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Index to 4-Van - 3-Van or Aaranyak Parv
From "Paandav in Exile" to "Abhimanyu's Marriage"

3-Van Parv (313 Chapters)

Aaranyak Parv (1-10)

1. Exile-2 - Braahman follow Paandav, but Yudhishthir politely asks them to return as he did not have anything to serve them in the forest. Braahman advice him not to collect wealth as it is not beneficial. Yudhishthir argues that it is not for himself but for Braahman only.

2. Akshaya Paatra - Seeing Braahman following them Yudhishthir worships Soorya and gets Akshaya Paatra from to feed hem all.

3. Hastinaapur - Dhritraashtra sees advice of Vidur but does not agree with it; Vidur goes to Paandav and advices them to be united; Duryodhan wanted to ill Paandav but is stopped by Vyaas Jee.

Kirmeeraa Vadh Parv (11)

4. Kirmeeraa Vadh - Bheem kills Kirmeeraa Raakshas.

Arjunaabhigaman Parv (12-37)

5. Krishn and Other Kings Come to See Paandav - Krishn and other kings, Dhrishtdyumn etc come to see Paandav in Kaamyak Van, console them. Krishn says "I was not in Dwaarakaa otherwise this would not have happened." Yudhishthir asks "Why you were not there?" Krishn said - "I went to kill Shaalv."

6. Krishn Kills Shaalv - On Yudhishthir's request Krishn describes how he killed Shaalv. Dhrishtdyumn takes Draupadee's children to his city and Krishn takes Subhadraa and Abhimanyu to Dwaarakaa. All other kings also left.

7. Paandav in Dwait Van - Paandav move to Dwait Van. There Rishi advise him to strengthen his power by distributing wealth. Draupadee talks to Yudhishthir about why is he living in such condition where all people are suffering?

8. Yudhishthir Drauapdee on Anger - Yudhhishthir Draupadee dialog continues. Bheem also says the same as Draupadee.

9. Yudhishthir and Bheem - While Bheem is ntalking, Vyaas Jee comes and tells Yudhidhthir secret method to send Arjun to collect all Divine Astra from Swarg. Yudhishthir does so.

Kairaat Parv (38-41)

10. Kiraataarjun - Arjun meets Shiv in Kiraat form, has a fight with him. All Lokpaal come and give him their celestial weapons. Indra invites him to Swarg to take celestial weapons.

Indra Lok Gaman Parv (42-51)

11. Arjun Goes to Swarg - Arjun goes to Swarg, learns all Divine weapons, bags Urvashee's curse, and Indra holds him back to kill Nivaatkavach Raakshas.

Nalopaakhyaan Parv (52-79)

Story of Nal and Damayantee

Teerth Yaatraa Parv (80-180)

13. Naarad Describes Teerth-1 - In the absence of Arjun, Naarad Jee comes to Paandav and Yudhidhthir asks him the importance of Teerth Yaatraa and visiting Temples there. Then Naarad Jee describes them what Pulastya Jee once described to Bheeshm.

14. Naarad Describes Teerth-2 - Pulastya Jee's description of Teerth continues....

15. Naarad Describes Teerth-3 - Pulastya Jee's description of Teerth continues....

16. Dhaumya Describes Teerth - Dhaumya describes some important Teerth of four directions. Lomash Muni comes and conveys Indra and Arjun's message. Yudhishthir gets ready to go on Teerth Yaatra.

17. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-1 - Paandav set off on their Teerth Yaatraa. Shamath tells king Gaya's story. Lomash tells Agastya Muni's story in reference to Vaataapi's killing by him. Story of Raam and Parashuraam.

18. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-2 - Lomash Muni tells Agastya Muni's story and then Raajaa Sagar's story to Yudhishthir.

19. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-3 - Lomash Muni tells the story of Bhageerath and the descent of Gangaa on Prithvi

20. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-4 - Paandav come to Mahendra Hill, listen to the story of Parshuraam and have his Darshan. Go to Prabhaas Kshetra and meet Krishn and others.

21. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-5 - Paandav listen to the story of Chyavan and Sukanyaa and King Maandhaataa.

22. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-6  - Paandav visit many other Teerth and then come to Usheenar's (Shibi) place and listen to Shibi's story (see also Shibi's story by Maarkandeya Muni on page 36.

23. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-7  -  Story of Ashtaavakra, how he was born with slanting limbs and how he brought his dead father back.

24. Paandav's Teerth Yaatraa-8  - Lomash Muni tells Raibhya and Bharadwaaj's story

25. Paandav go to Receive Arjun - Paandav go to Gandhmaadan Parvat to receive Arjun coming back from Swarg.

26. Bheem Meets Hanumaan - Bheem meets Hanumaan while searching rare flowers for Draupadee.

27. Bheem - Bheem plucks flowers, Yudhishthir and others come in search of Bheem, go back to Nar and Naaraayan's Aashram; Bheem kills Jataasur; Paandav go to Vrishparvaa's Aashram, then to Aarshtishen's Aashram

28. Paandav Meet Kuber - Draupadee expresses her wish to see the mountain so she sends Bheem to remove Raakshas from the Gandhmaadan mountain. Bheem kills them and thus frees Kuber and his people from Agastya Muni's curse. Paandav have Darshan of Kuber and are blessed by him. Dhaumaya shows Paandav all Lokpaal cities.

