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57-Vrat Kathaa-Shani

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Vrat Kathaa-Shani
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Shani Dev (Saturn) Vow

Shani (Saturn) has been considered the most terrible planet amongst all the planets. If a person lives good enough, he faces his Dashaa (period) three times in his life. The first time he plays with the person, second time he shakes his life badly and third time destroys his all fame, peace and wealth. That is why it is always to appease Shani. Anybody can do Shani Vaar (Saturday) Vrat (fast). Although it can be started with any Saturday, but if it is started with a Shraavan month's Saturday, that is especially beneficial.

After taking bath, one should establish an iron statue of Shani after washing it with Panchaamrit (a liquid by mixing milk, yogurt, a little honey, a little Gangaa water and a little Ghee), over a 24-petal lotus flower made with black rice under a Peepal Tree. Worship it with black flowers, Dhoop, Naivedya (Prasaad or some sweets) and pronounce the 10 names of Shani Dev -

Konaasth, Pingalo, Babhru, Krishn, Rodrotako, Yam, Sauri, Mand, Shaneshwar, and Pippalaa

Wind Soot (Kachchaa Dhaagaa) around Shani or Peepal Tree 7 times and circumambulate it 7 times and worship the tree. One should do this Poojaa before sunrise. Listen to Shani Vaar's Kathaa with devotion. Give something the teller of the Kathaa. Donate some black sesame seeds, black Urad, barley, jaggery, iron, oil, black clothes. Offer him Urad Bhaat and yogurt on 1st Saturday, Kheer on 2nd Saturday, Khajalaa on 3rd Saturday and Ghee and Pooree on 4th Saturday. Thus keeping fast for 33 Saturdays destroys all diseases and Arisht and one gets all kinds of happiness, pleasures, children and wealth.

This Vrat helps in removing afflictions from Raahu, Ketu and Shani. When this Vrat is kept for Shani, make the idol of Shani of iron, but when this Vrat is done for Raahu and Ketu (this Vrat is done for Raahu and Ketu also as they do  ot have any day assigned to them), their glass idol should be made. Meditate on Shani Dev, or Raahu or Ketu. Make a 24-petal lotus flower with black rice. Establish Shani in the middle of the lotus flower, Raahu in the southern part and Ketu in the left part. Mix Kesar in red sandalwood paste; Kaajal in rice; Kaagalhar black flowers; offer black sesame seed as Naivedya (Prasaad) and pray Shani with "Shanaishchar Namastubhyam", pray Raahu with "Namastetwava Raaheve" and pray Ketu with "Ketabe Ath Namastubhyam Sarv Shaanti Prado Bhava". Thus one should do 7 Saturdays for them.

Shani Dev's Kathaa

Aagyaa Dee Guru Dev Ne, Deenaa Sheesh Jhukaaya
Kathaa Kahoon Shani Dev Kee, Bhaashaa Saral Banaaya

I tell this Kathaa remembering Saraswatee, greeting Ganesh Jee, and by bowing my head in the feet of my Guru. That Shani Dev whom all Devtaa honor, should pardon my mistakes and take me into his refuge. Once all the Nine Planets gathered together at one place and started talking to each other. Along with talking on many subjects the talk started on "Which planet was the most respectable among them?" They had arguments for long time, but to no avail. So they decided to go to Indra. So they all went to Indra. Indra was in a flux, he could not tell anybody lower or higher as he did not want to be victim of anybody's anger. After a while he said - "I am not very capable to decide this, but there is a king named Vikramaaditya now a days in Ujjayinee, who can tell you this." So all the planets came to the king Vikram's court.

Vikramaaditya was a very favorite ruler of his times because he was famous for his justice. His court was packed full with many kinds of courtiers. When Vikram saw all the Graha coming to his court, he immediately got up from his throne and offered them Aasan but they did not sit. They said - "We will not sit until we know that who is the highest Graha amongst us?" Vikram also got in a flux hearing this, but he soon gathered himself and thought of a plan. A line of small Aasans went up to the door of the court, so he asked them to sit there and wait till he decides about them.

The throne which was nearest to Vikram's throne, Brihaspati Jee ran there to sit on it, the next throne was taken by Soorya, then Chandramaa, then Budh, Mangal Raahu and Ketu sat. Bhaargav's (Shukra or Venus) position was 8th number, and he was sure that after him Shani will sit, but since that throne was the last and was close to the door, Shani did not sit down there. Vikram had thought that whoever will sit there, he will be full of humility, so he will declare him the highest, but everything was messed up by Shani by not sitting there.

