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Page 24: Sarg 59/1-3

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Sarg 59/1-A Dog Comes to See Raam 

In the morning, after His daily chores, Raam sat in the royal court with His ministers, Vashishth Jee, Kashyap Jee, and other kings. By the order of Raam, Lakshman called people if they had any work with the king. But Raam's kingdom was full of wealth, grains and Dharm. There was no physical or mental trouble to anybody, so there was nobody at the gate. That is what Lakshman said to Raam. Raam said - "Hey Lakshman, Our employees take care of our people very carefully. Our public is happy still you go and check once more.". 

There he found a dog crying. Lakshman asked the dog the reason of his crying. Dog said - "I want to narrate everything in front of Raam. I am prohibited to enter any Dev Temple or Raaj (royal) Temple because of being born in lower species. Therefore you pray to Raam on my behalf." Lakshman came inside and said to Raam - "There is one dog standing outside and wants to say something to you." Raam ordered Lakshman to bring him in soon.

Sarg 59/2-The Dog Prescribes the Punishment

By the order of Raam, Lakshman brought the dog in the royal court. Raam asked the dog - "Tell me everything fearlessly without hesitation." The dog said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, A Raaja takes care of his public according to Dharm. Charity, kindness, respect to gentle people is called Dharm. You yourself is the ocean of Dharm qualities, so you know everything. I am of a very low mental level, so please pardon me if I say anything in ignorance. Sarvaarth Siddhi named beggar has hit me with a stick without any of my fault." 

Then by the order of Raam that beggar was called. Raam asked him as why did he hit the dog with stick? The beggar said - "I was hungry and wandering around for food. Unfortunately I did not get any alms. This dog was standing in my way. I was so much perplexed because of being hungry and not getting alms that when I saw him standing in my way, I hit him with the stick. Mahaaraaj, I accept that I am guilty."

Raam asked His ministers. Bhrigu, Kashyap, Vashishth etc said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, You know the punishment code. Whatever you think proper, prescribe the same punishment. Of course, life sentence to Braahman is prohibited by Shaastra, all know this." At the same time dog said - "I request you about prescribing the punishment to this beggar, that you send him on the position of Chancellor in Kaalanjar Pradesh." Raam said - "As you wish. Appoint him as the Kulapati in Kaalanjar and send him to Kaalanjar riding on an elephant." Braahman went away happily riding on the elephant. After Braahman had left, ministers asked Raam - "Mahaaraaj, You have honored him with the donation rather than punishing him? What kind of punishment is this?" Raam asked the dog - "Please open the secret of this kind of punishment." 

The dog said - "Mahaaraaj, In my previous life, I was the Kulapati in Kaalanjar. I used to worship Braahman and Devtaa observing Dharm, but my all actions went waste, and in the end I got this lower species. Now this angry Braahman will also get the same lower species [as of mine]. An angry, or A-Dharmee man, whether he is the in-charge of Dev temple or a cow-herd, or the wealthy Braahman, he definitely suffers Narak up to seven lives." Hearing dog, Raam was very surprised. Then the dog went to Kaashee from there.

Sarg 59/3-Justice to Vulture 

There were two birds, a vulture and an owl, in a forest for several years. Evil-natured vulture had taken owl's nest. So they both started fighting. Then both went to Raam. First vulture greeted Him and said - "Hey respectable to all kings, gracious like Sun, stable like Himvaan, forgiver like Prithvi, deep like ocean, I am in your shelter. See, I built a nest with my own hands and this owl wants to take it. Please help me." Owl said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, You are visible Naaraayan in human being's form. Your body has the part of Chandramaa, Soorya, Kuber and Yam in the form of human Raajaa. Please listen to my plight. This vulture has taken my nest. Kindly get my nest back."

Raam called Jayant, Ashok, Dharmpaal, Sumantra etc ministers and asked the vulture and the owl - "When did you build your nest?" Vulture said - "When the Creation was started, this nest was built at the same time." Owl said - "I own this nest since the trees started growing on the Earth." Raam asked His ministers about this, the ministers said - "Owl seems speaking truth and vulture seems speaking lie. Because owl is happy and vulture is not happy. You are the king. Whoever gets punishment from you, he doesn't go to Narak."

Then Raam said - "I tell you a Pauraanic story, listen to that. Before the Creation started, Prithvi along with Chandra, Soorya, Aakaash Parvat and forests and the three Lok, leaving Paramaatmaa alone, was sunk in water. When Vishnu was sleeping keeping Lakshmee in His stomach, then Mahaa Yogee Brahmaa also entered in His stomach.

Later a lotus appeared from Vishnu's navel. Brahmaa appeared from this lotus only. Then He created Prithvi with Vaayu and Parvat etc. At the same time, two terrible Asur, Madhu and Kaitabh, appeared from the earwax of Vishnu. They both attacked Brahmaa , but Vishnu recognized the voice of Brahmaa, He killed both Raakshas. This Prithvi became wet with their flesh (Med), that is why it is called Medinee. Vishnu cleaned it and then grains and trees etc started growing up. Owl says that he built the nest at the time when trees grew, so his words are true. This vulture is an evil liar, that is why it should be punished.

At The same time Aakaashvaanee (heavenly voice) said - "Hey Raam, this vulture has already been suffering from a severe punishment, therefore do not punish him any more. He is a very truthful king named Brahmdatt. One day he offered meat to a Braahman in ignorance while feeding him. So Braahman gave him Shaap to be a vulture. Raaja asked the Braahman - "When I will be freed from your Shaap?" Braahman got pity on him, he said - "There will be a king named Raam in Ikshwaaku Vansh, when He will touch you then you will be freed" Hearing this as soon as Raam touched the vulture, he became a divine man and said to Raam - "Hey Dharm Raaj, Today I am freed from that terrible Shaap."




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