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Yudhishthir Draupadee Dialog on Anger
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[3-30] Draupadee said - "I bow down to Daataa and Vidhaataa who are on your mind. But you are not following your elders' ways. Everybody knows that your kingdom is for virtue, your life is also for virtue. You have not insulted anybody. You can abandon all of us but you cannot abandon virtue. You have not insulted anybody, rather you have given everything to everybody. Even living in this forest, in this condition virtue has not left you. You have performed Ashwamedh, Raajsooya, Pundareek and Gosav Yagya which need lots of wealth and you lost everything in the Dice game? How could you be attracted to the vice of gambling. I am very much afflicted to see you in this condition. There is a story that says that men do according to the will of god not by their own. All creatures are ordained by Supreme God in respect of their life, even before their birth, guided by their acts. As a puppet player moves his puppet, so are all creatures created by God. Everyone is subjected to God and nobody else. No one can be his own ordainer, because imbued with his spirit and established in Him. They even go to Heaven or Hell guided by God. O Yudhishthir, God, through His illusion, slays His own creatures through his own creatures. This is the power of His illusion. What is He getting by allowing prosperity to Dhritraashtra who is crook and by putting you in this situation who is so virtuous. I grieve for this only."

[3-31] Yudhishthir said - "O Yagyasenee, You have rightly said, but you are speaking the language of an atheist. I do not expect anything in return of my actions. I give because it is my duty to give, I sacrifice because it is my duty to sacrifice. I try to do all whatever a domestic person should do whether it yields any fruit or not. Who wishes to trade his acts with fruits, he should never be counted among the virtuous people. You saw yourself that Rishi like Maarkandeya came to us, it is only by virtue that he has acquired immortality. Vyaas, Vashishth, Naarad, Maitreya, Lomash, Shuk, became pure soul only by their virtue. You should not doubt on the act of God. Whoever doubts religion and disrespect virtue they lose virtue. If the good acts had no virtues, this world would have been covered with darkness. if the asceticism, austerities, sacrifice, study of Ved, charity, honesty had been fruitless, people would have not followed them from generation to generation. You must practice sacrifice with will and charity without any bad feelings. Learn how to know Him, bow down to Him."

[3-32] Draupadee said - "I do not disregard religion. Why should I disregard God who is the Lord of all? Every conscious person acts in this world, leave the unconscious ones. It seems that creatures get their character from their previous lives, thus they live according to their former lives, even the Creator and Ordainer (as cranes live on water). Every creature must act, one cannot live without action, that is why you should also act. Every creature must have died if they had not acted. People who believe in Destiny and who believe in chance, both are the worst among men. Those who believe in the efficacy of acts are admirable. Who believes in Destiny and does nothing is soon destroyed like an unburnt earthen pot in the water, and so also who believes in chance. If any person acquires some wealth accidentally, it is said that he has got it by chance because nobody has made any effort to get it. And whatever wealth one gets by doing Punya, it is called that he has got by God's will, and who gets anything by one's own actions, it is said that he got it by his personal ability. So all these kinds of wealth whatever it is, is dependent on the previous actions of his previous lives. Thus all the acts are guided by the God. The creatures themselves are inert.

Number of acts done by men are numerous, because even houses and towns are also the result of his acts. Intelligent people know how to make yogurt from milk, extract oil from sesame seeds by their own acts. If a skilful man will do this the act it will be done in a better way, but if it is done by unskilled hands that act will not be as good as the act done by skilled hands. Thus when a person himself is not with the act, it will not bring the fruit, when a person does the work with faith he is expected to get success. Some say that everything is the result of Providential dispensation; others say that this is not so, but that everything which is supposed to be the result of destiny or chance is the result of the good or the bad acts of former lives. It is seen, possessions are obtained from chance, as also from destiny Something being from destiny and something from chance, something is obtained by exertion. In the acquisition of his objects, there is no fourth cause in the case of man.

If God has not been the giver, there would not have been anything like miserable. If the effects of previous Karm has been a myth, there would not have been any failure. Those who regard the above three (leaving the Previous Karm) of all successes and failures are dull and inert like the body itself. So a person should act. The person who acts normally gets success. If a man works hard, his debts to gods is finished off, no matter he achieves success or not. In the same way if you take up some action, our misery might be removed; and if you failed then that will prove that Vrikodar, Arjun and the twins cannot take your kingdom back from the enemy. Without actions how one can know whether one will get success or not? No one should say that "I have done my job, still I am not successful, then the fault is not mine", because success needs two other things besides exertion - union of many circumstances. If one important factor is missing, then the success does not come; but if the exertion was not made then how can success come? And what people admire if the exertion was not made?

Among all the qualities to get success prowess is the chief quality. When an intelligent person wants to defeat his enemy, he should seek many ways to defeat him - art of conciliation, wishing evil for him, and his exile. Thus success depends on timings and circumstances. My father used to keep a learned Braahman. In fact he told this to my father. These things were taught to my brothers first by Brihaspati. And I heard all this from them and later from that Braahman sitting on the lap of my father."

