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Raamaayan Quiz-3

This is another quiz on Raamaayan---

(1) Who was the Minister of Sugreev?
(a) Nal, 
(b) Neel, 
(c) Hanumaan - Hanumaan was his minister
(d) Taar (Taaraa's father)

(2) Who built Golden Lankaa?
Maya Daanav

(3) Why Panchvatee is called Panchvatee?
Because there grow five kinds of trees - Banyan Tree in West, Peepal Tree in East, Bel Tree in North, Aamalaa Tree in South and Ashok Tree in the center. Most trees are planted at the distance of 10 meters.

(4) Who was the father of Mandodaree?
Maya Daanav

(5) Name the 7 sons of Raavan -
Meghnaa, Prahast, Akshaya, Devaantak, Naraantak, Atikaaya and Trishiraa.

(6) Raavan had a half brother, who was he, what was his name?

(7) Which Raakshas tried to kill Hanumaan when he was going to bring Sanjeevanee herb from Drone Parvat?

(8) What was the name Jataayu's brother?

(9) What was the name of Gautam and Ahalyaa's son
Shataanand - he was the Purohit of Raaajaa Janak.

(10) In which place Lakshman cut Shoorpanakhaa's nose and ears?
Dandak Van

(11) What was the name of the plane which Raam used to come to Ayodhyaa?
Pushpak Vimaan



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 8/9/09
Updated on 04/09/13