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Chapters 25-29

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25-Story of Puranjan-1

Maitreya Jee said - "After Shiv Jee told about the Stotra, Prachetaa Gan went for Tap. They did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years. After Prachetaa Gan left for Tapasyaa, Praacheenbarhi started practicing Karm Kaand. Naarad Jee came to him and told him about Adhyaatm Gyaan and asked - "Hey Raajan, What do you want to achieve from this Karm Kaand? Raajaa said - "Hey Naarad Jee, I am stuck in Karm, I don't know anything about my Kalyaan (welfare). Please tell me about pure Gyaan so that I should not fall for this Karm Kaand." Naarad Jee said - "Hey Raajan, See, you have sacrificed thousands of innocent creatures' lives in your Yagya. These creatures are waiting for you there to take revenge in Par-Lok, so that when you go to Par-Lok they can also give you many sorrows. Let me tell you an old story :--

This is the account of Raajaa Puranjan's life. It is long time ago, there was a King named Puranjan. He had a friend named Avigyaat. They both didn't have any place to live so they roamed around. Puranjan liked to enjoy pleasures so he looked for a place to live where he could enjoy his life but couldn't find any place of his liking. He wanted to enjoy life in various ways, but there was no city or place where he could enjoy his life according to his way.

One day he saw a city with nine gates on Himaalaya's southern peaks in Bhaarat Khand. That city was very beautiful. He was roaming around in that city, that he saw a beautiful woman coming towards him. She had ten servants following her, each having 100 maids. A 5-head serpent was guarding her. She was a maiden and was looking for a husband. When Puranjan saw her, he fell in love with her and asked her - "Who are you, O beautiful girl? Whose daughter are you? Where are you coming from and who are these ten servants, your friends and this serpent with you? You are not Lakshmee, or Brahmaanee or Lajjaa because your feet are touching the ground. I have fallen in love with you. Be kind to me and marry me." She also got attracted to him, so she said to him - "I don't know anything about my name or any other's names. I don't even know that who has built this city for our living? I know only this that today we are here in this city. When I sleep, this serpent guards my city. I can provide every kind of pleasure to you, should you stay here with me." So Puranjan stayed with that girl and enjoyed various pleasures for hundred years.

Out of the nine gates, seven gates were on upper side of the city and the two gates were at the lower side of that city. Among them five gates were towards East, one gate was towards South, one gate was towards North and two gates were towards West. Raajaa used to go to various countries through those gates. When he went to his wife then only he felt Moh, happiness and joy etc feelings. Whatever his wife did he also did the same. He copied her like a monkey."

26-Puranjan Goes for Hunting

Naarad Jee said - "One day Raajaa Puranjan had a desire for hunting so he went for hunting with his eleventh army chief riding on his chariot drawn by five horses in Panchprasth Van. That chariot was a golden one and had two Eeshaadand, two wheels, one axle, three flagstaffs, five strings, one rein, one charioteer, one seat, two Jooaa, five weapons and seven covers. It used to run with five types of speed. Although he did not like to separate from his beloved, but on that day he had an intense desire for hunting, so he went. All his behavior got Tamo Gunee, so he hunted many animals on that day after long time. Seeing this killing kind-hearted people got very sad. When he got tired after hunting he came back to his palace, took bath, got dressed well, took food and started searching for his beloved. One of her maidservants told him that she was lying down on the floor. He went there and got very sad seeing her lying on the floor. His all Gyaan got destroyed living with that woman. He tried to make her please."

27-Attack by Chandveg and Kaal Kanyaa

Naarad Jee further said to Praacheenbarhi - "She got pleased with him and then came to him in a very pleasing way. He had lost all his Gyaan living with that woman. Puranjanee (as she was named) gave birth to 1,100 sons and 110 daughters. They were known as Pauranjanee. Till now Puranjan had passed his half life. He married all his children. His sons had hundred sons each. So his descendents were spread in the whole Paanchaal Desh. He was stuck in all these worldly things that he did not even know when his old age had come.

Hey Raajan, Now there was a Gandharv Raaj named Chandveg. He had 360 Gandharv and the same number of Krishn and Shukla complexioned Gandharv Kanyaa (maidens). They robbed those cities which had lots of pleasure materials. So one day they came to Puranjan's city also. The serpent Prajaagar tried to guard and protect that city for 100 years alone against those 720 Gandharv and Gandharv Kanyaa. Puranjan got worried about his people because they were getting killed everyday in this fight.

