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List of Stotra in Puraan

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List of Stotra in Puraan

There are many Stotra given in Puraan. Many times they are very useful in people's day to day life. Stotra themselves cannot be given given here but their references are given here. People who are interested in any of the Stotra may look for them in the relevant book.

Aaditya Hridaya Stotra -  9Bhavishya, 1-Braahm-15 (only mentions);     9Bhavishya, 3-Pratisarg-21;
9Bhavishya, 3-Pratisarg-22

Apaamaarjan Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, Uttar Khand, After Chapter 79

Aurdhwa-Daihik Stotra - 2Padm, 5-Uttar-10;

Brahmpaar Stotra -  2Padm, 3-Swarg-3;      3Vishnu, 1-Pratham-8;

Devtaa Stotra by Devtaa - 3Vishnu, 3-Triteeya-4;

Durgaa Sapt Shatee - 9Bhavishya, 3-Pratisarg-15

Ganesh Strotra - 6Naarad Puraan,

Gangaa Stotra   -  6Naarad Puraan, p 652;

Hansguhya Stotra - 5Bhaagvat, 6/2;
There are 12 Shlok of this Stotra - see Bhaagvat Puraan, Skandh 6, Ch 4.

Jaimini's Shiv Stotra - 6Naarad Puraan, 728-733;

Krishn Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, 4-Paataal-

Lakshmee Stotra 3Vishnu, 1-Pratham-3;

Lakshmee Stotra by Indra - 8Agni Puraan, p 450;

Maarkandeya Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, p 915-916 (not in Sanskrit);

Mrityunjaya Stotra   -  2Padm Puraan, p 915-916 (not in Sanskrit);

Naaraayan Kavach - Bhaagvat Puraan, Skandh, Ch 8

Name Stotra - 9Bhavishya Puraan, p 97-98;


Paap Naashak Stotra - 8Agni Puraan, p 355;

Paap Prashaman Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, p 587-589;

Raadhaa Kripaa Kataaksh Stotra - 18Brahmaand Puraan;

Raadhaa-Krishn Yugal Sahastra Naam - 6Naarad Puraan, p 481-500; 

Rin Vimochan Stotra - Narasinh Puraan,

Sarvaaparaadh Nivaarak Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, 3-Swarg-

Shani Stotra by Dasharath - 2Padm Puraan, 5-Uttar, p 636

Shankukarn's Prayer to Rudra - 2Padm Puraan, p 363

Shiv Stotra - 13Skand Puraan, 5-Avantee-

Soorya Naam Stotra - 9Bhavishya Puraan, p 97-98;

Soorya Prayer by Yaagyavalkya - 3Vishnu Puraan, p 175-176

Soorya Stotra by Saamb - 9Bhavishya Puraan, p 145-146; 

Tulasee Stotra - 2Padm, 1-Srishti-30

Vaasudev Abhidhaan Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, p 318-320;

Vishnu Panjar stotra - Agni Puraan, p 547;

Vishnu Shat Naam Stotra - 2Padm Puraan, p 313-314;

Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotra - 2Padm, 5-Uttar-9 (Padm Puraan, p 695-722)

Vishnu Stotra by Uttank - 6Naarad, 1-Poorv-14;

Yam Stotra by Mrigshring - 2Padm Puraan, p 893-894 (not in Sanskrit)

Yogaadesh Stotra - 5Bhaagvat, 4/24, Shlok 33-68
This Stotra was given by Shiv Jee to Prachetaa Gan to produce children. This Stotra is the giver of everything. In olden times Brahmaa Jee gave this Stotra to Bhrigu Jee and other Rishi to produce children. Even today whoever will do Jap of this Stotra daily his all wishes will be fulfilled. Who tells or listens to this Stotra just in the morning with folded hands he gets freed from all kinds of Karm bondage.

All living beings in all parts of the Universe worship Him with their special Mantra. These Mantra are given in this Adhyaaya - Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/4



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