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2-Bhoomi Khand

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2-Story of Suvrat-1

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2-Story of Suvrat-1
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 224-230

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Story of Suvrat-1

Rishi said - "Hey Soot Jee, Now we wish to listen about Suvrat. In whose family he was born? What Tapasyaa he did and how did he worship Shree Hari?" Soot Jee said - "In an earlier Kalp, a Braahman was born in Kaushik family in Amarkantak Teerth on the banks of Narmadaa River. His name was Som Sharmaa, his wife's name was Sumanaa. They didn't have any child, so Som used to be very sad. One day Sumanaa said to him - "Why do you worry? Do not worry at all, because there is nothing worse than worry, tell me the reason of your worry." Som said - "I don't know, because of which sin I am poor and without a son. This is the reason of my worry."

Sumanaa said - "O beloved, Sin is like a tree. Greed is its seed, Moh is its root, lie is its trunk, and Maayaa (illusion) is the extension of its branches. Pride and wickedness are its leaves, evil mind is its flowers, A-Gyaan (ignorance) is its fruit and A-Dharm is the fruit's juice. Bad nature is the water which helps grow that tree. Who lives under the shade of this tree and eats its fruits, he always falls from his real status, that is why one should leave worry and greed. And woman, son and wealth are no reason to worry at all.

Some people are born as relatives because of giving something in previous lives, and some people are born relatives to take something in this life. All are born because of this debt binding to each other. Whoever is the master of the wealth, he is born as a son and becomes the owner of that wealth. I tell you about the son who is born as an enemy - he behaves like an enemy from the childhood only, he always says bad words about his parents, and after their death he doesn't do Shraadh and give any donation.

Now I tell you about that son who gives you pleasure - he does all that which is very dear to his parents from the childhood, he is always devoted to them, he always keeps them happy and satisfied, he even goes to pilgrimage for the peace of their souls. Now you listen to the characteristics of an indifferent son - he lives indifferently from the childhood, neither he gives anything nor he takes anything from them, neither he becomes angry with them nor he pleases them. In the same way parents, brothers, friends, servants are also there. Even animals are like that only. Servants are in your house only to clear some debt. We have neither taken any debt from anybody, nor have an enmity with anybody that is why we don't have wealth and son. Considering this you be at peace in mind."

Som said - "You speak the truth, still good people desire a son, that is why I also want a son." Sumanaa said - "Only one son is enough to uplift our family, what we will do of many sons. Punya is the base of everything so do some Punya and get a son." Som asked - "Hey Bhadrey, Tell me what is Punya? What is the good Punya and what are its characteristics?"

Sumanaa said - "Hey Beloved, Brahmcharya, Tapasyaa, Panch Yagya, donations, discipline, forgiveness, Shauch (cleanliness), non-violence (Ahinsaa), and no stealing are the parts of Punya. Any religious person observes all of the above with heart, speech and actions. Then he can get everything whatever he desires for." Som asked - "What is Dharm, what is its form and what are its parts?"

Sumanaa said - "Atri and Anasooyaa's son Dattaatreya has seen Dharm. Both Durvaasaa and Dattaatreya have done Tapasyaa and behaved according to Dharm. They did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years without eating anything, drinking only air. Then they did Panchaagni Tapasyaa for another 10,000 years. Then they stood inside water for another 10,000 years. Both became very weak, Durvaasaa got very angry at Dharm, so Dharm appeared before him. Brahmcharya and Tap also came in person along with Dharm; and many others also came along with him.

He said to Durvaasaa - "Hey Braahman, Why did you get angry in spite of being a Tapaswee? Anger destroys man's both grace and Tapasyaa, therefore one should abandon this anger at least at the time of Tapasyaa." Durvaasaa asked - "Who are you and who are all these persons along with you?" Dharm said - "They are Brahmcharya, Satya, Tap, Dam (control on Indriyaan), Niyam (discipline), Shauch (cleanliness) etc etc. I am Dharm, please be calm and protect me. Why are you so angry?" Durvaasaa said - "I can see that I have done Tapasyaa with all discipline but you are not pleased with me, that is why I am angry at you. I will give you three Shaap - Dharm, you become a king and a maid's son and be born in Chaandaal caste." Thus after giving these three Shaap, Durvaasaa went away. Because of these Shaap, Dharm incarnated as king Yudhishthir in Bharat family; when he was born as a maid's son, he was known as Vidur; and when Vishwaamitra afflicted king Harishchandra, he was born as Chaandaal to give him a job."

