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Chapter 90

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90-Krishn's Leelaa Vihaar

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Dwaarakaa Nagaree was very beautiful. Its roads were always busy with elephants, horses, golden chariots etc. Everywhere there were green gardens. Trees were laden with flowers. Various kinds of birds sang. It was Lakshmee-Pati Bhagavaan's own Nagaree. All women there used to wear good clothes and jewelry. Bhagavaan used to be with all of His wives. All of His wives had beautiful ponds in their palaces and all kinds of lotus flowers bloomed in them. Krishn sometimes played with His wives in those ponds as well as in rivers. Wet clothes showed their body parts also and they looked beautiful. After Vihaar they used to give their clothes to Nat and Natinee (people whose job was only singing and playing instruments). In His love sometimes these wives talked irrelevant, or sometimes kept quiet. Now I will tell you what they had talked about.

"Hey Kuraree ( a bird). Now it is late night. Whole world is quiet, even Bhagavaan is also sleeping, then why do you not sleep? Why do you cry awaking whole night? Is it not that your heart is also pierced by Bhagavaan's lotus eyes' sight?"

"O Chakavee (a bird), Why do you close your eyes at night? Has your husband gone somewhere far from you? Why are you crying in such a pitiful sound? You seem to be very sad. But it seems that the feeling of being maid-servant to Bhagavaan has arisen in your heart too. Do you also want to put flower garland, which has been offered to His feet, in your plaits?"

"O Samudra (sea), You always roar. Don't you sleep anytime? It seems you have caught the disease of always waking up (insomnia). No, no, Now we understood that our Shyaam Sundar has taken away your patience and depth like qualities. Is that why you have become ill of these diseases?"

"Re Chandra Dev (Moon), You are suffering from tuberculosis that is why you have become weak. Because you cannot remove darkness with your rays. Or have you become silent, like us, hearing our Shyaam's serious talks? Or you have kept quiet because you are worried about them?"

"O Malayaanil (sweet smelling air), What wrong we have done to you? Why are you arousing our desires? Perhaps you don't know that we are already wounded by Bhagavaan's sight."

"Dear Parvat (mountain), You are very kind. You have lifted up the Prithvi. Neither you move, nor you speak or hear. It seems you are thinking something very seriously. You also wish like us, that you touch Shyaam's lotus feet on your peaks?"

"O Sea's wives Rivers, This is summer season. Lotus are also not blooming now-a-days in your ponds . You have become very lean and thin, is it because you have not received your lover's love? or clouds have not given you water?"

"O Hans (swan), Come, welcome, it is good that you came. Sit on this Aasan and drink milk and tell us something about our Shyaam Sundar. We thought that you are His messenger. Is  our uncontrollable Shyaam all right? His friendship is very unstable. He said to us that "You are my beloved". But does He still remember that? Go from here, we don't want to hear any kind of lobbying. When He does not care for us, then why should we run after Him? What did you say? We don't want to go to Him? And He wants to come here only to fulfill our wishes? Then bring Him here, but don't bring Lakshmee here. What? He does not want to come here leaving Lakshmee alone?" Is there only Lakshmee that who loves Him and no other woman loves Him?"

Bhagavaan's wives loved Him in this way that is why they got Bhagavaan's Parampad. Bhagavaan's Leelaa have been sung in many ways in various songs. They are sweet that whoever listens to them, gets attracted to Him. Nothing to say about those women who saw them with their own eyes.

Bhagavaan has set an ideal by behaving according to Dharm, that home is the means to attain Arth, Kaam, Dharm and Moksh. That is why He follows Grihasth Dharm. I told you that He had 16,108 wives. Among them I have already described Rukminee etc His eight Pat-Raanee and their sons. Besides them, Krishn produced 10 sons each from His other wives also. This is no surprise for Him, because He is omnipotent. Among His sons 18 sons were very brave. Their fame is all over the world - (1) Pradyumn, (2) Aniruddh, (3) Deeptimaan, (4) Bhaanu, (5) Saamb, (6) Madhu, (7) Brihad Bhaanu, (8) Chitra Bhaanu, (9) Vrik, (10) Arun, (11) Pushkar, (12) Vedbaahu, (13) Shrutdev, (14) Sunandan, (15) Chitrabaahu, (16) Viroop, (17) Kavi, and (18) Nyagrodh. Among them also the greatest was Rukminee's son Pradyumn. He married to Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee who gave birth to Aniruddh. Pradyumn had the strength of 10,000 elephants. And Aniruddh married to Rukmee's son's daughter. She gave birth to Vajra. When the whole Yadu Vansh was destroyed through Moosal, only Vajra remained alive.

Vajra's son is Pratibhaanu, his son is Subaahu, his son is Shaantsen and his son is Shatsen. Nobody had less children, nobody was poor, nobody had less age or weak in his Vansh. And all were the devotee of Braahman. There were so many in Yadu Vansh that one can count them even for thousands of years. I have heard that there were 38 million (3 Crore and 80 Lakh) Aachaarya. Mahaaraaj Ugrasen himself had 1,000 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000,000, or 10 Neel) soldiers with him.

In olden times, many Asur were killed at the time of Dev-Asur Sangraam. They re-incarnated in human forms and troubled people in Krishn's time. So to kill them only Devtaa took Avataar in Yadu Vansh at Bhagavaan's advice. Yadu Vansh had 101 Kul (families) and they all regarded Him as their Swaamee and role model. They did not care for themselves, they always thought about Shree Krishn. Although Gangaa Jee is the greatest Teerth among all Teerth, but when Bhagavaan Himself is there, then what is the need of Gangaa Jee. How good is Bhagavaan's form that whether somebody is friend or foe, both get to His Swaroop. The same Lakshmee to whom all Devtaa try to get, serves Him continuously.

He carries Kaal Chakra in His hand. Description of His single Karm cuts all Karm bond of all those who remember it. When somebody hears His Leelaa, the same helps him to go to Param Dhaam. Therefore one should always hear His stories, because Kaal cannot do anything in His Lok."



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