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1-Introduction to Houses-1

Our Prithvi is round. And a round shaped figure has 360 degree. Our whole system is divided into 12 Raashi (Signs), when they are written on a paper they are called Houses. Thus each Raashi is assigned a House, and this Raashi or House is 30 degrees wide. There are several systems to draw the diagram of this - North Indian, South Indian, Western etc, the following diagram is according to North Indian system.

The numbers assigned to these 12 divisions are fixed. The following is a North Indian Chart. The Houses are counted anti-clockwise.








Text Box: 12
Text Box: 11
Text Box: 10
Text Box: 9
Text Box: 8
Text Box: 7
Text Box: 6
Text Box: 5
Text Box: 4
Text Box: 3
Text Box: 2
Text Box: 1
The uppermost diamond is House No 1. Then if you go towards left (anticlockwise), the second space - Tri-kon (triangle) in House No 2, and thus the numbers go on till they reach 12. The whole astrology is filled in these 12 Houses. That is why it is very necessary to know about these Houses.

if we take House No 1 as the Raashi (Sign) and fix No 1 House with Sign Mesh then all Houses will look like this
(1) Mesh (Aries), (2) Vrish or Vrishabh (Taurus), (3) Mithun (Gemini), (4) Kark (Cancer), (5) Sinh (Leo),  (6) Kanyaa (Virgo),  (7) Tulaa (Libra),  (8) Vrishchik (Scorpio),  (9) Dhanu (Sagittarius)   (10) Makar (Capricorn),  (11) Kumbh (Aquarius),  (12) Meen (Pisces)

Names of Houses
There are 6 types of Houses and every House has its name by which it is recognized and its characteristics are known.

1. Kendra (Angular or Cardinal) Houses =  1, 4, 7, 10
2. Panaphar (Succedent or Fixed) Houses = 2, 5, 8, 11
3. Aapoklim (Cadent or Mutable) Houses = 3, 6, 9, 12
4. Trikon (Triangle) Houses = 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9. 11, 12
5. Upachaya Houses = 3, 6, 10, 11
6. Opposite House or Opposition = When the houses are 6 Houses apart, or the 7th House - this is normal in Raahu and Ketu positions. They are always in opposition.

Weakest, Malefic, Moksh, Maarak, Baadhak, or Dusthaan House (6th, 8th, 12th Houses)
Strongest, Dharm, Benefic House (9th House)
Mool Trikon is not a House but a specific space in a House where a Planet gives his maximum effect in a native's life

Whereas Sign Lord may be functional benefic or functional malefic as per their placements (because a Sign Lord, for example the Mars, the Lord of Scorpio Sign) can sit in any House - 1st, 2nd or 3rd which may or may not have Scorpio Sign in it. This kind of relationship provides depth for understanding Jyotish in better perspective.

For Virgo Ascendant, it is correct that Aries is 8th Jupiter. whereas he Lord of 4th house that is of Dhanu . as well as 7th House Meen both have Jupiter's lordship. As Dev Guru, he is the Kaarak for many aspects of life, so he is a benefic. In 8th House he is functionally Malefic.
You are correct to understand that there are two Lords - "Lord of Bhaav (House No) and the Lord of Sign of that House No, for example Aries".

1st House = Destiny
2nd House = Assets
3rd House =
4th House = Fixed assets, home, relatives, friends, peace of mind, mother, education etc
5th House = Lakshmee Sthaan, intelligence, Poorv Punya or opening balance of an individual in this life or the past lives balances (good or bad),
   Mantra Upaasanaa, Isht Dev, children, speculation, courtship etc.
6th House =
7th House =
8th House =
9th House = House of opportunity
10th House =
11th House +
12th House =



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