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Page 23: Sarg 58-59

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Sarg 58-Story of Yayaati 

Lakshman asked - Why didn't Nimi pardon Vashishth Jee in spite of being Kshatriya; besides he had taken the Deekshaa also for the Yagya." Raam said - "Hey Lakshman, There are very few people who can control their anger. Not everybody can pardon like Nahush's son Yayaati. Nahush's son Yayaati had two beautiful wives - Daitya Vrishparvaa's daughter Sharmishthaa and Guru Shukraachaaryaa's daughter Devayaanee. Raajaa loved Sharmishthaa more than Devayaanee.

Later Sharmishthaa gave birth to a son named Puru, and Devayaanee gave birth to Yadu. Because Puru was Sharmishthaa's son, that is why Raajaa used to love Puru more than Yadu. When Yadu grew up, he didn't like this and he said to his mother - "You are born in Bhrigu's Vansh and still you tolerate such insult? Come, let us burn ourselves in fire. Or if you want to tolerate Raajaa's enjoyment with Daity-Raaj's daughter you may, but I will surely die," Devayaanee got very sad hearing her sad son's sad words, so she remembered her father.

Shukraachaarya Jee came there and said - "My dear, Tell me why have you remembered me?" On asking repeatedly, Devayaanee said - "Raajaa insults me, and because of this insult, my son and myself are very sad. Now we will leave our body either by burning ourselves in fire or by taking poison." Seeing his daughter sad up to this extent Shukraachaarya gave Shaap to Yayaati - "You have insulted my daughter, that is why you become old and weak." and he went to his place.

Sarg 59-Kingdom to Puru and Shaap to Yadu

So Hey Lakshman, Because of Shukraachaarya's Shaap, Yayaati got old and weak. After some time one day he came to his son Yadu and said - "Hey my Dharm Knower Putra, I am not yet satisfied with worldly pleasures, therefore you take my old age and give your youth to me." Yadu replied bitterly - "You love Puru more, take it from him only."

Yayaati said the same thing to Puru also. Puru was a very obedient son. He immediately gave his youth to his father in exchange of his old age. Later Yayaati said to Puru - "Now you don't have to tolerate much trouble. I give your youth back to you. And since you are my obedient son, I will give you my kingdom also." Then Yayaati said to Yadu - "O Kshatriya Putra in Raakshas form, You have disobeyed me that is why nobody will be king among your descendents." Then Yayaati went to forest after giving his kingdom to his son Puru, and Shaap to Yadu.

After some time Yayaati died. Because of father's Shaap, Yadu was left out of the royal family. He had many Raakshas sons who lived in Kraunch Van. Hey Lakshman, So Yayaati did not get angry with Shukraachaarya, rather he accepted his Shaap. But Raajaa Nimi could not do so.

Now you get up and call those people whoever have any work from me. Lest I am also put in similar condition as Nrig's.

















That is why there was no king in Yadu's Vansh. Shree Krishn was Yadu Vanshee






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