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Naarad Describes Teerth-2

[3-83] Pulastya Jee said - "After this one should proceed to Kurukshetra. he is freed from all sins who always says "I will live in Kurukshetra." The dust of Kurukshetra makes one holy. Who live on the south of Saraswatee River and in north of Drishdwatee, they live in heaven. One must live there for a month. All Devataa, Siddh, Chaaran etc come there. By saluting the gatekeeper of Kuber, Manakanakaa, one gets the fruits of thousand cows. The next one should go to Vishnu's abode, then to Pariplav, then to Prithivi, then one should go to Shaalukinee where when one takes bath at Dashaashwamedh one gets the the fruits of 10 Ashwamedh Yagya. Next one should go to Sarp Devee where after taking bath there man obtains the Lok of Naag. Then one should proceed to Tarantuk, the gatekeeper,. If one lives there for one day and one night, he obtains the fruits of giving away 1,000 cows.

After this one should visit Panchaanand and Koti, then to Ashwinee Kumaar Teerth. Then one should go to Varaah Teerth where once Vishnu stood in His Varaah (Boar) form. Then one should proceed to Saam in Jayantee, take bath in Kritshauch, then go to Munjavat and worship Sthaanu (Shiv). If one lives there for one day and one night he gets the status of Ganapati. Then take bath in Yakshinee Teerth. This is the gate of Kuru Kshetra Teerth. Kuru Kshetra has been built by Parashuraam. One should go then to Raam-Hrid. He built five lakes of blood with the might of his own arms, then he offered oblations to his Pitar with that blood. Pleased with those oblations, his Pitar asked him to ask for a boon. He asked them - "If you are pleased then bestow me this boon that I may get pleasure in austerities again and I should be free from the sins I have committed by killing so many people." After saying this they disappeared.

Then one should proceed to Vanshmoolak where by taking bath one can continue his lineage. Then go to Kaayaashodhan, Lokoddar - here Vishnu created the Lok, by taking bath here one can create worlds for himself. Then go to Shree, take bath there and be prosperous. Then go to Kapilaa, Soorya, Go-Bhavan, and Shankhinee and take bath in Devee Teerth which is at Shankhinee. Then one should go to Tarandak which belongs to Kuber's one gatekeeper Yaksh. Then one should proceed to Brahmaavart and taking bath there one can go to Brahm Lok. Further there is the Teerth Suteerth where Pitri always live with Devtaa, taking bath there one goes to Pitri Lok that is why it is so holy and is situated in Ambumatee. Then after having taken bath in Kaasheeshwar one becomes free of all diseases and is adored in Brahm Lok. There is another Teerth there, Maatri Teerth, if one takes bath there is given large progeny and prosperity.

After that one should come to Sheet Van. If one casts his hair there, he gets great holiness. Then one should come to Shwavillompaha, and cast their hair there too to be holy. Then there is a Teerth named Maanush where many antelopes ran from the hunters and jumped into the waters and changed into human beings. After that, at a distance of a Krosh on the East of Maanush, there is a river Apag. Who offers Syaamak named grains in the honor of gods and Pitri acquires great merits. Then one should proceed to Brahmodumvar, take the bath in the tank of Saptarshi, and proceed to Kedaar of Kapil. if somebody does Tap there he can get the power of disappearing at will. Then one should go to Sarakaa, have Darshan of Mahaadev on 14th day of Krishn Paksh and goes to Heaven. In Sarakaa and Rudra Koti 30 million Teerth are present there.

Then proceed to Kindan, Kinjapya, Kalasee, Anajanmaa (East of Sarakaa) of Naarad. Who takes bath here, by the command of Naarad, goes to various unrivaled regions. Then proceed for Pundareek on Shukla 10th, then to Tripishtap where Vaitaranee River is, and worship Shiv there. Then proceed to Phalakee Van, Drishdwatee, Sarvadev, Panikhat, Mishrak, Vyaas Van - here take bath in Manojav, Madhuvatee - Devee Teerth, then come to the confluence of Kaushikee and Drishdwatee Rivers and then to Vyaas Sthalee Here Vyaas Jee wanted to cast off his body in the grief of his son but was cheered by the gods again.