29. Arjun-1  -  Arjun comes back to Earth and tells about his meeting to Indra and Shiv and living in Heaven and killing of Nivaat Kavach Daanav.

30. Arjun-2  -  Arjun describes his encounter with Kaalakeya Daanav. Bheem is caught by a huge snake (Raajaa Nahush) and Yudhishthir goes in search of him.

31. Nahush - Yudhishthir finds Bheem in the coils of a snake, asks his requirements to free him, replies to his questions, asks some questions and gets his answers, and come back with Bheem

Maarkandeya Samasyaa Parv (181-230)

32. Maarkandeya-1  -  Krishn comes to see Paandav in Kaamyak Van. Maarkandeya Rishi also comes and discourses there.

33. Maarkandeya-2  -  In relation to greatness of Braahman story of Arishtnemi, story of Vaaivaswat Manu and Matsya Avataar.

34. Maarkandeya-3  -  Description of Creation.

35. Maarkandeya-4  -  Life in Kali Yug, in relation to greatness of Braahman story of a king Pareekshit.

36. Maarkandeya-5  -  Story of sage Bak, Raajaa Shibi (see also Shibi's story on p 22 by Lomash Muni),

37. Maarkandeya-6  -  Story of Raajaa Indradyumn, to whom to donate and the merits of various types of donations in brief, description of the path to Yam Lok

38. Maarkandeya-7  -  Story of Raajaa Dhundhumaar (Raajaa Kuvalaashwa), and Daitya Dhundhu

39. Maarkandeya-8  -  Story of a Braahman Kaushik and a fowler, fowler teaches spiritual knowledge to Kaushik... contd.

40. Maarkandeya-9  -  Story of a Braahman Kaushik and a fowler, fowler teaches spiritual knowledge to Kaushik

41. Maarkandeya-10  - Story of Agni Dev, Brihaspati and his family

42. Maarkandeya-11  -  Story of birth of Kaarttikeya

43. Maarkandeya-12  -  Boons to Mothers, meeting with Shiv and Mahishaasur Vadh.

Draupadee Satyabhaamaa Samvaad (231-233)

44. Draupadee  -  Draupadee Satyabhaamaa dialog

Ghosh Yaatraa Parv (234-260)

45. Ghosh Yaatraa-1 - Duryodhan's Ghosh Yaaatraa, Duryodhan meets Gandharv, Gandharv arrest him, Arjun frees him and his family.

46. Ghosh Yaatraa-2 - Duryodhan feels insulted, thinks to commit suicide, but Daanav save him and he comes back to Hastinaapur.

47. Ghosh Yaatraa-3 - Karn goes on victory tour and brings lots of kings under control and wealth from them. Duryodhan welcomes him. He performs Vaishnav Yagya. Yudhishthir has dream in which the remaining deer of Dwait Van requests him to spare their lives. Paandav move to Kaamyak Van. Vyaas Jee comes to visit them.

48. Ghosh Yaatraa-4  -  Vyaas Jee tells them the story of Rishi Mudgal. Durvaasaa visits Hastinaapur and Duryodhan serves him so well that he grants him a boon and he asks him to visit Yudhishthir also but in the evening.

Draupadee Haran Parv (261-290)

49. Draupadee Haran-1  -  Durvaasaa Rishi comes to Paandav to eat food because of Duryodhan's request, but ran away because of Krishn. One day Jayadrath happens to be near Paandav's hermitage in their absence and abducts Draupadee.

50. Draupadee Haran-2  -  Paandav follow Jayadrath, get Draupadee back, shave Jayadrath's head, Yudhishthir frees him. Jayadrath pleases Shiv and asks for a boon that he should be able to defeat Paandav in a battle. Shiv said that he could check only four Paandav, on one day only, but not Arjun, as Arjun was Nar and Krishn was Vishnu and Vishnu Himself was protecting him. So nobody could defeat him. Yudhishthir is very sad with this, so he asked Maarkandeya whether he has seen any other so unfortunate? Maaarkandeya tells him Raam's story.

Paativrat Mahaatmya Parv (291-308)

51. Paativrat - Yudhishthir asks Maarkandeya if he knows any other woman who is more Paativrat than Draupadee? And Maarkandeya tells him the story of Saavitree. On asking why Paandav feared Karn, Maarkandeya tells the story of Kuntee's life before her marriage to Paandu. She serves a Braahman, and gets a Mantra to invoke any Devtaa. She invokes Soorya Dev and gets a son from him. He is born with celestials earrings and Kavach. She flows him in the river.

