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10-Vikramaaditya (4)

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10-Vaitaal-Vikramaaditya Stories 7-9
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 294-298

7-One Has to Bear the Fruits of His Karm - Story of Gunaakar

Vaitaal again spoke - "Hey Raajan, There lived a king named Mahaasen in Ujjayinee. In his kingdom lived a Braahman named Devsharmaa. He had son named Gunaakar who had very bad habits of drinking liquor, gambling etc. He had lost most of his father's money in gambling etc. His friends had abandoned him. So he started wandering around. Fortunately he came to an Aashram of a Siddh Muni. There a Kapardee named Yogee gave him something to eat, but he did not eat that food lest it is spoiled by any Pishaach. Then the Yogee called a Yaksh woman to felicitate him and she felicitated him. After that she went to Kailaash mountain. Gunaakar could not tolerate her separation, so he again came to the Yogee. Yogee taught him the skill to attract that Yaksh woman and said - "Vats, You do the Jaap of this Mantra for 40 days staying inside the water at midnight. If you will make this Mantra Siddh then you will be able to attract that Yaksh woman." Gunaakar did the same but he could not get that Yaksh woman. At last he went back home desperate at the order of the Yogee. On that he greeted his parents and slept in his house.

Next day morning, he went to a Math of Sanyaasee and started living there as their disciple. Staying in the midst of Panchaagni, he cleansed himself and he again started to do the jaap of that Mantra  which was given to him by Kapardee and as told by him, but the Yaksh woman still didn't come. He got very sad at this."

After telling the story, Vaitaal asked the king - "Hey Raajan, Why Gunaakar could not get that Yaksh woman?" The king said - "Hey Rudra's servant, A Saadhak should have three qualities - heart, speech and body. Whatever Karm is done with the unity of heart and speech makes a man happy in other world also. Whatever Karm is done with the unity of speech and body, that is beautiful, it gives partial results in this world, and most results in other world. Whatever Karm is done with the unity of heart and body, that gives the fruits in the other world only. But whoever does the Karm with the three - heart, speech and body, he gets its results soon and in this life only. Later it gives Moksh also. Thus a Saadhak should always do anything with heart.

Although Gunaakar did the Jaap of the Mantra with great labor two times, but both the times his heart was not there. When he was inside the water, or in the midst of Panchaagni, it was only his body and Jaap by speech, but Gunaakar's heart was not in the Mantra, it was in the Yaksh woman. That is why he could not have faith in the Mantra also. So in spite of speech and body, since he did not have the heart in it, he could not fulfill his desire. But since he did do Karm, that is why he was born as Yaksh in his next life and got that Yaksh woman there. This proves that to make any Karm complete Siddh one must have the unity of all the three - heart, speech and body. And among them, heart is most important."

8-Treat All Children Alike - Story of a Middle Son

Vaitaal further spoke - "There lived a famous king named Roopdatt in Chitrakoot. One day he entered a forest following a deer for hunting. At mid-day he came to a pond. There he saw a beautiful Rishi daughter along with her friends plucking lotus flowers. Seeing her, the king decided to make her his queen. That girl was also happy to see the king. They both saw each other with love.

King asked her friend about her. She told him that she was the daughter of a Muni. At the same time the father of the girl also arrived there. King greeted and asked him politely - "Hey Muni, What is the highest Dharm?" Muni said - "Raajan, Bringing up a helpless, protecting a refugee, being kind - these are the highest Dharm. Whoever is fearful, there is no other greater Dharm than to make him fearless. Punish the evil people, worship the respectable people and Braahman and cow. When you punish, treat all of them alike - no favor to anybody. When you worship any Devtaa, do not cheat him and always have devotional feelings towards him. When you give donations, always behave politely and sweetly. Even if there is any little wrong act, considering it very big, always keep away from it."

After this Muni married his daughter to the king. King took her to his capital. On the way he took rest under a banyan tree. There came a Raakshas with the intention to eat his wife, he said to him - "You made my place dirty that is why I will eat you." The king asked for his forgiveness, but he again said - "If you offer me a 7-year old Braahman child then I will free you." The king promised him to do that and went away to his palace with his wife.

