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9-Folktales of America

The 9th book "America Kee Lok Kathaayen"
in the Series of "Desh Videsh Kee Lok Kathaayen"
12 Stories.  78 pages. (complete)

This book contains the folktales from Tepee people of America, including North America and Canada. These folktales are the tales told and heard among the aboriginals living here prior to the coming of Europeans. Long before this piece of land was one and the aboriginal people used to live here at many places without any division of America and Canada.

Among the Red Indians, a few characters are mentioned a lot in their stories, such as Raven, Coyote, Nihankan and Taarantoolaa Spiders, Skunk, Zooni.

List of Stories

1. Bhaaloo Aadamee
2. Kutton Kee Jeebh Itanee Lambee Kyon Hotee Hai? (8 p)
3. Bhains Dharatee or Kaise Aayee? (3 p)
4. Baraf Ke Aadamee Kee Vaapasee (5 p)
5. Baraf Kaa Aadamee Aur Vasant Kaa Doot (3 p)
6. Khargosh Ne Bhediye Ko Bevakoof Banaayaa (3 p)
7. Coyote Aur Ludhakatee Huee Chattaan (8 p)
8. Skunk Ne Coyote Ko Pachhaadaa (5 p)
9. Nihankan Aur Baune Kaa Teer (5 p)
10. Chaalaak Taarantoolaa Aur Zoonee (12 p)
11. Bhains Stree (7 p)
12. Kauaa Aur Baaz (5 p)

Translated from ---
Tepee Tales from American Indians.
by Dee Brown. New York.  Holt, Rinehart, & Winston.
12 stories



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