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Sarg 20-Vishwaamitra Jee Comes to Ask For Raam-2

When Dasharath gained his consciousness, he said - "Hey Muni, My son is not even 16 years old, (see About Raam) I don't see any skill also in Him to kill Raakshas. I can go myself with you with my whole army, my soldiers are very brave to fight with Raakshas and I can kill them all, but please don't ask me for Raam. He is not even fully skilled in archery, I cannot live without Raam. If you wish to take Raam, you will take Him with me. I am 60,000 years old and I have got Raam at this age and that also after so much efforts, that is why it is inappropriate for you to take Him. Raam is the eldest son of mine, that is why it is not apt for you to take Him with you. O Sage, What kind of Raakshas are they? Whose sons are they? What is their size and shape and who protects them? How Raam or myself has to fight with them? Tell me all about them."

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "There is a Raakshas named Raavan born in Pulastya's family. He is very powerful. By the boon of Brahmaa, he has been troubling people all around. He is the son of Vishravaa and brother of Kuber. Although he himself is not disturbing our Yagya, but he is troubling us through his two Raakshas Maareech and Subaahu." Hearing this Dasharath said - "I myself cannot stand against Raavan, then how can my young son can stand against him? Please have pity on my son and me. Even Devtaa, Raakshas, Gandharv, Yaksh, reptiles and winged animals are unable to fight with Raavan, leave human beings. I am incapable to fight with him even with my whole army. My son is like Devtaa and is not versed in warfare, He will save me from the Hell. No, I cannot spare my son in any case. Besides Maareech and Subaahu are like Yam Raaj and are the descendants of Sund and Upasund

You need not worry about anything because He is the Avataar of Omnipotent Vishnu and He has appeared only to kill Raakshas. Guru Vashishth Jee knows about it. I will protect Him in every way. He will certainly be able to kill Raakshas. I don't want Him for many days, just give Him to me only for 10 days. You may consult your able ministers, I don't mind." Vishwaamitra Jee got silent after saying this. Raajaa got very sad because Vishwaamitra Jee had asked his very dear thing.

Raajaa again said - "I will protect your Yagya with my huge army. I tell you again that Ram will not be able to even guess the power of Raakshas. By your grace I have four sons, but Raam is the dearest to me. He is too young to fight with Raakshas as they are very huge. Raam is even less than 16 years of age [His age is said to be only 12 years according to Maareech]. [According to Nyaaya Shaastra a person less than 16 years is not appropriate for war with anyone.] He is not skilled in warfare and even He is not properly equipped for war. He doesn't know about them at all - such as their forms and shapes. How he can fight with them?"

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Raavan is very mighty. He has taken Var from Brahmaa Jee and now he is troubling Devtaa, Gandharv, Rishi, Muni etc. Although he himself, as the brother of Kuber and the son of Rishi Pulastya, never creates any obstacle in our Yagya, but his Raakshas, Maareech and Subaahu, are disturbing my Yagya. 

Raajaa said - "I am also unable to fight with them because even Devtaa are defeated from them. Gandharv, winged creatures like Garud etc also cannot fight with them then why human beings can fight with them? Both Maareech and Subaahu are the descendents of Sund and Upasund (earliest demons). They are very well trained in warfare. I cannot give my tender sons to fight with them. I beseech you along with my relatives for failure to comply with my promise." Sage Kushi's son Muni Vishwaamitra got very angry hearing Raajaa Dasharath.

Sarg 21-Vashishth Jee Supports Vishwaamitra Jee to Send Raam With Him

Muni said angrily - "If you cannot keep your words then your family will not be happy, because you are telling lies that is why this lie will destroy your family. I am very disappointed."  Hearing this the whole Earth trembled and all Devtaa got scared.

Noticing this, Vashishth Jee said - "Raajan, Everybody knows you in Tri-Lok. You are like Devtaa on Earth. If you have returned Muni empty-handed and disappointed, you will destroy your everything. Do not follow A-Dharm and keep your promise. Whoever does not keep his promise, he does not get the benefit of Ashwamedh Yagya also. All Ishtaa Poortaa rituals (digging wells, lakes etc. and other social welfare works comprising in Ashwamedh, Raajsooya and Paundreek Yagya) will become useless with this action. Therefore you must send Raam with Vishwaamitra Jee. Raakshas will not be able to fight with Raam, whether He knows war tactics or not till Muni protects Him as the firewall protects Ambrosia in Swarg. 

Nobody knows Vishwaamitra well, not even Devtaa. All the weapons Vishwaamitra knows are the children of Krishaashwa Prajaapti and god Shiv himself gave them to Vishwaamitra when he was a king. They all are victorious and different in their forms. Daksh's daughters Jayaa and Suprabhaa who both were married to Krishaashwa Prajaapati, gave birth to 100 missiles who are supreme. Jayaa got the Var and begot 50 formless sons to destroy demonic people. They are very brave and courageous. Their job is only to kill Raakshas. Suprabhaa also gave birth to another 50 invincible sons named "Sanhaaran" (Destroyer). Enemy cannot even dare to attack them. And this sage Vishwaamitra knows all of them and he can create even new missiles too. This son of Kushik, Vishwaamitra Jee is the highest among all Rishi, so don't be afraid to send Raam with him, because he wants to spread your sons' glory." Then only Dasharath Jee got convinced and agreed on sending Raam with Vishwaamitra Jee.






Raam's Age
Here Raam's age can be referenced in relation to His marriage to Seetaa and His exile.




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