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Page 11:  Sarg 26-30

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Sarg 26-Raam Kills More Army of Khar

When Dooshan saw his army so much hurt, he sent his 5,000 Raakshas to attack Raam together. They did attack with trees, boulders, tridents, but Raam made their efforts fail and He Himself attacked them. He used Ardh-chandra arrow and shivered Dooshan's bow, killed his four horses with four arrows, and cut his Saarathee's head with His arrows. Dooshan picked up the Mudgad (mace) and threw it on Raam, but Raam cut his both arms with His two arrows, so the Mudgad fell down on the ground along with Dooshan.

Seeing the fall of Dooshan, celestials said "splendid, splendid" but three Raakshas - Mahaakapaal, Sthoolaaksh, and Pramaathee - attacked Raam with trident, Pattish (spear) and Parishwadh (axe) respectively. Raam also shot them with His arrows. Mahaakapaal was killed, Pramaathee was also killed and Sthoolaaksh's eyes were filled with arrows. Thus all the three were killed. Then Raam killed the remaining 5.000 Raakshas also.

Then Khar himself came forward with his 12 mighty warriors - Shyengaamee, Prithugreev, Yagyashatru, Vihangam, Durjaya, Karveeraaksh, Parush, Kaalkaarmuk, Hemmaalee, Mahaamaalee, Sarpasya and Rudhiraaksh, releasing their best arrows. Raam killed the remaining Raakshas - killed 100 Raakshas with Karnikaa arrows; and then killed 1,000 Raakshas with 1,000 arrows.

Thus lone Raam, lone human, and lone foot soldier killed 14,000 Raakshas. Now remained only Khar, Trishiraa and some more warriors in the battlefield. Raam killed those remaining warriors also so Khar proceeded towards Raam on his chariot.

Sarg 27-Raam-Trishiraa Fight

Seeing Khar going to Raam, Trishiraa said - "Let me do this work. You will see me killing Raam. I take vow on my weapons that I will definitely kill Raam. Either I will kill Raam, or He will kill me, so look at the fight and be the spectator. If I kill Raam, then we will happily return home, and if I get killed then you come to fight with Him." Khar permitted that.

So Trishiraa came to fight with Raam riding on his chariot like three-peaked mountain. Raam tried to stop him. It was a fierce fight between them. Trishiraa shot three arrows at Raam's head. Raam said some harsh words to him to make him angry and then He shot 14 arrows at Trishiraa's chest. He killed his horses with 4 arrows, his Saarathee with 8 arrows and shot 3 arrows at his three heads. Trishiraa fell down with his heads. Now Khar proceeded.

Sarg 28-Raam-Khar Fight-2

Khar got scared with the death of Dooshan and Trishiraa and got sad on the destruction of such a large army. Still he proceeded towards Raam with his bow and arrows like Namuchi got on Indra and started shooting at Raam. Raam also shot many arrows at Khar. Arrows, shot by both of them, covered the sky.

Khar used Naaleek (tubular), Naaraach (iron arrows) and Vikarnee (crescent-edged arrows) named arrows at Raam. Khar made Raam tired. First Khar cut Raam's bow at the place of its hold an shot seven arrows at His crucial parts, then shot 1,000 arrows at Him. This attack cut Raam's armor. His whole body was wounded with Khar's arrows. Raam got infuriated and flared up like a fumeless fire. 

Raam picked the bow given by Agastya Muni and shot arrows from it and cut Khar's flag. Enraged at this Khar shot four arrows at Raam's chest which drenched Raam's body in blood. Then Raam shot six arrows - one at Khar's head, two at his both arms and three crescent-like arrows at his chest. Then He shot 13 Naaraach (iron arrows) - one arrow at the yoke of chariot, four at his four horses and eight at his Saarathee's head. 

Then with three arrows Raam broke his chariot's shaft, with two arrows the axle, and with 12 arrows Khar's bow. Seeing himself without the chariot and charioteer, Khar came down with his Gadaa in the battle field.

Sarg 29-Raam-Khar Fight-3

Now Khar was without chariot, so he jumped on the ground and came to Raam with his Gadaa. Raam said some harsh words to make him angry - "You have got very much pride while you had the control of your army and because of that you did very sordid Karm. If somebody does that type of Karm, people kill him as they kill any serpent on the way. If somebody sins knowingly or unknowingly, and if he does not repent for them, he bears the fruits of them soon. Tell me what do you get after killing these innocent Rishi in Dandak Van? People get the results of their evil doings when the time comes. My father has sent me here to kill Raakshas. Today you will surely be killed by me, that is why you may shoot as many arrows at me as you wish, but you will not be able to live today." [see Note-26-warriors here]

Khar got very angry and said - "Why are you praising yourself after killing these small Raakshas while you yourself are not praiseworthy? This shows your low mindedness. Whoever are mighty and gracious, do not praise themselves. I am standing here with my Gadaa. You don't know my bravery. I have the power of killing Tri-Lok. I wanted to tell you many things, but the Sun is just setting in and the fight will stop. I want to take revenge of killing my 14,000 Raakshas today." And he hit Raam with his Gadaa. Raam destroyed it with His arrows, it fell on the ground as a female snake falls with Mantra and medicines.

Sarg 30-Raam Kills Khar

Raam asked Khar laughing - "Was this your might which you used just now? Now see this, that your Gadaa is lying on the ground hit by my arrows. The same Gadaa which you trusted most, is gone. Now you will sleep on the ground and the people of Dandak forest will be at peace. And this also has proved lie that you will take revenge of 14,000 dead Raakshas. Now those wives will weep for their husbands."

Khar said - "You seem to be very proud who is showing yourself fearless at the time of death. When Kaal (death) is near to somebody, he doesn't know what he is doing. Because his Indriya power is lost." Saying this he uprooted a Shaal tree from nearby and threw at Raam. Raam cut that tree with the shower of His arrows. Then He shot a thousand arrows at Khar, Khar got wounded and bled. He ran again towards Raam. This time Raam shot an arrow (Paavak or Agni arrow) at his chest and he fell on the ground lifeless.

Khar was like Vritraasur, Balaasur, and Namuchi killed by Indra. Devtaa and Gandharv etc praised Raam saying that He killed 14,000 Raakshas in one and half Muhoort (72 minutes), He was great and He looked like Vishnu. Then they went to their Lok. At that time Raajarshi and Maharshi also came there together. Agastya Muni said - "That is why Indra Dev came to Sharabhang Muni's Aashram and Rishi brought you here to kill these Raakshas. Hey Raam, You have fulfilled our desire, now Rishi will do Yagya fearlessly." The then Lakshman and Seetaa also came out of the cave. Lakshman worshipped Raam; and Seetaa, and very much pleased with Raam, hugged Him dearly.

















Means with three heads. Name of a Raakshas who had three heads.

Trishiraa offered his services in accordance of that if the younger or lower people are there, the elder and higher people should not do the work.


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