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12th House

In Indian astrology 12th House deals with expense.

When one's 12th house is excessively strong, it shows a lot of foreign travels, and
marriage in foreign is also not impossible.

4 planets in Vyaya Bhaav (Shani, Raahu, Mangal and Guru) shows the person who has broken the vows of Sanyaas in his previous life due to Kaam Ripu. This will be also the problem in current life ie too much passions.. emotions. It is also Guru curse in twelfth bhava along with Pitr dosha. All this is
in third Bhaav so you will start the curse when provoked to some fight or struggle. You should worship Shree Lakshmee to get out from this problem. Until 32 years of age, you will be focused
on career, business, selling, foreign shifts and relationships. After 32 years, 12H will start working and then you will need to worship Trayamabak or Tripur.






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