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Chapters 17-23



17-Raajaa Prithu-2

Maitreya Jee further said - "Hey Vidur Jee, After the prayer Prithu satisfied everybody by giving them something or the other." Vidur Jee asked - "Prithvi can take up any form, then why did she take only cow's form? And when Prithu milked her then who was the calf, who was the milk pot? How she was made flat? Why Indra abducted his Yagya's horse?"

Maitreya Jee said - "Now Prithu was the Raajaa, and because Prithvi was not producing any food for the people for some time, so people started coming to him for food. He found out the reason of not producing food, that Prithvi hid the grains etc inside herself, so Prithu picked his bow and arrow and as he was about to aim it at Prithvi, Prithvi trembled from Raajaa's anger and started running in the form of a cow. But wherever she went she always found Raajaa's arrow following her. So she returned to him and said - "I have not committed any crime, why do you want to kill me? You can't kill a female, besides I am like a strong boat on which this whole Sansaar (world) is resting. If you will break me then where your people will live."

Prithu said - "You take the share in Yagya but you don't give grains in return of that, I will take out all that food and satisfy my people." Prithvi said politely - "I greet you repeatedly. When you yourself are ready to kill me then where should I go for refuge? In the beginning of the Kalp only you created me through your Maayaa, only you brought me out of water assuming Varaah form. Once you protected me, now you want to kill me for not giving milk. I with my little Buddhi cannot understand this."

18-Prithu Milks Prithvi

Maitreya Jee said - "At this time Prithu was very angry, so Prithvi said politely to him - "Please be calm, and listen to me. In the beginning, whatever food was created by Brahmaa Jee, I observed that only non-religious people were eating it, so I hid them inside me. Now long time has passed, these foods are no longer as strong as they should be. If you want that this food should give you strength, then dig out all the foods according to the instructions of previous Aachaarya. Arrange a calf, a milk pot and a person to milk me. Besides you have to make my surface even also so that the rain water can stay back for moisture."

At this, Prithu imagined Manu as calf and milked Prithvi Cow himself in his own hands. All others also came there to milk Prithvi Cow and got their desired things from her. Rishi imagined Brahaspati Jee as calf and milked Ved from Prithvi Cow in the Indriyaan (senses) milk pot. Devtaa imagined Indra as calf and milked Amrit, and all powers - mental, Indriya, and physical in a gold pot. Daitya (Asur) imagined Prahlaad as calf and milked liquor in an iron pot. Gandharv and Apsaraa imagined Vishwaa Vasu as calf and milked music and beauty in a lotus pot. In the same way, Yaksh, Raakshas etc non-vegetarians imagined Rudra (Shankar) as calf and milked blood in Kapaal (skull) from Prithvi Cow.

Prithvi gave everything to everybody, so everybody got their desired things from her. Prithu was very happy to see this so he accepted Prithvi as his daughter. Then he broke the hills with the corner of his bow and made it even-surfaced. Then he created villages, towns cities etc, They were not there before, because the land was uneven so whosoever got the place wherever, he settled there only."

19-Prithu Performs 100 Ashwamedh Yagya

Maitreya Jee further said - "Hey Vidur Jee, After this, Raaja Prithu did 100 Ashwamedh Yagya in his kingdom Brahmaavart region where Saraswatee River flows eastward. [When he was doing the 100th Yagya] Siddh, Daitya, Daanav, Yaksh, Kapil, Naarad etc came in those Yagya. Indra could not tolerate this. He thought Mahaaraaj Prithu would get higher status after doing this, so when Mahaaraaj Prithu was doing the 100th Yagya, Indra took away his Yagya horse secretly assuming the form of Dharm and ran away through sky way. Maharshi Atri saw him going, so he asked Prithu's son to follow Indra. But when the son saw him in person, he looked to him like a Braahman, so he did not kill him and came back. Rishi Atri again sent him saying that "he has interfered your father's Yagya, so you should go and kill him". This time he ran fast, and as he wanted to aim at Indra, Indra left the horse and ran away. The son came back with the horse. Seeing this bravery Rishi named him as Vijitaashwa [who has won Ashwa - horse].

The horse was tied to the Yagya pillar. Indra came again and this time he spread darkness all around and stole the horse with its gold chain. Maharshi Atri again saw him taking the horse, so he again asked Prithu's son to kill him. He again aimed at him but then again Indra ran away leaving the horse behind. Vijitaashwa again brought the horse back to the Yagya. Since then the low intelligent people adopted that Indra's Roop (form). Whatever Roop Indra took to take the horse away, all those Roop were called "Paakhand" because being the parts of sins. These people looked religious while they were not.

Raajaa Prithu got very angry at this and prepared to aim at Indra, then Ritwij said - "It is not wise to kill anybody after starting the Yagya. Your enemy is Indra. We can call him here through the power of Mantra and Aahuti." But then Brahmaa Jee stopped them to do so and said - "Indra is a part of Shree Hari. You are inviting whichever Devtaa in your Yagya, they all are part of Indra. So let there be only 99 Yagya. Hey Raajan, You have the knowledge of Moksh Dharm, so you don't need these Yagya. You both are part of Shree Hari so you should not be angry with each other." At Brahmaa's advice Prithu stopped his 100th Yagya and extended friendship with Indra.

20-Vishnu Bhagavaan in Prithu's Yagyashaalaa

Maitreya Jee said - "Hey Vidur Jee, Shree Hari was also very pleased with Prithu's 99 Yagya, so He came there with Indra and He said to Prithu - "Indra has disturbed your Yagya but now he wants your pardon, so pardon Indra and I am pleased with your 100 Yagya so you may ask any Var (boon)." Prithu obeyed Hari and pardoned Indra. Indra wanted to touch the feet of Prithu, but Prithu embraced him and became friendly with him. Prithu worshipped Shree Hari then stood in front of Him with both palms together. He said - "Prabhu, I do not want Moksh Pad because I cannot hear your praise there, so give me ten thousand ears so that I can always listen to your praises." "Be it so" and Shree Hari went to His Lok. Others also went to their homes.

21-Prithu Delivers a Sermon to His People

Raajaa Prithu then delivered a sermon to his people.

22-Sanakaadik Muni Deliver a Sermon to Prithu

Then Sanakaadi Muni came and delivered a sermon to Raajaa Prithu.

23-Prithu Goes to Swarg

After putting everything in order, Raajaa Prithu handed over the responsibility of Prithvi to his sons and went to forest with his wife for Tapasyaa. Later when his time came to go, he left his physical body through Yog. His wife Archi served him all his life. After he left his body, Archi did his last rites and entered the Chitaa (pyre) to become Satee.



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