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4-Chaturth Ansh

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16-Kings in Kali Yug

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16-Kings in Kali Yug
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 297-

Prati Sarg of Bhavishya Puraan also give the account of future kings, or kings in Kali Yug.

Kings in Kali Yug

Paraashar Jee said - "Hey Maitreya, The last king of Brihadrath Vansh, Ripunjaya will have a minister named Sunik. He will kill Ripunjaya and rown his son Pradyot.

Pradyot's son will be Balaak
Balaak's son will be Vishaakhyoop
Vishaakhyoop's son will be Janak
Janak's son will be Nandivarddhan
Nandivarddhan's son will be Nandee ...  These five kings will rule for 138 years.

Nandee's son will be Shishunaabh
Shishunaabh's son will be Kaakvarn
Kaakvarn's son will be Kshemdharmaa
Kshemdharmaa's son will be Kshataujaa
Kshataujaa's son will be Vidhisaar
Vidhisaar's son will be Ajaatshatru
Ajaatshatru's son will be Arbhak
Arbhak's son will be Udayan
Udauan's son will be Nandivarddhan
Nandivarddhan's son will be Mahaanandee  ...  These Shishunaabh Vanshee Kings will rule for 362 years.

Mahaanandee will have a son named Mahaapadm, who will be like second Parashuraam - destroyer of Kshatriya, from a Shoodra woman. After that Shoodra kings will rule. Mahaapadm alone will be the king of whole Prithvi. He will have Sumaalee etc eight sons who will rule after Mahaapadm. Mahaapadm and his sons will rule for 100 years.

After that a Kautilya named Braahman will destroy these nine Nand. And after these Nand, Maurya kings will rule the Prithvi. Kautilya will install Chandragupt, born from Nand and Muraa named maid, as king.

Chandragupt's son will be Bindusaar
Bindusaar's son will be Ashokvarddhan
Ashokvarddhan's son will be Suyashaa
Suyashaa's son will be Dashrath
Dashrath's son will be Sanyut
Sanyut's son will be Shaalishook
Shaalishook's son will be Som Sharmaa
Som Sharmaa's son will be Shatadhanvaa
Shatadhanvaa's son will be Brihadrath  ...  These ten Maurya kings will rule for 173 years.

After them, ten Shung Vanshee kings will rule the Prithvi. Among them the first Shung king will be Pushyamitra named army-chief who will kill his king and rule the Prithvi.

Pushyamitra's son will be Ashimitra
Ashimitra's son will be Sujyeshthaa
Sujyeshthaa's son will be Vasumitra
Vasumitra's son will be Udank
Udank's son will be Pulindak
Pulindak's son will be Ghoshvasu
Ghoshvasu's son will be Vajramitra
Vajramitra's son will be Bhaagavat
Bhaagavat's son will be Devabhooti  ...  These Shung kings will rule for 112 years. Then the Prithvi will go under the control of Kanv kings.

Devabhooti will be a lusty king, so a Kanv Vanshee Vasudev, his minister will kill him and rule the Prithvi. 

Vasudev's son will be Bhoomitra
Bhoomitra's son will be Naaraayan
Naaraayan's son will be Susharmaa  ...  These four Kanv kings will rule for 45 years.

This Kanv Vanshee king Susharmaa will be killed by his Aandhra caste servant Balipuchchhak, and he himself will rule the Prithvi. After him his brother Krishn will rule.

Krishn's son will be Shaantkarni
Shaantkarni's son will be Poornotsang
Poornotsang's son will be Shaatkarni
Shaatkarni's son will be Lambodar
Lambodar's son will be Pilak
Pilak's son will be Meghswaati
Meghswaati's son will be Patumaan
Patumaan's son will be Arishtkarmaa
Arishtkarmaa's son will be Haalaahal
Haalaahal's son will be Palalak
Palalak's son will be Pulindsen
Pulindsen's son will be Sundar

Sundar's son will be Shaatkarni (II)
Shaatkarni (II)'s son will be Shivaswaati
Shivaswaati's son will be Gomatiputra
Gomatiputra's son will be Alimaan
Alimaan's son will be Shaantkarni (II)
Shaantkarni (II)'s son will be Shivashrit
Shivashrit's son will be Shivaskandh
Shivaskandh's son will be Yagyashree
Yagyashree's son will be Dwiyagya
Dwiyagya's son will be Chandrashree
Chandrashree's son will be Pulomachi  ...  These 30 Aandhra servant kings will rule for 456 years.

