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(6) Jain have many Teerthankar. Who was their first Teerthankar according to their own tradition?

(7) Who was the last Teerthankar of Jains?

(8) Which festivals are celebrated by Jains?
(1) Mahaaveer Nirvaan Day

(9) What is Jains' worshipping place called?
Jains have their temples. Most Jain Temples are very rich.


(1) Who was the founder of Buddhism? What are the main precepts of Buddhism?
Siddhartha, also called Gautama, was the founder of Buddhism.

(2) Though Buddha was from India, why are fewer Buddhists in India than other countries?
Buddha's preaching were not new for Indians. Besides he wanted his teachings to be preached to those who did not know the Truth, hence missionaries were sent to different parts with the message of truth, love and non-violence the main tenets of Hindu way of living.

(3) Who were the chief Hindu kings who accepted Bauddh Dharm?
The first one was Ashok. He became Bauddh after Kaling War and was so much affected by the results of war that he sent his sister Sanghmitraa to other countries to spread it.

(11) Who started Islaam Dharm
Muhammad Saahab

(12) What are called who follow Islaam Dharm
Muslims, or Mussalamaan

(13) What is the name of the religious book of Muslims?
Quraan, or Koraan

(14) What are the two most popular beliefs of Muslims?
One is to read Namaaz (worship) 5 times a day - for this they sit wherever they are
And two, to keep fast in the month of Ramazaan - they keep Rozaa

(15) What is the worshipping place for Muslims?
Mosque, or Masjid

(16) What are the main festivals of Muslims?
(1) Idul Fitra, (2) Bakareed,


(17) Who started Christian religion?
Jesus Christ

(18) What is the main religious book of Christians?

(19) What Christians' worshipping place is called ?

(20) What are the Christians' main festivals?
(1) Christmas (Jesus' birthday), (2) Good Friday and Easter (Jesus' crucifiction day and resurrection day)


(1) Who founded Sikhism?
(a) Gobind Singh
(b) Raamdaas
(c) Nanak
(d) Hargovind Singh

The Correct Option is = (c) Naanak

(2) What is the religious book for Sikh?
Guru Granth Saahib

(3) What Sikh's worshipping place is called ?

(4) How do Sikh worship?
They go to Gurudwaaraa and recite their Guru Granth Saahib. If they do not want to go to Gurudwaaraa, they can read it at home also. They have no idol worship.

(5) When Guru Naanak Jee started this religion he introduced 5 things to keep on every Sikh's body, what were they?
They all start with K - (1) Kesh (hair) - they don't cut their hair, nor they shave), (2) Kachchhaa (underwear), (3) Kripaan (A very small dagger which can be hidden in any waist cloth) (4) Kadaa (bangle) - they always wear an iron bangle in their arm, (5) Kanghaa (comb) - a very small, (maybe 3-4" long comb) in their hair.

(6) Who introduced Gurumukhee script?
Guru Angad



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