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(1) Who founded the Ramakrishn Mission?

(2) Which is the source material that has the first reference to Krishn, son of Devakee as a disciple of Rishi Ghora?
Chhaandogya Upanishad

(3) What is the name of Hindu god of architecture?

(4) Onam is the most important festival of which state?
(a) Tamil Naadu
(b) Kerala--
(c) Aandhra Pradesh
(d) Karnaatak

(5) What are Hindu's main festivals?
Hindu have four festivals for their four Varn people - (1) Rakshaa Bandhan for Braahman, (2) Dashaharaa for Kshatriya, (3) Deepaavalee or Divaalee for Vaishya, and (4) Holee for Shoodra. But all festivals are celebrated more or less by all.

(6) Which famous social reformer wrote the books Gyaan Yog, Karm Yog and Raajya Yog?
(a) Swami Vivekanand--
(b) Ranade
(c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(d) Ramkrishn Paramahans

(7) Name the incarnations of Vishnu took place in different Yug.
In Sat Yug Vishnu incarnated as Matsya (Fish), Koorm (Tortoise), Varaah (Boar), Narasinh (Half man- Half lion) and Vaaman (Dwarf) - 5 incarnations
In Tretaa Yug Vishnu incarnated as Parashuraam and Shree Raam - 2 incarnations
In Dwaapar Yug Vishnu incarnated as Krishn  - 1 incarnation
In Kali Yug, the present Yug, Vishnu will incarnate is yet to happen as Kalki - 1 incarnation.

(8) Who were the two Devtaa who put King Shibi to test?
King Shibi was tested by the gods Indra and Agni in disguise of hawk and dove.

(10) Who was Holikaa?
Holika was the sister of Hiranyakashyap who took Prahlaad in her lap and sat on fire to burn him but was burnt herself.

(11) Who brought Gangaa on Prithvi?
It was Bhageerath who brought river Gangaa to Earth through Shiv Jee.

(12) Name the Panch Kanyaa
According to Indian mythology Ahalyaa, Draupadee Taaraa, Kuntee and Mandodaree though married yet are considered as Kanyaa
There are two Taaraa - one the wife of Baali and two the wife of Dev Guru Brihaspati - the later is often considered tha Kanyaa.

(13) Name the Chiranjeevee (immortals)
According to Indian mythology there are 7 people who are considered immortal - Ashwatthaamaa, Kripaachaarya, Ved Vyaas, Hanumaan, Daitya Raaj Bali, Vibheeshan and Parshuraam are considered immortal.

(14) Name the places where Kumbh Melaa festival takes place?
The Kumbh Melaa festival takes place after twelve years at the following four locations in India - (1) Prayaag, at the confluence of three Rivers Gangaa, Yamunaa and Saraswatee, (2) Haridwaar - on the bank of River Gangaa, (3) Ujjain - on the bank of Kshipraa River and (4) Naasik, on the bank of Godaavaree River.

(15) Which sage is attributed to write Gayatri Mantra?
Vishwaamitra Jee

(16)  To which Deity is the Gayatri Mantra dedicated?
Savitri (Sun god, or the solar deity)

(17) The Vaidik saying "War begins in the minds of men" appears in which Ved?
Atharv Ved

(18) Which is the largest Hindu Temple in the world?
According to the Guinness Book of Records 1999, Angkor Wat (“City Temple”) in Cambodia is the largest religious structure ever built, covering an area of 402 acres. The entire temple complex has a total area of 15 x 5 miles and consists of 72 major monuments, the construction of which began in AD 900. Although it is the largest but it is inactive temple - there is no worship done here.

(19) What is the difference Between Swayamvar and Gandharv Vivaah?
Eight types of marriages have been described in our Hindu Smriti, but only first four types - Braahm, Daiv, Arsh and Prajaapatya, carry the ancestral ethnicity of old and are suitable on their being accepted by the father. Gandharv Vivaah is among the last four. The main difference between the Swayamvar and the Gandharv Vivaah is that Swayamvar is organized by father, inviting the kings and princes whom he likes, and the girl chooses from among the same set of suitors. While Gandharv Vivaah is just to do it by both girl and boy at their will even in a lonely place. Swayamvar's examples are Seetaa, Kuntee, Draupadee, etc. and Gandharv Vivaah 's main example is of Dushyant and Shakuntalaa. Rukminee and Sanyogitaa (Prithviraaj's beloved) Swayamvar were of dofferent types in which they did not want to marry any of those boys who were invited in their Swayamvar, so they managed to run away with their lovers; otherwise they were proper Swayamvar,



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