After them there will be seven Aabheer and 10 Gardbhil kings. Then there will be 16 Shak kings, after them will be eight Yavan kings, 14 Turk, 13 Mund (Gurmund) and 11 Maun caste kings will rule Prithvi for 1,090 years. These 11 Maun kings will rule for 300 years.

After them Kainkil named Yavan kings will rule. These kings will be without crown. After them Vindhyashakti will come.

Vindhyashakti's son will be Puranjaya
Puranjaya's son will be Raamchandra
Raamchandra's son will be Dharmvarmaa
Dharmvarmaa's son will be Vang
vang's son will be Nandan
Nandan's son will be Sunandee
Sunandee's son will be Nandiyashaa, Shukra, Praveer  ...  All of these will rule for 106 years.

After them will be 13 of their Vansh and three of Baahleek Vansh kings. After them 13 Pushpmitra and Patumitra etc and seven Aandhra region kings. Then nine kings will rule in Koshal Desh. They will rule on Nishadh Desh too.

In Magadh Desh, Vishwasphatic king will introduce other Varn kings. He will appoint Kaivartt, Vatu, Pulind and Braahman in his kingdom. Then all Kshatriya will be eradicated and Naag Gan will rule in Padmaavatee Puree and Magadh and Gupt kings will rule in Prayaag and Gayaa regions. Koshal, Aandhra, Pundra, Taamralipt and Puree on seashore will be ruled by Devarakshit named king.

Kaling, Maahish, Mahendra, and Bhaum etc regions will be ruled by Guh kings. Naishadh, Naimishak and Kaalkoshak etc regions will be ruled by Mani-Dhaanyak Vansh. Traya-Raajya and Mushik regions will be ruled by Kanak named king, Sauraashtra, Avantee, Shoodra, Aabheer and Narmadaa shoreline desert will be ruled by Vraatya, Dwij, Aabheer and Shoodra. Seashore areas, Daavikorvee, Chandrabhaagaa and Kaashmeer will be ruled by Vraatya, Mlechchh and Shoodra etc. All these kings will be ruling at the same time. They will be pleased in a little while, will be very angry, always A-Dharmee, liar, greedy, of short age, and very ambitious. They will unite themselves and will be mighty on each other's might.

Dharm in Kali Yug

After this Dharm will start diminishing gradually and the whole world will be destroyed. At that time wealth will be the only measurement of nobleness, might will be the only Dharm, mutual interests will be the only basis of marital relationship and women will be the only means of enjoyment. Lying will be the only means of success, outward signs will be the identification of Aashram, injustice will be the means of living, fearless speaking will be the sign of knowledge, just accepting each other will be the basis of marriage, whoever will be living with pomp and show, only he will be considered a reasonable person, water of foreign lands will be the water of Teerth. When his type of ill-wills will spread throughout, then whoever will be powerful will be the king.

The people will not be able to tolerate such kings, so they will seek the protection in caves and will subsist on honey, vegetables, fruits, roots, leaves and flowers. They will wear only tree leaves or yellow clothes. They will have many children. All will tolerate the winter, summer, wind, rain troubles. Nobody will live more than 23 years of age. Thus in Kali Yug the society will be continuously decreased. All kinds of Dharm will also disappear. At the end of the Kali Yug, Vishnuyash Braahman, residing in Sambhal (UP), the Creator of the Universe Bhagavaan Vaasudev will incarnate and destroy all Mlechchh and slaves and other wicked people and establish Dharm. Although He will live longer, He will be able to produce children. Those children will follow only Sat Yug Dharm.

It is said in this regard - "When Moon, Sun and Jupiter will be in Pushya Nakshatra in the same sign, Sat Yug will start at the same time (see Start of Sat Yug)."

Hey Muni, I told you about all the past, present, and future kings. From Pareekshit's birth till the installation of Nand, the time period should be 1,050 years. Among Saptarshi, the two stars are seen first - Pulastya and Kratu. In the center of those stars, whichever stars are towards southern side - Ashwinee etc, Saptarshi stay among those stars for 1,000 years on each star. At the time of the birth of Pareekshit Saptarshi were on Maghaa Nakshatra. The Kali Yug started at the same time.

Hey Braahman, When Krishn went to His Param Dhaam, at the same time Kali Yug started. Till He was here on prithvi, Kali did not dare to touch Prithvi. After krishn left, Yudhishthir also abandoned his kingdom. He handed over his kingdom to Pareekshit seeing bad omens.

When the Saptarshi will be in Poorv Aashaadhaa Nakshatra, from the same time - from the time of Nand, effect of Kali Yug will increase.

Vishnu Puraan-Chaturth Ansh Ends Here



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