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3-14-35-Raavan's Activities

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Why Raavan Went to His Garage Secretly?
[Branched from V-Raamaayan, 3/14/35]
[Taken from Valmiki Ramayan, 3/35]

This "secretly going of Raavan to his own garage..." is one among the many oddities of Raavan. Kings normally never go to stables or garages themselves but order their servants to bring horses or chariots to their fore.

Raavan's ministers had already heard Shoorpankhaa's report about the destruction of all the Raakshas in Janasthaan, it was not a secret or a suppressible fact. Then some action became necessary for Raavan now to save his face - 'Let life go but not the self-respect...' So, his first thinking is to wage a war with Raam, but it might become a worthless expedition because Raam's capabilities were partially known to him.

Next, he thought to abduct Seetaa, for She was described not only to be extra-ordinarily beautiful but a dearly cherished one by Raam, If Seetaa was distracted from Raam, Raam might die anguishing for Seetaa, thus this imminent danger, called Raam, might be removed once for all.

The human nature is just 'to lament for a parted wife for some time till a second wife is secured...' Thus, that wife-addict Raam will lament for Seetaa only for some time and seek another woman as his wife. Instead, if he starts for searching Seetaa alone, it is impossible for those two young humans to come searching Her this far, or to cross the ocean, or to enter Lankaa. And even on entering Lankaa, it is impossible to survive further at the hands of Raakshas. These were some of the many of his deliberations on the 'abilities and inabilities and on the credits and discredits...' of the issue.

That is why he enters his beautiful vehicle garage secretly. Why a king shall behave this quirkily? Because 'walls have ears...' and what all Shoorpankhaa barked in the court must have been heard throughout the palace by now, or may be all over Lankaa.

And if someone sees Raavan's exiting at this point of time, everyone might despise him on the charge that he is trying to bring yet another woman. Though it is not said vividly here, that he is going to abduct Seetaa stealing, keeping his valor and bravery aside, [this is all said by Kumbhkarn in Yuddh Kaand]. This is shameful for himself, as he did not do this way on previous occasions. For such a cowardly act, even Raavan's cherished wife Mandodaree might despise Raavan. That is why he came to stables with a quirk of secrecy, which of course will not remain a secret, as it will be seen soon.



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