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56-Vrat Kathaa-Shukra

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Vrat Kathaa-Shukra
Taken from

Shukra Vaar Kathaa

Once it so happened that there lived three boys - a Braahman, a Kaayasth and a Vaishya. All three were married recently. Braahman and Kaayasth boys' wives were living with them but the Vaishya boy's wife had not yet come from her parents' house. Once both Braahman and Kaayasth boys said to the Vaishya boy - "Go and bring your wife from her house. House looks empty without wife." Vaishya boy got convinced and got ready to bring his wife soon. Braahman boy said - "Do not go now, because now Shukra (Venus star) is Ast (hidden), when he has risen, then you go and bring her." But the Vaishya boy was now so desirous to bring his wife that he did not listen to Brahman boy, nor he listened to his parents and went to his in-law's house to bring his wife.

When his in-laws saw him, they also got confused. They patiently welcomed him and asked the purpose of his coming there. He said - "I have come here to take my wife home." They also tried to convince him that "this period is not auspicious, do not take her now, when Shukra rises, then you take her to your home." But he did not listen to anybody. So when he insisted too much, the girl's parents sent her to her in-laws house with him. The boy employed a Rath (chariot) and took her to his house. On the way, a wheel of the chariot broke and a leg of one bullock was also broken. All this caused his wife fall on the ground and got hurt. At the same time some robbers also came and robbed their all money, ornaments and clothes. Somehow they arrived at home. There a snake bit the Vaishya boy and he got unconscious. His parents consulted Vaidya (traditional doctors), they told that he would die in three days time.

When the Braahman boy came to know all about this, he said - "I told him not to bring his wife at this time as Shukra was Ast, but he did not listen to me. This is all because of that. If they both go back to his in-law's house and come here after Shukra has risen, then all this can be rectified." His father sent both, his son and daughter-in-law, to the son's in-law's house. As the Vaishya boy reached there, his consciousness came back and he got all right with just ordinary treatment. When Shukra had risen, his in-laws sent both of them to his house. After this both lived happily.

By doing this Vrat many obstacles are removed.



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