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5-Pancham Ansh

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14-End of Yadu Vansh

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End of Yadu Vansh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 409-415

End of Yadu Vansh

Paraashar Jee said - "In this way Krishn and Balaraam killed many Daitya and in the end killed 18 Akshauhinee army with the help of Arjun. Then He killed his own family also with the help of Braahman's Shaap. In the last He abandoned Dwaarakaa Puree and went to His Dhaam." Maitreya Jee asked - "Hey Muni, How did He kill His own people and how did He leave this world?"

Paraashar Jee said - "Once some Yaadav princes met Vishwaamitra, Kanv, Naarad etc Muni in Pindaarak area, then with the inspiration of Destiny, they asked Saamb to appear as a woman before them, greeted those Braahman and asked - "Hey Muni, This woman is expecting, tell us what she will have?" Braahman knew that those people were deceiving them, so they got angry and said - "She will give birth to a pestle which will be the cause of destruction of the whole Yaadav Vansh (family) and thus it will have nobody in the end." The princes came to Dwaarakaa and told everything to Ugrasen. At the same time an iron pestle appeared from Saamb's stomach. Ugrasen ground it in powder form and those princes threw it in the sea.

See the Charisma now, that that iron powder produced many reed plants. But there still remained a small piece of that pestle, that was also thrown in the sea. A fish swallowed that piece of the pestle. Some fisherman caught that fish. When he cut it he found that piece in its stomach. A hunter, named Jaraa, bought that piece to make his arrows. Madhusoodan knew about all these events but He didn't think proper to make them a lie.

At the same time, Devtaa sent Vaayu to Krishn as their messenger. He said to Krishn - "Devtaa have sent me as their messenger. You have spent here more than 100 years, you have killed all Daitya so now you please come back to your Lok. Or if you like to live here, you may stay back here. But this is servants' duty to remind their master about his duties at right time." Krishn said - "I know all that, that is why I have started destroying Yaadav because without destroying them this Prithvi cannot be lightened of her burden. Now I will kill all of them within seven nights and then will do as you say. As I got this Dwaarakaa from sea, I will return it to him also in the same way. Then I will destroy Yaadav and come back to Swarg. These Yadu princes are not less than Jaraasandh like kings in any way." Vaayu went back to Indra.

Natural signs started showing up in Dwaarakaa for its destruction, so Krishn said - "Let us go to Prabhaas Kshetra to pacify them." Uddhav Jee said - "Bhagavan, What I am feeling that you are going to destroy this Kul (family), because all these are the signs of its destruction. In this situation, tell me, what should I do?" Krishn said - "You go to Badrik Aashram on Gandhmaadan Parvat where Nar and Naaraayan live, with Divine speed bestowed by me. That is the holiest place on this earth. By my grace, you will get Siddhi there. I will also go to Swarg Lok after destroying all these people. As I will abandon Dwaarakaa, sea will sink it. Because of my fear, he will not be able to sink my palace because I always live there for my devotees." Hearing this Uddhav Jee left immediately for Badrik Aashram. After that Krishn came to Prabhaas Kshetra with Balaraam etc all Yaadav. There all ate food and drank liquor. At the time of drinking some said some bad words so a quarrel broke through among them."

Maitreya Jee asked - "How this quarrel broke though among them during taking food, tell me everything." Paraashar Jee said - "My food is clean, yours is not" They were arguing like this that the quarrel started. The quarrel changed into a fight with weapons and when their weapons got exhausted, they started uprooting reeds plants. Those reeds looked like Vajra in their hands, so they started using them on one another. All - Pradyumn, Saamb, Krishn's other sons, Kritvarmaa, Saatyaki, Aniruddh, Prithu, Viprithu, Chaaruvarmaa, Akroor etc all were hitting one another with those reeds. When Hari tried to stop them, they didn't listen to Him. Then Krishn also picked a handful of reeds in anger. Those handful reeds became like a pestle and with that He started hitting all Yaadav.

Suddenly Krishn's Jaitra named chariot went into the sea while Daaruk was still wondering. After this His conch, Chakra, Gadaa, bow, quiver, sword etc weapons circumambulated Him and went away by Soorya Maarg (pathway). Within no time nobody remained alive except Krishn and Daaruk. Both saw Balaraam sitting under a tree and a large snake coming out of his mouth. The snake went away towards sea. At the same time Sea himself came to worship him and he entered the sea with Sea. 

Krishn said to Daaruk - "You go now and tell all this to Vasudev and Ugrasen - Balabhadra's going, destruction of Yaadav and I will also leave this body, and tell them that now sea will sink this city also so they should all wait for Arjun to come and as soon as Arjun leaves this place, nobody should stay back here. They should all go wherever he takes them. Tell Arjun that he should take care of my family according to his capacity. You also go with Arjun. After us, Vajra will be the king of Yadu Vansh."

Daaruk saluted Krishn repeatedly and went his away. He told everything to Dwaarakaa people, called Arjun and coronated Vajra. Krishn sat in Yog position keeping His foot on His thigh to respect Durvaasaa's words. At the same time that Jaraa named hunter came with that arrow which he made with that pestle piece. He pierced Krishn's foot with that arrow, but as he came there [to check his hunt] he saw a 4-armed man. He immediately fell on Krishn's feet - "Please be pleased with me. I have committed this crime in the delusion of deer. I am burning with my  own sin, please forgive me." Krishn said - "Lubdhak, Do not fear at all. You immediately go to Swarg Lok." Immediate a Vimaan (airplane) appeared there and that hunter went to Swarg Lok riding in that Vimaan. Krishn left His own body there.



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