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4-Chart Interpretation-2

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Chart Interpretation-2

Saturn and Jupiter
The correct judgment of the horoscope needs a deep understanding of planetary relationships. I believe that the application of the fundamental rules of Astrology must be based on practical observation. Whatever has been said by our sages in the classics appears to be correct for different positions of planets for different Lagna. Some astrologers have said that Jupiter in the 5th gives mostly daughters while others have said this position gives more sons and some say that there will be no son at all. This is correct if properly applied and tested, eg, Jupiter in watery signs gives mostly daughters, in fiery signs, male births and very bad results for Capricorn Ascendant.

The Moon and Mars are supposed to be friends but Mars is debilitated in the Moon's sign Cancer while the Moon is debilitated in Mars' sign Scorpio. Jupiter and Mars are very good friends but Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn where Mars is exalted. Mars is debilitated in Cancer where Jupiter is exalted. Mars and Saturn are inimical but Mars is exalted in Saturn sign Capricorn whereas Saturn gets debilitated in Mars' sign Aries. Suppose the Moon is exalted in the 7th house, what results should be expected? The Moon is inimical to Venus will it give inimical results in Taurus due to ownership of Venus or will it give the results of exaltation as Moon is exalted there? We find that mostly the Moon in Taurus in the 7th house, though the 9th lord (Bhaagyaadhipati), gives inimical results.

In the 4th house the exalted Moon shows tensions with mother. Jupiter is inimical to Venus but Venus is exalted in the sign of Jupiter, Pisces. Such planetary relationships and behavior are beyond my comprehension. I can only say that both are quite different aspects and should not be mixed up.

In my opinion it is always safer not to consider the exaltation or debilitation of planets at all. Here, we are only concerned with the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is debilitated in Saturn's sign Capricorn and does not give auspicious results here. On the other hand Jupiter's placement in Aquarius, the other sign of Saturn, is very baneful while it has been described as very good in Saravali.

CASE 1: He was born in Libra Ascendant with Saturn in Lagna and Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to each other. I had found that whenever Jupiter and Saturn are opposite each other, they exchange their characteristics. On the basis of this experience I told the native that his wife should have very ordinary complexion and she must have some kind of pain in the body, like rheumatic pain or arthritis. Jupiter's placement had given him a handsome physique, delightful manners, kindheartedness, sincerity, influential behavior, generosity etc. Thus Jupiter's influence as described for his position in Lagna could be noticed in the native.

I have found in my experience the following about the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn:
(1). Whenever Jupiter and Saturn are placed together Saturn will soak the results of Jupiter and Jupiter will soak the results of Saturn, ie Saturn will improve while Jupiter gets spoiled.
(2). If Jupiter and Saturn are conjoined with regard to the 5th house, there will either be no male child or male children will not survive.
(3). This is not a good combination for high education. One having this combination may not study well if favorable combinations are not also present.
(4). One of the children will bring a bad name to the family. One does not derive the desired happiness from children. Mostly they will not be placed very high in life.
(5). They do not have much wealth as the karaka of money gets spoiled owing to conjunction with Saturn. This Yog may be said to give a hand-to-mouth existence as far as money is concerned. The concerned houses for wealth and their lords must also be taken into account.
(6). The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house makes one a lawyer, advocate, magistrate or judge. It will be particularly so if these planets own the 6th house.
(7). Jupiter and Saturn's influence on the 5th house may give jaundice, cirrhosis or a sluggish liver. It may also cause gall-bladder stones. This is very strongly indicated when Mars also influences this combination.
(8). If Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, the results will not be adverse. It will promote Jupiter's influence.
(9). If this combination takes place in any of the Saturnine signs or in the exaltation sign of Saturn (Libra), evils of Saturn will automatically be cancelled.
(10). This combination will produce excellent results in the 4th house. The opposition of Jupiter and Saturn will also be very favorable, the native will be blessed with good children, moveable and immoveable property, recognition, good for profession, education etc.
(11). In case of opposition of Jupiter and Saturn, if either of the planets falls in own sign, the results of the stronger planet will be experienced and the results of the other will become feeble.
(12). Jupiter and Saturn in Lagna and 7th house exchange their qualities but if either of these planets occupy own sign, the results of the other will be absorbed to a great extent. I have found that such
persons are very happy or successful so long as other strong indications are not present. This is mostly applicable to Jupiter and Saturn's opposition in respect of Lagna and the 7th house. This gives one wife only.
(13). Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the Lagna is equally bad for proper settlement in life. This may cause some physical disability if other factors are also present.
(14). This Yoga should be treated as a Daridra Yoga. But it will be slightly better if the combination takes place in Jupiterean or Saturnine signs.
(15). The combination of Jupiter and Saaturn is not so bad in fiery signs as in earthy signs.

