] Keep in a dark corner in the West, under the weight of a stone piece, 1kg jau {barley} tied in a black cloth till November 3, 2009.
[ 2 ] Recite the Stotra for Raahu 108 times every day. Get the text and the audio from the files. You have to save the Stotra in any file first in order to listen to it.
Billi ki Jer [Cat's afterbirth or placenta] is NOT suggested as an Upaaya in the Lal Kitab. The book does suggest precautions at two places regarding how to keep a Billee kee Jer.
[a] When Raahu is in the 1st house, then it should be kept wrapped in a cloth of wheat color.
[b] When the Venus is in the 7th house then it should be kept wrapped in a piece of black and white blanket.

Traditionally, Billee Kee Jer is considered as one of the sacred objects worth preserving amongst village folks. It may not be popular in the cities. One of the reasons could be that it is really very difficult to find one. Rarity of the Jer makes it an item worth possessing.

In the villages families who own it, keep it wrapped in a red cloth. We think that is the best way to keep it, Billee ki Jer (Raahu) kept in a red cloth (Mangal shubh); although dull red cloth would be ideal. Similarly in the villages the umbilical cord of a male child, which sheds of after a week or so, is also preserved and is later buried in the foundation of the house built by the family. This umbilical cord is also kept wrapped in a red cloth. Therefore it appears that the Lal Kitab suggested the precautions about how to preserve the Billee ki Jer, for those who own it.

I would like to add one observation. If billi ki jeer is kept in Sindoor on a silver box it also offers auspicious results. This is a remedy offered by Tantric Samrat LR Chawdhri for wealth and success. Biili ki jer is a proven artifact for this goal.

Thanks for your information. Sindoor is also Mangal Shubh and keeping the Kaarak of Raahu with it
would be the right thing to do. This keeps the Raahu under control.
How to Gift in a Temple
When we gift some thing at a temple we have to give it to Pujaaree or place it before the Bhagavaan's idol or leave it the temple doors?
You need not to handover the Kaarak Vastu of the planet to any priest in the temple. It can be placed in front of the idol.

For those it is prohibited to enter a temple [2nd,8th,12th planet reason], they can leave it inside the door of the temple. The idea is that the Kaarak Vastu of the planet should reach the premises of the temple.

Yes, there is a very important precaution to be kept in mind while suggesting this Upaaya. Gifting at a temple the Kaarak Vastu of a planet should not be suggested if there is an enemy planet in the 2nd house. If this Upaaya is suggested with an enemy planet in the 2nd house then the Kaarak Vastu will be usurped by the enemy planet, and the entire exercise will be futile.
Deprivation of Friends
In your case it is the Saturn and the Sun who are the karaks of relationship with friends and other relatives. Since your sun is placed in the 6th house [a house of enmity], there will always be an indifferent relationship with people around and you may not have many close friends. For that you have to keep a copper coin which
had already been offered at some religious place. That alone can neutralize the malefic effects of the Sun in the 6th house.

Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, though not very bad but not good either. For that the best Upaaya is to go to a religious place, as often as you can, and bow there seeking forgiveness for the bad Karmas of the previous life.
Eggs are the Kaarak of Mercury, and it is exalted in my Kundalee, so eating eggs can make my Mercury malefic.
I've Saturn (in Libra) in 10th house, so is it so that eating almonds (badaam) can make my Saturn also malefic?
While eating eggs will turn a mercury into a malefic. Similarly roasted / fried almonds should not be taken. You may eat them soaked in water for some time.
For Bhakoot Dosh in Marriage Match Making
At the time of Kanyaa Daan {time when the father gives the hand of the bride to the groom} the father of the bride should gift two square pieces of silver to the couple after a proper Sankalp. Of these two pieces one should always be kept at home by the couple and should never be sold. The other piece should be immersed in a river by the couple after the marriage
Moon/Mercury Dashaa
Since the Mercury considers the Moon as its enemy, the Antar-dashaa will definitely be bad. Therefore till November 3, 2008 you should :
[a] Feed Saabut Moong (whole Moong) to a goat, at least once a week. (for Mercury)
[b] Recite the following Siddha Mantra from Durgaa Sapt Shati 108 times every day according to the instruction given. Goddess Durga is the presiding deity of Mercury.

sarva vidhi abhyudaya ke liye - (For growth & prosperity all around)
te sammataa janapadeShu dhanaani teShaaM
teShaaM yashaaMsi na cha siidati dharmavargaH |
dhanyaasta eva nibhR^itaatmajabhR^ ityadaaraa
yeShaaM sadaabhyudayadaa bhavatii prasannaa ||



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