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5-Pancham Ansh

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13-Paundrak Vadh

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Paundrak Vadh
3-Vishnu Puraan - 5-Pancham Ansh - p 402-409

Paundrak Vadh

Maitreya Jee said - "Now you tell me some more activities of Krishn." Paraashar Jee said - "Now I tell you how He burned the whole Kaashee. There was a king named Vaasudev in Paundrak Vansh, so people used to pray him calling by Vaasudev (Krishn), that he was the another Avataar of Vishnu. After some time he also considered himself as the Avataar of Vishnu Bhagavaan and so he started putting on all signs of Vishnu. Then he sent a message to Krishn - "You drop your name Vaasudev and other signs of Vishnu and if you wish to live then come to my shelter."

When the messenger said thus, Krishn said to him smiling - "I will release the Chakra (Divine disc) at you but tell Paundrak that "if I have understood you correctly then whatever you wish to do you may do. I will come in my own guise and with my own signs and release my disc on you, and I am coming to you tomorrow." When that messenger had left, Krishn remembered His Garud and proceeded towards Kaashee.

Hearing about the attack by Krishn, Paundrak came to fight with Krishn along with Kaashee's king's army. Krishn saw him carrying conch, Chakra, Gadaa and lotus flower from a distance. He saw him putting on Peetaambar (on his shoulders) and Vaijayanteemaalaa (in his neck), and Garud marked flag, with him. Within a few moments Krishn destroyed his whole army and said to Paundrak - "You sent me the message to drop my signs so I drop them now. See, I release this Chakra now, and this Gadaa, and this Garud also I am releasing so that he can sit on your flag." As He released the disc, it killed Paundrak, His Gadaa felled him down and His Garud broke his flag.

To take revenge of his friend, Kaashee king came to fight with Krishn. Krishn cut his head with an arrow and threw it in Kaashee Puree. Thus after killing both, Paundrak and Kaashee king, Bhagavaan came back to Dwaarakaa. When Kaashee people saw their King's head, they wondered who cut his head? His son came to know that Krishn has done this to his father, so he called his Purohit and pleased Shankar Jee. Shankar Jee said - "Ask for any Var." He said - "I want a Krityaa who kills the killer of my father." Shankar said - "So be it."

The son chose Dakshinaagni and a Krityaa appeared from it. She would destroy Agni itself. She came to Dwaarakaa calling "Krishn, Krishn". People got frightened seeing her and came to Krishn for refuge. When Krishn came to know that the son of Kaashee king has produced a Krityaa after pleasing Shiv Jee, He released His disc saying, "Kill this Krityaa". Disc followed Krityaa, Krityaa ran away very fast, the disc also ran with the same speed. As Krityaa entered the city, so entered the disc. Kaashee's king's army came to face the disc, but disc started burning everything. After burning the whole Kaashee it came back to Krishn.

Marriage of Saamb

Maitreya Jee said - "Now I want to hear the story of Shree Balaraam Jee." Paraashar Jee said - "Once Jaambvatee's son Saamb abducted Duryodhan's daughter from Swayamvar, so Karn, Duryodhan, Bheeshm, and Drone etc defeated him in fight and arrested him. Hearing this Krishn, etc Yaadav prepared to fight with them. Stopping them from fight, Balaraam Jee said shaking in drunkard's state - "Kaurav will free Saamb if I will ask them to, therefore I alone will go to them." So he went alone there and stayed outside Hastinaapur in a garden. He didn't enter the city. Duryodhan and other kings came to welcome him. Balaraam Jee said to Kaurav - "Raajaa Ugrasen has said that you free Saamb."

Hearing this Duryodhan, Bheeshm etc got very surprised. Then Baahleek etc all Kaurav said - "Balaraam Jee, What are you saying this? Who is that Yadu Vanshee who can order a person born in Kuru Kul? If Ugrasen can order to Kuru Vanshee, then what is the use of this white royal umbrella? Therefore Hey Balaraam Jee, you stay or go, but we cannot comply with the orders of Ugrasen and thus we cannot free Saamb. In earlier times, Kukur and Andhak Vanshee Yaadav used to salute us, but now they don't do that, that is all right, but certainly they cannot order us like this. We have made you proud by giving you equal status, so it is not your fault. In fact as we have welcomed this is only because of our love towards you, not that our Kul should do that." And Kaurav went back to Hastinaapur with the intention that they wouldn't release Saamb.

At this Balaraam Jee hit his foot on the ground. The ground split and he started saying loudly - "How proud are these Kaurav of their kingdom? That today they are disobeying Ugrasen. Today Ugrasen sits in Sudharmaa Sabhaa, not even Indra sits in that, but fie to these Kaurav who consider this throne so satisfied. Even whose servants' wives adorn themselves with Paarijaat flowers, he is also not the Lord of these Kaurav. That Ugrasen should be the Lord of all kings. Today I will go back to Dwaarakaa only after killing all Kaurav. Today I alone will kill all - Karn, Duryodhan, Drone, Bheeshm, Baahleek, Dushaasan, Bhoori, Bhoorishravaa, Somdatt, Shal, Paandav along with their horses and elephants, take Saamb and his newly-wed bride, and then only see Ugrasen etc. Or I will throw this Hastinaapur in Gangaa River."

Saying this Balaraam Jee pulled Hastinaapur by inserting the tip of his plough under the ground. The whole Hastinaapur shook, all Kaurav got afraid and said - "Hey Raam, forgive us, be pleased with us, pacify your anger. We will release Saamb with his bride. We did not know your powers, that is why we committed this mistake. Please forgive us." Then Kaurav themselves brought Saamb and his bride. Balaraam Jee also said - "I forgave you."

Hey Maitreya Jee, even now Hastinaapur can be seen a little depressed towards Gangaa River. Then Kaurav worshipped Saamb along with Balaraam and send them off to Dwaarakaa after giving a lots of dowry and bride.

Dwivid Vadh

Paraashar Jee further said - "Balraam Jee was like this only. Listen now to his another incident. There was a mighty Vaanar named Dwivid. He was a friend of Narakaasur. As Krishn killed him at the request of Indra, he developed an enmity with Devtaa. So he decided that he would destroy the whole Mrityu Lok thus stop all Yagya etc. This way he could take revenge from Devtaa. So he started killing people, destroying Yagya, breaking mountains, sinking villages and cities, crushing farms with his huge body etc.

One day Balaraam Jee was enjoying in Raivat gardens (on Mandaraachal Parvat) drinking liquor. Revatee and other women were also there. That Dwivid came, picked up his plough and pestle and started copying him. He broke the liquor pitchers and started laughing at women. Haladhar threatened him but he didn't listen to him. Then Haladhar took his pestle to hit him, at the same time Dwivid took a rock and threw on Balaraam, but he broke it by his pestle. Dwivid then hit Balaraam with his fist, and Balraam, in turn, hit him with his fist on his head. This caused Dwivid vomit blood and die. As he fell the mountain under him broke into thousands of pieces. All Devtaa showered flowers on Balaraam for killing Dwivid.



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