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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 17:  Sarg 45-46

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Sarg 45-Seetaa Forces Lakshman to go to Raam

As Maarech's words hit Seetaa's ears, She got scared and She said to Lakshman - "Lakshman, You go soon to see Raam. Since when I have heard His words, I am not feeling comfortable. You are obliged to protect your wailing brother who is seeking protection. It seems that Raakshas have surrounded your brother, therefore you go immediately."

[But how Lakshman could leave this place? His brother did not order Him to do so.] So He did not move from his place. At this Seetaa got angry and said - "You are foe-like to your brother with a friend-like face. You want to get Him destroyed to get me, that is why you are not going to help Him even in this great trouble. I wonder what business you have sitting here with me?."

Lakshman said to crying Seetaa - "Hey Seetey, Nobody, including Devtaa, Gandharv, Naag, Asur, Raakshas, can win Raam in fight. He is invincible in fight. Therefore you should not talk like this. And I cannot leave you here like this.  Because Brahmaa, Vishnu and Tri-Lok even combined cannot defeat Raam, therefore, you don't worry about anything. He must be coming soon after killing the Mrig. This voice was not of Raam. This was a created [voice] like Gandharv Nagaree, created by Maayaa. I am responsible for your protection, that is why I cannot leave you alone here, because we have invited the enmity with Raakshas after killing Khar. Raakshas can speak in many sounds, so you be free from any kind of worry."

Hearing this Seetaa got very angry. She spoke to mighty Lakshman - "You are wicked, devoid of mercy, dreadful and a degrader of your dynasty. You followed Raam because of me either instigated by yourself or Bharat. But this just cannot happen. I am the wife of Raam, how can I long for a commoner? I will commit suicide in front of you because I will not be able to live without Raam."

Lakshman said to Seetaa joining palms - "I don't consider proper to reply your blames, because you are like God to me. This is just very normal to say something like this for women. This is what we are seeing in the world, because they do not follow Dharm because of their childish mind. I am unable to tolerate such words. They are pricking my ears like burnt arrows. Van Devtaa, birds, trees are witness that I told you only logical things but you replied me in such harsh words that is why you will soon be in trouble. Your life is useless that you doubt me like this. Now I am also going to the same place where Raam is. Hey Seetey, Many bad omens are occurring, therefore now only Van Devtaa, birds and Gandharv may protect you. Will I be able to see you together with Raam after I come back?"

When Lakshman said crying Seetaa such words, Seetaa said - "If Raam is not there, I will plunge into River Godaavaree, or I will hang myself up, or jump from a height, or drink poison, or enter ritual fire  but I will not touch anybody else." Saying thus Seetaa started beating her belly with both of Her palms. [see Note on Seetaa here] Lakshman consoled crying Seetaa that Raam will come very soon, within no time, but Seetaa didn't speak anything to him. So Lakshman came in front of Her, briefly joined his palms, repeatedly bowed Her in respect and started towards the forest looking back at Her repeatedly.

Sarg 46-Raavan Comes to Seetaa 

Lakshman was very angry at Seetaa. Although his conscience wanted to guard Seetaa but Her rude words compelled him to go to Raam. After Lakshman had left, Raavan saw Seetaa alone in Her Aashram, so he came in the form of a Braahman Sanyaasee. He was wearing saffron clothes, had an umbrella on his one shoulder, and his staff on another shoulder, and a water bowl in his hand. Raavan saw Seetaa in the way some sinister planet aspects at Moon's Rohinee. Raavan was such a Paapee (sinner) that when he was coming, trees stopped swaying because of his fear, the wind also blew very slowly at Godaavaree. Even Godaavaree also flowed quietly seeing Raavan. [see Nature's Activities]

Raavan made advances to grief-stricken Seetaa and stood before Her. He saw Her moon-like face but She was in tears. Seetaa was beaming forth in Her beauty like Devee Lakshmaa but the divine lotus (Raam) was not there. Raavan said to Seetaa - "Glittering like gold and wearing yellow silken clothes you look like a lotus stalk. Are you Gauree, Shree, Keerti, or Lakshmee? or Indra's Apsaraa or Kaamdev's wife Rati? Your teeth are white and evenly smooth like jasmine buds. Your broad eyes are spotless and your black irises shine like stars. Your thighs are like elephant's trunk. Your breasts are rubbing each other, bumping, and are swinging up very well. Their nipples are high and are jutting out. They are smooth and beautiful. You are robbing my heart by your beautiful teeth and beautiful smile.

Your waistline can be held in a fist. Your hair are velvety. I have never seen such a figure among Devee, Gandharv, Kinnar, or any other women of this Prithvi till now. You should live in a safe place not here. This place is not apt for you because this forest is the dwelling place for terrible Raakshas who can change their guise at their will. Large palaces with all kinds of treasures and pleasures are for you.

O beautiful, You deserve the best garlands, best scents, because you are the most beautiful so your husband should also be the best. Who are you O beautiful? Do you belong to Rudra, Marut or Vasu Devtaa. To me you look like goddess but no goddess, nor a Gandharv, nor a Kinnar can come here. [see Seetaa's Entrance here]. These forests are for Raakshas. Here various wild violent animals live. How do you live alone here? Who are you? Whose daughter are you and why do you live here alone in this Dandak forest?"

Seetaa, considering Raavan as a Sanyaasee, as he came in that guise, worshipped him, offered Aasan and took water to wash his feet. Since he arrived in saffron robe, with alms-bowl in his hand in a guise of Braahman She had no reason to refute him flatly. [see Note on Did Seetaa Recognize Fake Brahman? here] Seetaa said - "Hey Brahman, This is your Aasan, you may sit here, take this water, wash your feet and take food." After seeing Seetaa, and invited by Her Raavan made up his mind even to abduct Her forcibly if need be while Seetaa waited for Her husband and Lakshman.































Rohinee is the principle star and dear wife of the Moon, in lunar asterism of the same name and when it comes in the view of planets like Saturn and Mars astrology predicts earthly havocs. Hence, Raavan is compared with such a planet and Seetaa with Rohinee.



Lotus stalk means lotus like face, lotus like eyes, lotus like hand and lotus like feet.



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