No combination can give the same results in all possible positions or for all the Ascendants. A combination may be auspicious for one Ascendant while inauspicious for another. BV Raman has explained in his various articles how the result of a Yog should be applied in a horoscope. Such care must be taken for this Yog as well. The application of the finding should not be verbatim. This is very valuable Yoga for accurate judgment of a horoscope.

One school of thought has described the combination of Jupiter and Saturn as auspicious for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Asc if these planets join the Asc or the 5th house. For Taurus Ascendant, it is not bad if it falls in the 8th that is, Sagittarius. For Virgo Asc, it is good if the conjunction occurs in the 4th, 5th, 9th or 12th house. For Capricorn Ascendant, it is good in the 2nd, the 12th and 9th houses.

For Gemini Asc it is good in the 11th and the 3rd houses.
For Aquarius Asc, the combination is auspicious in the 2nd, 7th and 12th houses, while bad for all other houses.
For Libra Asc, this combination does not give good results in any of the houses.
I do not agree with this view. Jupiter stands for good and open actions while Saturn shows low and hidden things. Jupiter represents prosperity, wealth and children, whereas Saturn indicates adversities, poverty, sadness, depression etc.

Mixed results should be expected when both these planets conjoin.
--In the 1st house Jupiter and Saturn make one cruel, indolent and lazy. Such native does not get much happiness and comforts. Generally this is not a good combination in Lagna for signs other that Sagittarius and Pisces.
--If these two plants conjoin in the 4th house, good results are produced. The native will be wealthy and famous, will have good friends and relatives. He will have lands and property. Evil results are not produced if Jupiter and Saturn are placed together in the 4th house or opposite each other.
--The combination cannot be appreciated in the 7th house. The native will lose money on account of women. He will be addicted to vices. He will be avaricious for his father's wealth and will not be good-looking.
--In the 10th house, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is favored. The native will have cattle and conveyances. He achieves a high position and the rulers favor him.
In Chapter31, Shlok 79, 80, 81 and 82 of Sarvali Kalyanavarma has described the Yog of Jupiter and Saturn for all positions of Kendras.
In Chapter 25, Shlok 24, the author of Hora Sara has mentioned that the combination of Jupiter and Saturn in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses is auspicious and in all other houses it is bad. In the 8th Chap of Jaatak Paarijaat there are almost similar views for this combination.
Garg Rishi has described the combination of Jupiter and Saturn for all the 12 houses.
A few other works also have described the combination of Jupiter and Saturn as bad while some others have described it as good. There is much difference in their views.

Natives with Saturn and Jupiter in opposition are not very successful persons. They are not usually rich and are not properly settled in profession. Jupiter and Saturn exchange their properties when they are placed opposite each other except when the 4th House or where Jupiter is stronger. Particularly when Jupiter occupies his own sign; Jupiter-Saturn conjoin in the 2nd house, it is auspicious for learning, family, etc.

But the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn cannot be regarded as very auspicious in all cases. In the Lagna, I have found this most damaging for career. Either both are conjoined or placed opposite each other.

If the Yog falls in the Lagna it is bad for settlement and happiness of Life. It is bad for happiness from children. If Ascendant is a watery sign, there will be many issues. In the 2nd house the good results will be experienced. There will be money, property, education and children. Accumulation of wealth begins from the age of 48. Before this, savings will be less. In the 3rd house the childhood is troublesome. Here it is good for children and brothers for Cancer Ascendant.
--If this combination falls in a fiery sign, there will be problems at child-birth. Number of co-borns is less.
--In the 4th house it gives very auspicious results. If their conjunction takes place in the 4th in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo or Capricorn, the results will be very encouraging. The children will prosper. There will be all kinds of luxuries, wealth, prosperity and happiness.
--In the 5th house, there are obstructions in completing education, they are inclined towards law studies. They are prone to liver troubles and diseases of the digestive system; it is not good for male children.
--In the 6th house, they suffer from chronic diseases, mostly they are in service with a hand to mouth existence.
--In the 7th house, it is bad for marital happiness. There is a possibility of infidelity. In case of two
marriages, the native gets a lot of wealth.
--In the 8th, it is bad combination, may cause trouble in digestive system, the native serves others.
--In the 9th house this gives good results only for Aries and Cancer Ascendants. It is not good for either of the parents.
--In the 10th this brings one into the profession of law or the native serves others. Usually the
native does not get success in business.
--In the 11th house it is bad for business. One faces many failures and can hardly make ends meet. There are mental setbacks. Mostly it is bad for children.
--The 12th house is the place where Jupiter and Saturn show very auspicious results. One gets lot of power and fame. There is only one wife who dominates the native. This combination elevates the native's position. The wife of the native may be deceitful and unfaithful and may beget an illegitimate issue. (But the 5th house and lord thereof must also be viewed carefully.)



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