Hey Pracheenbarhi, In the meantime Kaal's daughter Jaraa had grown and was in search of a husband, but nobody was ready to marry her. She was very unfortunate that is why people used to call her "Durbhagaa". Once Raajaa Puru married her willingly, because he wanted to give his youth to his father Yayaati. Pleased with him she gave him Var of kingdom. One day I also came on Prithvi so she met me too. Knowingly fully well that I am a Brahmachaaree, she expressed her desire to me too. I could not accept her request so she gave me this Shaap that I wouldn't stay at one place for much time. Then on my advice she proposed to a Yavan king Bhaya. He said smilingly as he wanted to fulfill the secret job of Brahmaa Jee with her help - "I have found a husband for you. Since you harm everybody and nobody likes you, why don't you enjoy this Karmbhoomi Prithvi by force. With the help of my soldiers, you will be able to destroy all living things. Nobody will be able to face you. You be my sister and this is my brother Prajwaar. I will be then free to go anywhere with both of you."

28-Puranjan is Born as a Woman and He Gets Mukti

Since then all the three, Prajwaar, Yavan Raaj Bhaya and Jaraa, started roaming around on this Prithvi. One day they came to Puranjan Puree (city) and starting troubling and destroying the people there. Puranjan was also affected with this, so he had to leave the Puree, which he did not want to. In the meantime Prajwaar set the Puree on fire. This time the Serpent also could not protect the Puree because he became very weak guarding the Puree for 100 years. He wanted to run away from there but he was too weak to run also, so he started weeping.

Now Puranjan was too indulged in the worldly pleasures to leave everything behind. He was too much worried about his wife and children. Although wise people should not worry about these things, but Puranjan was not so wise. Then came Yavan Raaj and took him to his place. The serpent also went with them. Soon after they left, the Puree got destroyed. Puranjan did not remember even his old friend Avigyaat during these bad times. He was all the time surrounded by all kinds of sorrows and pains. And he all the time thought that it all happened because of a woman. Then he died.

Since even in his last moments he used to think about her, in his next life he was born as a princess in Vidarbh Raaj's palace, was named as Vaidarbhee. Paandya Raajaa Malayadhwaj married her. She gave birth to a daughter and seven sons younger to that daughter. Later these sons became the kings of Dravid Desh. Then they also had several sons whose descendents will be living up to the end of this Manvantar and even later.

Malayadhwaj's daughter was very pious. She was married to Agastya Rishi and had a son named Dradhchyut. Dradhchyut also had a son named Idhmvaah. Later Malayadhwaj gave his kingdom to his sons and went to Malaya Parvat for Tap. Vaidarbhee also went with him. She used to serve him with great sincerity. One day, while Malayadhwaj was doing Tap, he left his physical body and died. Vaidarbhee couldn't know this because he was still sitting in his Tap position . But when she touched his feet and she felt them cold, then she realized that he was no more. She cried and cried. Then she made a pyre, put his dead body on it and set the fire and got ready to become Satee with him.

Then a Braahman came and asked her - "Who are you, whose daughter are you, who is this man who is sleeping here for whom you are crying? And don't you know me? I am the same old friend of yours with whom you spent many years together. Do you remember that I was your Avigyaat named friend? We both roamed around for thousands of years without any definite dwelling place. And then you saw a beautiful city on Prithvi. You left me there and went to that city. Whosoever entered that city lost his knowledge, and you also did the same." He continued - "Neither you are Vaidarbhee, nor this Malayadhwaj is your husband. And you are not the husband of Puranjanee either who imprisoned you in that city. In the previous life you thought you were a man, and now you are thinking that you are a Satee Stree. This is all my Maayaa. We both are swans. In reality, neither you are a man nor a woman. Whatever I am (I am Eeshwar), the same are you (you are Jeev). Realize your real form. Gyaanee (learned) people do not differentiate between both of us." Thus when Eeshwar reminded him about this knowledge then he knew about his real form." Naarad Jee said - "I told you this Aatm Gyaan indirectly, because Bhagavaan likes only indirect guidance."



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