Som asked - "Now you describe me Brahmcharya." Sumanaa said - Who always speaks Truth,  is always polite to everybody, never leaves his Dharm, he is the true Brahmchaaree. This is a Grihasth's Brahmcharya. A Sanyaasee follows Brahmcharya when he controls all his Indriyaan, speaks Truth, never goes to women, and is always busy in studying and obtaining Gyaan (knowledge). A Vaanprasth person follows Brahmcharya when he behaves with all virtues, abandons all his desires and anger, lives on alms and keeps himself busy in doing good to others.

Now you listen to about Satya (Truth). Who doesn't get attracted to other's wealth and woman, only he is devoted to Satya. Daan (alms) is by which a man survives. One must give food to a hungry man. One must donate something according to his capacity. Who offers loving words, bed, cool shade of house, land, water, food, a place for sitting, clothes or dwelling house and water to wash his feet, he gets lots of pleasure here and in the other world.

Now listen to Dharm's all parts. (1) Who worships Devtaa and Braahman, observes cleanliness and fasts, gives alms regularly he observes Dharm's rules. (2) Who doesn't get angry after hearing his insult and getting a beating and contributes in welfare work, he observes forgiveness. (3) Who daily takes bath and does Aachman, he follows Shauch (cleanliness). (4) Who doesn't pluck even a straw without any need, doesn't harm anybody, and behaves with other as he wants others to behave with himself, he follows Ahinsaa (non-violence). (5) Peace gives you joy so one should behave peacefully. One should never be sad and never feel any kind of envy with anybody. (6) One should never abduct anybody else's wife or wealth and should never try to take other's things. This is called Asteya (not stealing anything). (7) One should restraint his Indriyaan, and their being strayed; that is the form of Dam. This develops consciousness in a man. (8) To serve Guru (teacher) with heart, speech and body is called Sushrushaa (service). Thus I described all parts of Dharm. Considering them as Dharm, you should follow Dharm."

Som asked - "You are very good at knowing Dharm, how do you know all this?" Sumanaa said - "My father is born in Bhaargav family, he is well conversant with all Shaastra. His name is Maharshi Chyavan. He loved me more than his life. Wherever he went he used to take me there too. He has a friend named Ved Sharmaa who is born in Kaushik family. One day he came to my father, he was very sad. My father asked the reason of his sadness. Ved Sharmaa said - "I don't have any child yet. I have nobody to carry on my name, that is why I am sad. You asked me so I told you."

In the meantime a Siddh man came to my father so both honored him and offered him food etc. Then they told him Ved Sharmaa's problem. He told that by following Dharm only one can get children, wealth and wife. Then Ved Sharmaa followed Dharm and he got a good son. I have learned all this from that Siddh only." Som Sharmaa further asked - "Dear, What type of birth and death occur by following Dharm, tell me this also?"

Sumanaa said - "Who has followed Dharm, he doesn't have any disease at the time of death, he feels no pain at that time, has no bad emotion also at that time. He may die at a Teerth place (holy place), among cows, worshipping place, in a temple, in a garden, or sitting under a tree of banyan, or Peepal (a sacred tree of India). When Yam's servants come to take him, he is not afraid of them. While a sinner dies in the regions of sinners, or dirty things, or surrounded by donkeys, or in a prostitute's house. When Yam's servants come to take him he gets afraid of them.

Whoever is grieved, or abducts other's wives, first takes debt from others but doesn't pay it, take other's wealth - all these sins choke his throat and don't let him die easily. He weeps and remembers all his relatives. When Yam's servants take him, he is taken on the path filled with flames. He is dragged on that path. There is heat of twelve suns' on that path. They take him beating with whips, Gadaa (mace), and sticks. When he arrives at Yam's place he sees him like a heap of black powder. Along with him stand Chitragupt and his servants also. They all look to him terrible people. Yam afflicts him a lot - for a thousand Yug. He takes birth as dog, lion, donkey, pig, and snake etc."



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