Yudhishthir and Bheem

[3-33] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing all this, Bheem rose in anger and spoke to Yudhishthir - "Rise and adopt the path of the learned people to get your kingdom. What are we going to get living in this forest with ascetics? Duryodhan has taken our kingdom not by might, virtue and honesty but by unfair means. Why do you suffer for just making a promise? It was just your carelessness that we lost our kingdom. It was because of you that we lost our kingdom. It is only because we are in your control, that is why we are suffering like this. Your living here in forest is as if a weak person is living. Nobody of us, Krishn, Vibhatsu, the twins, is going to approve your this path. What these Dhritraashtra's sons will be thinking about us? That we are coward? You have adopted the style of peace, that is why you like this way of life. Who runs after wealth without virtue, or who runs after virtue without wealth, both are slain by people. Who pursues pleasure without pursuing both wealth and virtue loses his friends along with wealth and virtue. That is both wealth and virtue are necessary for pleasure. Pleasure has the roots in virtue and virtue is always united with pleasure.

The joy one feels in touch or possession of wealth is called pleasure. One pleasure cannot lead to another, being as its own fruit. As ashes can be got from wood, but you cannot get anything from ashes. It exists only in mind, not outside that one can see. He who wishes for wealth longs for virtue, he who who wishes for pleasure seeks for wealth. The joy that arises from five senses, the intellect, the heart, is called pleasure. Thus, O Monarch, one should regard virtue, wealth and pleasure one after another. One should not run after only one, but should pursue all three. The scriptures say that one should pursue for virtue in the morning, wealth at noon and pleasure in the evening. The scriptures also say its reverse also - pleasure in the morning, wealth in the noon and virtue in the evening. The wise people pursue them properly dividing their time duly. The wise men decide about their persuasion or abandoning, according to their nature, because one cannot ride on two boats.

Everybody knows that you are after virtue. Of course there is nothing higher than virtue, but the virtue is attained only by wealth and wealth cannot obtained by living in forest leading such a life. Wealth can be attained only through virtue directed by intelligence. Therefore acquire the wealth by might, this life of mendicant or a life of Shoodra is good for you. Defeat Dhritraashtra's sons with the help of Arjun and me. Everything belongs to mighty people. Might is the root of wealth. None is equal to Arjun in bow and arrow and me in using mace. You may ascend the chariot now and go to Hastinaapur along with us and take the prosperity they are enjoying. There is none, man, elephant, horse who can bear my mace. Let us go and take our kingdom back from them."

[3-34] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Bheem addressed Yudhishthir like this, Yudhishthir spoke after a few moments - "You have said rightly, O Bheem.  You have been suffering here only because of my foolishness. I played the Dice game to take his kingdom and sovereignty. It was only that cunning Shakuni who played on behalf of Duryodhan. As Shakuni comes from a hilly country he is very skilled in this and as I was not so skilled, he vanquished me, that is how you are suffering with me. When I saw that the dice were obeying Shakuni's wish, I could have controlled my anger,  but my patience gave way. One cannot keep control on one's mind when it is influenced by arrogance, or vanity, or pride. I do not oppose you whatever you have said but I just want to say that whatever happened was ordained for us. First time when we lost our everything, only Draupadee saved us. When we went again to play, you and Arjun know very well what Duryodhan said to us - "If you lost the game, you with your brothers will go in exile for 12 years and one year in A-Gyaatvaas (living unrecognized secrecy). If you were recognized in your A-Gyaatvaaas, you will have to again for 13 years. If you had successfully passed this period, this region will be yours again." I agreed to it. The game began again, we lost it and were exiled. That is why we are wandering like this.

Suyodhan was still not satisfied, he celebrated our defeat. Tell me, who is going to break his agreement just for kingdom sake after agreeing on the conditions. Death was better than breaking it for a respectable person. When I was playing you threatened me to burn my hands but Arjun had stopped you by squeezing your hands. If you had done that this calamity could not have fallen on us. If you thought you were so  mighty, why didn't you say all this before we entered into agreement? What is the use of these things now. It is very distressing that we could not do anything seeing Draupadee's condition. I cannot violate the rules now, just wait for better days. But O Bheem, my promise can never go wrong, I regard virtue higher than life, kingdom, sons, wealth - all these do not come even equal to 1/16th of the truth."

[3-35] Bheem said - "Your that promise was only like a falling ripe fruit which has no control over self. How can one wait whose life has been shortening moment by moment. Only those can wait who know about their lives that their life is long. Thirteen years will bring our lives nearer to death. O King, the pain felt in suppressing in anger is more burning than fire itself. Nakul, Sahadev and old Kuntee are all dumb and always tries to please you, even our friends also want to please you. Prativindhya's mother (Draupadee) and I only speak because of this grief. Whatever I am saying everybody agrees with it. O King, because of your weak decision you feel the shame to break it, but people do not praise such suffering and pain because of such decision. Your intellect is not seeing the truth as a foolish person reads the Ved but does not understand it. You are like that Braahman, how have you been born in Kshatriya community? Who are born as Kshatriya, they are normally of crooked hearts. You have heard the duties of Kshatriya, then why do you forgive the sons of Dhritraashtra.

How we all can live unknown? Can you hide Meru Parvat? besides however kings have been defeated by us will join Dhritraashtra's sons and will try to inure us. We have already lived in the forest for full 13 months. They may be considered as 13 years. The wise people say that a month is equal to one year, such as a pot herb can be regarded as a substitute of Som. And if you want to free yourself from breaking your promise, you may offer some savory food to a quiet bull carrying sacred burden. Therefore, O King, intend to kill your enemies. There is no virtue than fighting for a Kshatriya."

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