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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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11-Satya Naaraayan (1)

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11-Satya Naaraayan Kathaa
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 299-302

Note - Satya Naaraayan story is very popular in Bhaarat Varsh. Normally every auspicious event is started with the worship of Ganesh Jee and completed with Satya Naaraayan Kathaa. In present times this Kathaa is known as from Skand Puraan, Revaa Khand and it is available in five or seven chapters. This Bhavishya Puraan Kathaa is very similar to Skand Puraan Kathaa and is very interesting. Along with the Kathaa several doubts are also got cleared in it. While listening to this Kathaa, people ask that which story Saadhu Vaishya, wood seller, Shataanand, Ulkaamukh, Tungdhwaj heard and where those stories are now? Since when this story came into use in public? But people should understand that only Paramaatmaa has been explained through these stories. Thus they they should do His worship with Shraddhaa.

In North India this Vrat is very common and popular. It is done normally on Poornimaa (full moon day), or Sankraanti (when Sun changes his sign), or sometime on New Moon day also. Who listens to its story with great attentiveness and Bhakti and Shraddhaa gets considerable benefits.

(Chap 24) Vyaas Jee said - "Once upon a time, Shaunak etc Rishi asked Soot Jee in Naimish Aranya, "Please tell us for the good of the people that which Yug is respectable and who is to worship and who fulfills all kinds of desires of all people. A human being can fulfill his desires by whose worship easily?" Hearing this Soot Jee started praying Satya Naaraayan Bhagavaan. Soot Jee said - "Rishi, Now I tell you the history of great kings, listen to it. This sacred story destroy all sins of Kali Yug, fulfills all desires, respected by Devtaa, told by Braahman and gives pleasure to learned people.

At one time Yogee Devarshi Naarad came to this Mrityu Lok wandering in many Lok, with the desire of doing good to all. Coming here he found that all people are sad because of their own Karm and are suffering from various diseases. He thought and thought that what is that which can make these people happy, so he went to Vishnu Lok and had Darshan of Vishnu Bhagavaan and prayed Him. Vishnu said - "Devarshi Naarad, What is your purpose to come here. What is your worry? Tell me everything. I will do something for you."

Naarad Jee said - "While wandering in many Lok, I went to Mrityu Lok. There people are very sad because of many grievances and are suffering from many diseases. I felt very sorry for them and I thought how can they be relieved from their sorrows and pains. Please tell me some easy way to get rid of those sorrows." Bhagavaan said - "Naarad Jee, I tell you an eternal way for this. Bhagavaan Naaraayan gives fruits in His Vishnu form in Sat Yug and Tretaa Yug; and in Dwaapar Yug, He assumes many forms; but in Kali Yug he gives fruits directly. Because Dharm has four feet - Satya, Shauch, Tap, and Daan. Among them Satya is main Dharm. This whole world is based on Satya and Brahm is also in Satya. That is why Bhagavaan's Satya form is said the best and the highest."

Naarad Jee again asked - "What is the fruit of the worship of Satya Naaraayan and what is the method of it? Hey Dev, Tell me everything." Bhagavaan said - "Even Brahmaa Jee is not able to describe all the fruits of the worship of Satya Naaraayan, still I tell you about it in brief. By doing Satya Naaraayan Poojan and Vrat, a poor man can be prosperous, a childless can get a son, a blind man can get sight, a prisoner can get free, and a fearful can get fearless. What can be said more about that, that whoever wishes for whatever he gets that. Therefore, Hey Muni, one should worship Satya Naaraayan in his life. By this he can his all desires fulfilled surely.

This Vratee should take bath in the morning and get cleaned in every way. He should take Tulasee (holy Basil) leaf in his hand and imagine Shree Hari like this. ( 2 Shlok are given for this). Then one should take Sankalp that he would worship Satya Naaraayan Bhagavaan in the evening. In the evening he should establish five Kalash, use banana trunks and Bandanvaar (open garland of mango leaves). Give bath to gold plated Shaaligraam Jee or simple black stone Shaaligraam Jee with Panchaamrit reading Purush Sookt (Yajur Ved, 31/1-16). Then greet him by this Mantra.

Namo Bhagavatey Nityam Satyadevaaya Dheemahi
Chatuh Padaarth Daatrey, cha Namastubhyam Namo Namah || 2/24/30

Do Jaap of this Mantra according to one's capacity, do Havan by 108 times. The do Tarpan with its 1/10th part, then do Maarjan with its 1/10th part. This Kathaa is divided in six chapters, listen to that Kathaa. After the Kathaa, divide the Prasaad in four parts. 1st part is for Guru, 2nd part is for family, 3rd part is for listeners and the last part is himself. Then feed the Braahman and eat himself quietly. By doing this all desires are fulfilled in this life and gets fruits of this Punya in next life. When done with Shraddhaa, this Vrat fulfills all desires."

Hearing this Naarad Jee said to Bhagavaan - "I will propagate this Vrat on Prithvi from today only." and he went to Prithvi to propagate this Vrat and Naaraayan went to Kaashee Puree.

[Satya Naaraayan Kathaa Pratham Adhyaaya Samaapt]



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