52.  Karn - A Soot Adhirath finds Karn, brings up him as his son. Karn's earrings and Kavach make him invulnerable. Indra plans to beg then from him for the safety of his son Arjun. Soorya Dev warns Karn but Karn remains unmoved. Then Soorya Dev advices him to ask for Indra' Power in exchange of his armor and earrings.

Aranya Parv (309-313)

53. Yaksh-1 - A deer runs away with a Braahman's fire sticks. Paandav go to bring them. Deer disappears, Paandav look for water, four brothers end up being dead. In the end Yudhishthir goes in search of his brothers, finds them dead on the shore of a pond, tries to drink water but a Yaksh asks him to answer his questions and then drink water. Yudhishthir agrees.

54. Yaksh-2 - Yaksh asks questions from Yudhishthir and Yudhishthir replies all of his questions correctly.

55. Yaksh-3 - Yaksh confers boons on Yudhishthir and commands them to pass their 13th year in Viraat Nagar. Paandav return the fires tricks to Braahman and leave Kaamyak Van for spending their 13th year.

3-Van Parv Ends Here

4-Viraat Parv (72 Chapters)

Paandav Pravesh Parv (1-12)

56. Paandav-1 - Paandav decide to pass their 13th year in Viraat's city and tell each other their work they will do in Viraat's city. They make the arrangement of their chariots, servants etc and ask Dhaumya about it. Dhaumya advises them about passing that year.

57-Paandav-2 - Paandav go to Matsya Desh, keep their weapons outside the city and enter Viraat's city one by one. First goes Yudhishthir, then goes Bheem, and then Draupadee.

58-Paandav-3  -  Paandav go to Matsya Desh - then comes Sahadev, and Arjun and Nakul. All live happily unrecognized.

Samaya Paalan Parv (13)

59-Paandav-4  -  Paandav live happily. After 3 months Brahm Festival is celebrated and all Paandav show their skills in this festivals especially Bheem.

Keechak Vadh Parv (14-25)

60-Keechak-1 - Once Keechak sees Draupadee and asks Sudeshnaa to send her to his apartment. In spite of refusing Sudeshnaa sends her there, Keechak misbehaves, Draupadee complains about him in Viraat's court, but fails to get the justice. Then she complains to Bheem 

61-Keechak-Vadh  -  Bheem kills him anyway, his brothers try to burn her also with Keechak, Bheem again rescues her and kills all his brothers and saves Draupadee. Duryodhan's spies bring the news of killing of Keechak and his brothers by some invisible Gandharv.

Gau Haran Parv (26-72)

62-Duryodhan-1  -  Duryodhan now makes plans, Susharmaa goes to Viraat Nagar to take away Viraat's cows. Viraat goes to rescue them, Paandav, except Arjun, go with him. There Bheem saves his life and Yudhishthir frees Susharmaa. Viraat comes back with a victory.

63-Duryodhan-2  -  Duryodhan attacks Viraat Nagar in the absence of the King. Since everybody had gone to fight with Susharmaa, only Uttar was there with no army. Still he gets ready to go. With the recommendation of Sairandhree he appoints Brihannalaa as his charioteer and goes for fighting, but seeing the Kaurav army he runs away from there. Kaurav see a man dressed in women clothes and suspect him as Arjun.

64-Arjun  -  Arjun catches hold of running away Uttar, exposes himself as Arjun, tells him his 10 names to convince him, brings down his weapons from Shamee tree and proceeds towards Kaurav with his celestial weapons and Uttar as his charioteer.

65-Kaurav  -  Drone becomes sure that the man in women's clothes was Arjun and he feels awkward to fight with him. All express their opinion. At last Bheeshm sends Duryodhan back to Hastinaapur with 1/4th army, and cows also with 1/4th army and kept 1/2 army for himself. He then organized the army.

66-Arjun and Kaurav-1  -  Arjun comes to fight with Kaurav. He sees all but Duryodhan. Gods appear in the sky to witness Arjun's feat. He fights with Karn, Kripaa, and Drone and pushes all of them away from the battlefield.

67-Arjun and Kaurav-2  -  Then come Ashwatthaamaa, Karn, Bheeshm, Duryodhan and in the end they all come together. Arjun uses Sammohan Astra given to him  by Indra, takes off the garments of Kuru and comes back.

68-Viraat Nagar  -  Viraat comes back home and knows about Uttar. Women tell him about Uttar going to fight with Kaurav with Brihannalaa. Hearing this Viraat becomes sad, but then he hears the news that Uttar was coming back safely. Uttar makes stories to tell his father as how he recovered cows. Paandav expose themselves and Viraat marries Uttaraa to Abhimanyu.

4-Viraat Parv Ends Here - 5-Udyog Parv Starts on G-5-Pre-War


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