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3-Aranya Kaand

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Page 10:  Sarg 24-25

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Sarg 24-Raam Gets Ready to Fight 

As Khar saw many bad omens, Raam also saw those omens along with His brother Lakshman. So He said to Lakshman - "Look at these bad omens. My arrows had become rusted, kept for a long time without use. Now they will be happy to be used in the battle. From the sounds of forest birds, it seems that some danger is coming towards us and this battle will certainly take place, we will win and the enemy will lose. Lakshman, Your face is shining because of happiness. I can hear Raakshas' instruments sound.

Intelligent people should always think about their safety before any trouble comes, therefore you take your bow and arrows and go to a cavern which is covered with creepers, with Seetaa. I do not want you say any word opposing this so you go away from this place soon and guard Seetaa. Although you can kill these Raakshas yourself, but I want to kill these Raakshas myself." Hearing this Lakshman went to a cave with Seetaa. (See Note on Gangaa, 3/10/24 here)

When they went away, Raam said to Himself - "Thank God, it is good idea." and wore His armor. He looked like fire wearing that armor. He took His bow and made a sound of it. All four directions echoed with that sound of Raam's bow. Whosoever was present there blessed Raam for His victory. They [Devtaa, Siddh, Chaaran, Gandharv etc who came to see this battle] were thinking - that on one side Raam is alone, and on the other side there are 14,000 Raakshas. How this battle will take place? Seeing Raam standing alone everybody was scared. But there was an aura of invincibility around Raam's head, seeing which the visitors were satisfied.

Khar's army arrived at the place. They were making noise, beating drums and thus were frightening the creatures of the forest. Raam proceeded towards them, and took out several arrows to shoot at them. His face became very fierce. [Raam has no built-in feature of anger, but sometimes He has to show it, so it is a resemblance only, even that is also Raam's unsightly aspect. So if Khar had prostrated seeing that face. he could have been forgiven, but he wouldn't do so because he, as his name says, has ass-like mentality.]

At this time Raam's rage was like Rudra's rage at the time of destroying Daksh's Yagya.

Sarg 25-Raam-Khar Fight-1

Khar saw Raam holding His bow fast. So he also raised his hand with bow and asked his Saarathee (charioteer) to take his chariot near Raam. Saarathee did so. Seeing this all Raakshas surrounded Khar. Khar shot 1,000 arrows at Raam. Other Raakshas followed him in shooting their arrows and many other types of weapons at Raam. Those great-bodied and mighty Raakshas ran also towards Raam.

Raam was surrounded by these Raakshas. Raam just caught all the arrows of Raakshas by His arrows. Then Raakshas used other weapons also which hurt Raam's body but He didn't move at all. Blood started flowing from His body. Raam was using His bow in full circularity (by stretching the bowstring up to His ear) in fury.

Raam also shot thousands of arrows which killed many Raakshas. His arrows flew in sky and killed Raakshas, elephants and horses and cut their weapons. They killed elephants and chariots with their riders and Saarathee. This time Khar's army was not happy with this battle. Desperately they attacked Raam with many weapons but Raam destroyed them all and cut their heads with His arrows.

Raakshas went to Khar for their protection. So Dooshan comforted them and he himself came to Raam with his bow. but by the order of Khar they came back to the battlefield with all kinds of weapons along with trees, boulders etc. Somebody was throwing trees, somebody was throwing stones, somebody was shooting arrows at Raam. But Raam threw a missile named Gandharv, followed by thousands of arrows. When Raam takes out the arrow from quiver and when He puts it on bow and when He releases it, nobody can see it. And they are thus fallen, killed, slashed, gashed and thrashed. Seeing this other remaining Raakshas became incapable to fight with Raam.




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