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Page 22: Sarg 55-57

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Sarg 55-Story of Raajaa Nimi and Vashishth

Raam further said - "Lakshman, If you are interested in hearing this type of Kathaa (story) further, then I can tell you more." Lakshman said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, I am never satisfied hearing such stories." Then Raam said another story - "Well, Then listen to another story. In Ikshwaaku Vansh there was a very mighty king named Nimi - the 12th king. He habited his city near Gautam Rishi's Aashram and he named it Vaijayant.

Once he intended to perform a Yagya with the consultation of his father and requested Vashishth Muni to perform it. Vashishth Jee said - "Indra has invited me first to perform a Yagya, so first let me go there. I will perform your Yagya when I come back from there. So you wait for me."

When Vashishth Jee went to Indra, Gautam Muni said to Nimi that he could start the Yagya and he would perform his Yagya. Then Nimi invited Bhrigu, Atri and Angiraa Muni and started the Yagya under the guidance of Gautam Muni. Gautam Mini did this Yagya for 5,000 years.

Now Vashishth Muni came back after completing Indra's Yagya. When he saw the Yagya being performed by Gautam Muni, he got very angry and waited for one Muhoort to see Raajaa, but Nimi was sleeping at that time. Vashishth Jee gave Shaap to Nimi - "You have insulted me by getting your Yagya performed by somebody else, therefore you die. Raajaa Nimi also got very angry at this, he also gave the Shaap to Vashishth Jee - "You also die." So Hey Lakshman, Both were mighty and powerful, so their Shaap came true and both died.

Sarg 56-Nimi and Vashishth are Reborn-1

Lakshman asked - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Then how Raajaa Nimi and Muni Vashishth got another body after leaving their first body?" Raam said - "Hey Lakshman, Both were Tapaswee, so both wandered around in the form of air. After some time Vashishth Jee went to his father Brahmaa Jee and said - "Hey Brahman, Because of Nimi's Shaap I am wandering without body in the form of Vaayu, please give me another body, so that my Karm are not destroyed." Brahmaa Jee said - "You will be the son of Mitra and Varun by entering their semen." Vashishth Jee came back hearing this.

Then he immediately went to the shore of the sea. There he saw Mitra and Varun. By chance Urvashee came there and started playing there. Varun got attracted to her and expressed his desire to have her. Urvashee said that she had already promised to Mitra for that. So Varun said - "Well, If you do not want to have relation with me, then I keep my semen in this Devtaa-created pitcher." And he put his semen in that pitcher.

When Urvashee went to Mitra, Mitra got very angry and said - "You went to somebody else before me? You have to bear the result of this. You will be the wife of Budh's son Kaashee-Raaj Pururavaa in human form on Prithvi." So Lakshman, Because of that Shaap Urvashee became the wife of Pururavaa. There she gave birth to a very mighty son named Aayu. Aayu had Indra like gracious son named Nahush. The same Nahush ruled Dev Lok at the time when Indra lived in hiding because of the sin of Vritraasur killing.

Sarg 57-Nimi and Vashishth are Reborn-2

Lakshman said - "The way Vashishth and Nimi got their second body, I want to listen to it in detail." Raam said - "In whichever pitcher Varun kept his semen, Mitra also put his own semen in the same pitcher. Vashishth Jee was born from that pitcher and the same Vashishth Jee is our Purohit, Ikshwaaku Vansh Purohit."

Now listen to the account of the second birth of Raajaa Nimi. In spite of leaving the physical body, Raajaa Nimi continued to do his Yagya. Raajaa's dead body was kept secured covered under clothes etc. When Yagya got completed, Maharshi Bhrigu started to bring it back to life. Then pleased Devtaa asked Nimi - "Nimi, Tell us where do you want your soul to live?" Then the soul of Nimi said - "I want to live in all living being's eyes." Devtaa said - "Be it so. You wander around in air form on everybody's eyes. And because you will live on their eyes they will be closing their eyelids for rest." [that is why people close their eyes at time to time and the time they take to do that is called Nimesh)

When Devtaa went away saying thus the Rishi started churning (Mathanaa) Raajaa's body to get a son. A son did come out of his body. Because of being born of Mathanaa (churning) he was called 'Mithi'. Because of being born from an unconscious state of the body he was also called 'Videh' (without body). And his birth name was given 'Janak'. That is why all kings born in that Kul are called Maithil on the name of Videh-Raaj Janak Mithi. So this is the account of Raajaa Nimi and Vashishth's second births.






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