Shani Dev is a very angry Devtaa. When he did not sit there, all Graha started laughing. Seeing his insult like this he got very angry, he said to Vikram - "You did not do good by insulting me like this. What do you think of me? Why did you want me to sit here in the last? The Moon stays in a Raashi for 2 and 1/4 days; Soorya, Budh and Shukra stay only 15 days; Mangal stays for 2 months and Guru for 13 months; and Raahu and Ketu stays there for 18 months; while I live for 7 and 1/2 years. That is why you be careful, you will have to bear the consequences of this insult."

Saadhe Saatee on Vikram

The King passed some days without any problem, but then soon the King started his Saadhe Saatee (Shani's 7 and 1/2 years period). In those days a horse trader came there and stayed there to sell his horses. The King also ordered to buy some good horses from him. One horse's name was Bhanvar. The King liked that horse, so he rode the horse. The horse wandered around for a few minutes then suddenly he ran away and disappeared after leaving the King in a dense forest. Seeing this the King got very surprised. He started wandering in that forest hungry and thirsty.

When the night fell and the King felt very thirsty, he started shouting. A milkman was passing by, he heard his shouts. He came to the King, took him to a nearby river and made him drink its cool water. The King got greatly satisfied, he took off his ring and gave it to the milkman and said - "I live in Ujjain and I have lost my way here, please show me the way." The milkman brought him to the village, there he ate some sweets as he was very hungry. He gave one ring to that shopkeeper also. When the shopkeeper asked him about him, he told him the same thing, that he had lost his way. Then he talked to the shopkeeper at length. On that day the shopkeeper earned a lot of money so he thought that it was because of this man, so he asked him to come to his house and have food with him.

He offered him his best hospitality, good food, but when he was eating his food, a strange thing happened. Where the King was eating food, there was hanging a seven-chain necklace. Behind it was a picture. Suddenly that necklace got disappeared from there. A maid reported to the wife of the shopkeeper that her necklace was not there. Shopkeeper also heard this so he asked the King, the King showed his ignorance about the necklace. He said - "But there was nobody else there. Tell me where is that necklace?" The King again said - "I don't know anything about the necklace, I don't have it." The shopkeeper then took him to the King. When the King saw Vikram's innocent face, he said, "This man cannot steal anything." and he freed him.

Vikram started wandering in that city that a oil presser saw him and asked him if he could work for him. He would give him boarding and lodging. Vikram got ready for it. So the oil presser brought him home. Now the King was driving the bulls to press the oil and the oil presser sold the oil in the market. When the rainy season came, Vikram started singing in high pitch. The city's King lived nearby, so when the Princess heard his singing, she lost her heart to him.

She sent her maid to find out who was singing so sweetly. The maid went and came back with the information that a handsome young man was singing closing his eyes. The Princess left eating and drinking. Her mother came to see what happened to her daughter. The Princess told her that if she would marry, then only to that oil presser. When the King heard this, he got very angry. He called Vikram, cut his hands and threw him in a forest. When the Princess heard this, she became firmer in her ideas, that if she would marry she would marry only to the oil presser whether he is with hands or without hands. Seeing adamancy of his daughter, the King called Vikram, married his daughter to him in a very ordinary way and inhabited them in an ordinary house.

Saadhe Saatee is Over

One day when Vikram was asleep, he saw Shani Dev in dream, he prayed him and asked for his forgiveness. Shani Dev blessed him and said - "Now your Saadhe Saatee is over." And Vikram's both hands grew again. The King did not wake up his wife. When she got up in the morning she found him whole. She got very happy to see this. The King also came to know about this. When he came to see him, he told him also that it was by the grace of Shani Dev. Then he introduced himself to him. Hearing all this he fell on Vikram's feet and asked for his forgiveness.

When the shopkeeper heard this, he also came rushing there and fell on Vikram's feet. He said to him - "Go and see on the peg, I am sure you find your necklace there only." The shopkeeper went home and found his necklace on the peg where it was hanging before.

Vikram asked the King to go back his home. The King gave him a good farewell with many horses, elephants, maids etc. People got very happy to see him coming back in the city. He worshipped Nava Graha and gave the highest position to Shani Dev.



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