O Son of the Kuru Race, Then come to Kindatt well. Who throws in that well equal to sesame seed he is free from all debts. Then come to Vedee, Ahas, Sudeenaa, Mrig Dhoom (on Gangaa's banks) - take bath and worship Mahaadev there, Devee Teerth, Vaamanak - take bath in Vishnupad Teerth and worship Vaaman Bhagvaan there, then come to Kulampuna, Pavan Hrid - Teerth of Marut, Amar Hrid - by taking bath there one becomes immortal, then come to Shaalihotra and take bath in Shaali Soorya, then to Shree Kunj at Saraswatee Rivar banks, then to Naimish Kunj, Kanyaa, Brahmaa - by taking bath here even Shoodra gets the status of Braahman and if one is Braahman his all sins are cleared. Then one should come Som Teerth where if taken bath the man goes to Chandra Lok.

Then one should come to Sapt Saaraswat Teerth. Here the sage Manakanakaa got success in ascetics. It is said that once the sage Manakanakaa cut his hand by the blade of Kushaa grass. He was surprised to see that the vegetable juice came out of his hand instead of blood. He began to dance seeing this. Seeing him dancing all mobile and immobile creature also started dancing with him. Seeing this all Devtaa and Rishi went to Mahaadev and said to him - "Do something so that he does not dance like this as dancing, like this doesn't look nice for him." So Mahaadev went to the Rishi and asked him - "Why are you dancing?" Manakanakaa said - "I am the Rishi who has earned lots of Punya. Can you see that vegetable juice is flowing from my hand? That is why I am happy and dancing." Hearing this Mahaadev Jee said - "I do not wonder at this at all." and he pressed his thumb with his own finger and Lo, there came out white ash from the wound made there. Seeing this Muni got ashamed and fell on Mahaadev's feet. Considering that nothing is greater than Rudra he started praying him - "You are the greatest, you have created everything, and only you destroy everything at the end of the world. Even gods cannot know you, how can I know you? O god of gods, grant me your grace." Shiv got pleased with his prayer and said - "Let your asceticism increase thousand times by my grace. I will stay with you here in your Aashram, Who will take bath here in Sapt Saaraswat, they will attain everything here and thereafter." and Mahaadev Jee disappeared from there.

After Sapt Saaraswat, lone should proceed towards Ausaanas Teerth where Kaarttikeya lives at all the three Sandhyaa times. There is another Teerth named Kapaalmochan which cleanses every sin. Then one should go to Agni Teerth which belongs to Vishwaamitra. Here one attains the status of Braahman. Then proceed to Brahm Yoni Teerth, to Prithudaka Teerth belonging to Kaarttikeya. people say that Kurukshetra is holy, but Saraswatee is holier, and all Teerth are holier than Saraswatee, but Prithudak is holier than all Teerth - it is the best of all Teerth. There is another Teerth Madhushrav, then go to where Saraswatee meets Arunaa River. Who takes bath there and fasts for three days he is free from all kinds of sins. Then comes Ardhkeel named Teerth. Darbhee made this Teerth for people. he brought here four oceans. Who takes bath here he never faces any distress. Then come to Shat Sahastrak Teerth. Near to it there is another Sahastrak. Next Teerth is Vimochan Teerth, next to Panchvatee forest, then to Varunaa called Taijas. here lives Shiv himself. To the East of this Teerth is Kuru Teerth. Next proceed to Swarg-Dwaar.

Then come to Anarak Teerth where Brahmaa, Naaraayan Shiv and Paarvatee live. Then come to Swastipur, Pavan, Gangaa-hrid, and Koop. 30 million Teerth live here in Koop. Next proceed to Sthaanuvat, Badareepaachan - the asylum of Vashishth. Having fasted there for three days one should eat jujubes. he that lives on jujubes for 12 years and fasts for three nights, his fruits are eternal. Then come to Indramaarg - the abode of Indra, then come to Ekraatra, and then come to Teerth of Aaditya and Som and Dadheechi. Then come to Teerth of Angiraa of Saaraswat race where he was born. Then proceed to Kanyaa Aashram, residing there for three nights, one gets hundred celestial damsels and goes to Brahm Lok. Then go to Sannihati Teerth. it is called so as many Teerth meet here. Who performs Shraaddh here on Amaavasyaa day during Solar eclipse he gets the fruit of 1,000 Ashwamedh Yagya. Bath next in Koti Teerth, worship the Yaksh Machkruk. Near to this Teerth is Gangaa-Hrid. Then go to Naimish, Pushkar, Kurukshetra. That which lies between Tarantuk and Arantuk and the lakes of Raam and Machkruk is called Kurukshetra. It is called Samantpanchak also."


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