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Chapter 1

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1-Rishi's Shaap to Yadu Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Bhagavaan Krishn and Balaraam Jee killed many Asur and other Yadu Vanshee and instigated war between Kaurav and Paandav to kill many bad people. Kaurav made Paandav angry by not playing Chausar properly, various types of insults, pulling hair and clothes of Draupadee. So Krishn made the same Paandav as the cause of war and killed many kings on both sides. But then Bhagavaan thought that the invincible Yadu Vansh is still alive on Prithvi. This Vansh has my support and is getting uncontrollable because of its immense wealth. Any other Devtaa also cannot defeat it, so I should create such a situation that they quarrel among themselves. Then only I can go to my Dhaam (Lok). Thus He destroyed His own Vansh under the cover of Braahman's Shaap.

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, Yadu Vanshee were a great devotee of Braahman, then how could they do anything bad to them so that Braahman gave Shaap to them?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Shree Krishn had all the good signs on His body. And throughout His life He indeed did such good works whose reading could destroy all sins. Now Shree Krishn was living in Vasudev's house in Dwaarakaa Puree, Maharaaj Ugrasen's capital, in the form of Kaal. Many great Muni such as, Vishwaamitra, Asit, Kanv, Durvaasaa, Bhrigu, Angiraa, Kashyap, Vaamdev, Atri, Vashishth, and Naarad etc started living in Pindaarak region near Dwaarakaa.

One day some young boys of Yadu Vansh happened to pass those Rishi while playing. They took Jaambvatee's son Saamb with them clad in woman's clothes, they greeted them with fake politeness and asked - "Hey Braahman, This beautiful woman is pregnant and wants to ask you something, but hesitates to ask you herself. You know everything. She has a strong desire to have a son. Please tell her what she will have - a girl or a boy?" When those boys intended to deceive them like this, they got very angry at this and said - "Fools, She will produce a Moosal (pestle) which will destroy your whole Kul (family)."

Hearing this, boys got frightened. They immediately opened Saamb's stomach and really found an iron Moosal inside his stomach. Now they repented for their action and thought, "We are very unfortunate. See, what we have done and what we would say to others." They got very sad. They went to the royal court and put the Moosal in front of all and told everything that had happened. When everybody heard about Braahman's Shaap, they also became frightened, because they knew that Braahman's Shaap could not go wrong. King Ugrasen crushed that Moosal to powder and threw that powder and the remaining last piece of iron into the sea. [He did not take any advice on this matter from Shree Krishn]

Hey Pareekshit, Now it so happened that a fish swallowed that remaining piece of Moosal, and the powder came back to the seashore with sea waves. In a few days time that powder grew into a type of grass (Erak) and a fisherman caught that particular fish which swallowed the Moosal piece, along with other fish. A Jaraa named hunter bought that piece of iron from that fisherman and used it to make his arrowhead. Bhagavaan knew everything. He could make this Shaap wrong also, but He did not do so."



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