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See its Answers on  Q-Shiv-2-Answers

Here is another Quiz on Bholenaath. Try to solve it to know more about Lord Shiv on Shiv Raatri.

(1) Which form of Shiv is known as the Lord of animals and beasts who controls our beastly passions?
(a). Vrikshnaath
(b) Pashupati
(c) Bhooteshwar
(d) Mahaakal

(2) In which form is Shiv known as Lord of Time?
(a) Rudra
(b) Mahaadev
(c) Mahaakaal
(d) Ardh-naareeshwar

(3) Brahmaa the uncaring creator was punished by Shiv by cutting his fifth head. Which form did Shiv take to undertake this divine mission?
(a) Dakshinaamoorti
(b) Rudra
(c) Bhooteshwar
(d) None of the above

(4) Shiv as the great cosmic teacher is known by the name
(a) Rudra
(b) Neelakanth
(c) Dakshinaamoorti
(d) Kaal Bhairav

(5) As the keeper of the sacred plant Som, Shiv is known as
(a) Vaidyanaath
(b) Somnaath
(c) Kaapaalin
(d) Bhasmeshwar

(6) Sati the wife of Shiv was the daughter of
(a) Daksh Prajaapati
(b) Himvaan
(c) Indra
(d) Sage Vishwaamitra

(7) To avenge Satee's death, Shiv plucked his hair and threw it down and from it appeared
(a) Nandee
(b) Bhasmaasur
(c) Chaamundaa
(d) Veerabhadra

(8) Shiv after Satee's death moved away from the material world and this caused great imbalance in the universe. Who revived passion in Shiv?
(a) Sage Naarad
(b) Kaam Dev
(c) Vishnu
(d) Brahmaa

(9) Paarvatee was the daughter of
(a) Sage Vashishth
(b) Daksh Prajaapati
(c) Himvaan, the King of mountains
(d) Gautam Rishi

(10) Shiv appeared for his wedding in the form of an unruly beggar. All the people assembled there were sacred. Paarvate then asked Shiv to show the people what they wanted to see. Shiv then appeared in the form of
(a) Maheshwar
(b) Rudra
(c) Bholenaath
(d) Sundaramoorti

(11) In which form does Paarvate serve food to Shiv at Kaashee
(a) Durgaa
(b) Annapoornaa
(c) Kaalee
(d) Gauree

(12) Who is the blind son of Shiv?
(a) Taarak
(b) Andhak
(c) Nandee
(d) Skand

(13) Shiv drank the poison that appeared during the Samdura Manthan (churning of ocean) and he came to be known as
(a) Trilochan
(b) Kapardin
(c) Neelkanth
(d) Bhava

(14) The three flying cities that Shiv destroyed was known as
(a) Meru
(b) Tripur
(c) Lankaa
(d) Indra Lok

(15) In which form did Shiv appear to pacify and control the Narasinh Avataar of Vishnu?
(a) Mahaakaal
(b) Sharabh
(c) Harihar
(d) Bhooteshwar

(16) Shiv appeared from the Shiv Ling to stop Yam Raaj to take life of a famous sage, who also got the blessing of Shiv of perpetual teenage, who was that sage?
(a) Sage Vashishth
(b) Sage Gautam
(c) Sage Maarkandeya
(d) Sage Agastya

(17) Nandee is found facing Shiv Ling in all Shiv temples. But between Nandee and Shiv there is also another Moorti. Which is it?
(a) Gangaa
(b) Koorm
(c) Ganesh
(d) Kaarttik

(18) The sacred mark that Shiv devotees wear on forehead is known as
(a) Damaroo
(b) Bilva
(c) Chilum
(d) Tripundra

(19) The Bow of Shiv is known as
(a) Gaandeev
(b) Pinaak
(c) Parashu
(d) Chandrahaas

(20) The leaves and fruits of which tree is dear to Shiv
(a) Mango
(b) Tulasee
(c) Bilva
(d) Jackfruit

(21) Which is the most important festival of Shiv Jee
(a) Pradosh
(b) Monday
(c) Shiv Raatri
(d) Holee

See its Answers on  Q-Shiv-2-Answers



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Created by Sushma Gupta on February 27, 2011
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