Next day the king told his ministers everything. As per their advice, the king got a middle son of a Braahman son to offer to Raakshas in exchange of 100,000 gold coins. That Braahman son also got ready to sacrifice himself for his father. All came to Raakshas at the appropriate time. As the time came for the sacrifice, the child first laughed then started crying loudly."

Vaitaal asked - "O King, Tell why that Braahman's son first laughed and then cried at the time of death?" The king said - "The eldest son is dear to father, the youngest son is dear to mother, so he thought himself very out of place and sought the refuge with the king with a great hope, but seeing the sword in the hands of the cruel king who wanted to please his wife, first he laughed, then he cried with a loud voice because he thought that only a Raakshas will get his best body." Vaitaal got very happy with king's reply.

9-Read Less, Understand More - Story of Four Fools

Vaitaal again said - "Raajan, There lived a king named Vardhmaan in Jayapur. In one of its villages lived a Braahman named Vishnuswaamee. He had four sons. All the four sons had bad habits. The first one's name was Dyootkarmaa (gambler), the second one's name was Vyabhichaaree (lusty), the third one's name was Vishayee (always busy in experiencing pleasure), and the fourth one's name was Naastik (atheist). They all had their characteristics according to their names. By chance, unfortunately, they all became poor.

Once they all went to their father. They all greeted him politely and said - "Father, How we have become poor?" Their father said - "Dyootkarmaa, Gambling loses the money. This is the root of the sins. It gives rise to bad conduct, theft, cruelty etc. Its results are always bad. That is why you lost your wealth." Hearing this he said - "Father, Please tell me the right way to earn the money." Father said - "If you will go to Teerth and do Vrat, your sins will be washed away. You obey your parents."

Father said to his second son - "Son, You are Vyabhichaaree. Company of prostitute is very inauspicious. You leave your this habit, follow Brahmcharya and worship Brahm." He said to his third son, Vishayee - "To eat meat and to drink liquor are always the cause of increasing sins. By them you you will steal and will go to Narak (Hell), therefore you worship Vishnu offering all kinds of materials and eat your food quietly." He said to his fourth son, Naastik - "You leave your atheist nature and follow the path of theism. Soul is pure, learned, and eternal and Mahaadevee Chandikaa is a Great Power (Mahaa Shakti). Devtaa who are in all living beings' heart, they are the parts of Paramaatmaa. Gain the knowledge about them and worship them to pacify your sins."

Hearing this all four sons started following the same path what they were told to do. and started worshipping Shiv to obtain pure knowledge. Shankar Jee gave them the Sanjeevanee knowledge in one year. After obtaining Sanjeevanee Vidyaa, they all came to a forest to test their knowledge. The first son gathered the bones of a dead lion and sprinkled the Abhimantrit water on them. The bones gathered themselves and formed into a skeleton. The second son, Vyabhichaaree, sprinkled his Abhimantrit water on the skeleton, it got flesh and blood etc. Then the third son, Vishayee, sprinkled his Abhimantrit water, the flesh got the skin and life. Now the fourth son, Naastik, sprinkled his own Abhimantrit water to wake up the sleepy lion. It got alive, attacked on all the four and ate them."

Vaitaal asked the king - "Vikram, Now you tell me that who was the greatest fool among them?" The king said - "Who made the dead lion alive, he was the greatest fool." Vaitaal further said - "Hey Raajan, I came to you only by permission of Shiv Jee and I tested you through many types of questions and you replied my all questions intelligently. I am very happy with you. I will live in your arms and you will be able to win all enemies on Prithvi. Our slaves have destroyed all cities and other areas etc. so reconstruct them on the basis of the measurements according to Shaastra and rule Prithvi with justice. Dharm will again flourish in your kingdom."

After saying this and instructing him to worship Devee, that Vaitaal disappeared. Vikram did Ashwamedh Yagya with the permission of Muni and he became a Chakravartee king. In the end he attained Swarg Lok. The same Vikramaaditya started Vikram Samvat which is the main Samvat of Bhaarat today. After hearing these stories Shaunak Jee etc Rishi went to their places.



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