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Chapter 24

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24-Prachetaa Gan-1

Maitreya Jee said - "After Mahaaraj Prithu, Vijitaashwa became the King. He loved his brothers very much so he assigned one direction each to each of his four brothers - Haryaksh went to East, Dhoomrakesh went to South, Vrak went to West, and Dravin went to North. He had learnt the knowledge of being disappearance from Indra, so he was known as "Antardhaan" also. His wife was Shikhandinee. She gave birth to three sons - Paavak, Pavamaan, and Shuchi. Formerly they were Agni, but because of Shaap of Vashishth Jee they took birth on Prithvi. Later they became Agni again through Yog Maarg. Antardhaan's second wife Nabhswatee gave birth to one son named Havirdhaan

Antardhaan was a very kind person. He did not kill Indra in spite of knowing that he was Indra not a Braahman. Havirdhaan's wife Havirdhaanee gave birth to six sons - Barhishad, Gaya, Shukla, Krishn, Satya, and Jitvrat. Barhishad later became Prajaapati and he did so many Yagya that the whole land was covered with Kush. That is why later he became famous as Praacheenbarhi.

On the request of Brahmaa Jee, Raaja Praacheenbarhi married the daughter of Samudra - Shatadruti. She was so beautiful, that when she was circling around Agni for marriage, Agni Dev also fell in love with her as he did for Shukee. Shatadruti gave birth to 10 sons, all named Prachetaa. They were all alike in their names and behavior. When their father ordered them to produce children then they entered the sea. There they did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years. When they were going for Tapasyaa, Mahaadev advised them on meditation, Jap and prayer. So Prachetaa Gan did the same as Mahaadev advised them to do. He recited one Stotra also to them and advised them to do the Jap of that Stotra."

Vidur Jee asked - "How Prachetaa Gan met Shiv Jee, it is very difficult to have his Darshan?" Maitreya Jee said - "By the order of their father Prachetaa Gan went for Tap. On the way they saw a sea-like huge pond. It was a very beautiful place. They got surprised to see it that they saw Shiv Jee coming out of that pond along with his Gan. They greeted Shiv Jee, Shiv Jee got pleased and said - "You are Praacheenbarhi's sons. Whatever you want to do, I know that. I give you this Stotra, you do the Jap of this Stotra." Then he recited that Stotra. (it is in Ch. 24 - Shlok 33-68). You keep doing Jap of this Stotra, Bhagavaan will surely help you. This is called Yogaadesh named Stotra. In earlier time Brahmaa Jee recited this Stotra to Bhrigu etc Muni who had desire to produce children. Even today whoever will do Jap of this Stotra daily his all wishes will be fulfilled. Who recites or listens to this Stotra just in the morning with folded hands he gets freed from all kinds of Karm bondage.



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